Debt ridden USA heading for Islamic banking or bankruptcy

The U.S. debt will top USD 19.6 trillion in 2015. That is eight times the annual income of the Federal Government in 2008.

Thank your for the interest free loans, Dear King. Now you know why Obama bowed so deep inside the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2008, the Federal Government collected 2,5 trillion USD for federal expenses. But that was when the USA still had less then 10 trillion USD in loans and debts.

According to a Treasury Department report to the US Congress,  the US Debt will rise to 13,6 Trillion USD this year.  In 2015, this debt burden will rise to 19,6 Trillion USD.

This debt burden will then be almost eight times the annual income of the Federal Government. Its like a man with 100.000 USD in annual income, taking a loan of 800.000 USD.

Obama has put an Islamic yoke arund the neck of the American people. Her in form of an Islamic medal of honor.

Is that advisable?

Absolutely not. Such a man will not be able to loan such an amount in any private bank, without additional security.

With five per cent interest, such a man will have to pay 40.000 USD dollar annually, just to pay interest on the primary loan. That will be a whopping 40 per cent of his annual income.

Uncle Sam is heading towards bankruptcy.

Hey, did I hear anything about people lending money free of Interests?

Yes, the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has interest free loans to offer. It is called Islamic Banking.

But how do such banks make money?

They earn from Wealth management and extra services, payable.

So, the US has to give something to Saudi Arabia, towards their interest free loans?

You got is mate.

Lets say, that the Obama Administration has to support the s-called “Saudi Peace plan” for the Middle East. That includes a Islamic hand over of East Jerusalem, and an Jewish withdrawal behind the seas fire lines of 1967. The read Israel can not cross, which will turn the Jewish homeland into the final ghetto.

Do you still not get it?

Source: Reuters.

2 thoughts on “Debt ridden USA heading for Islamic banking or bankruptcy

  1. I was afraid of this; the US being forced to support Isreal’s enemies. It will not work, the Isrealies will not ever give up their promised land, no matter who turns their hand against them. What I fear is that the hand of God Allmighty will then be aginst the US!

  2. I have discovered a lot reading this article. Without a doubt very good material here. Blogposts similar to this make this blog worth coming back to for additional details.

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