Turkish war with Israel threatens security of NATO soldiers

The security of NATO-forces in Iraq has deteriorated after Turkey attacked Israeli naval control of the sea waters of Israel and Gaza.

More US soldiers is likely to come home in body bags, because of Turkish hostility towards Israel.

The NATO forces at the Iraqi-Turkey border have used Israeli Military technology for their security, using Israeli build drones to keep an eye on al-Qaeda movement.

Israeli air craft technology protecting NATO soldiers in Iraq.

Turkish personnel were trained in Israel to operate the UAVs, but one military official said that the drones currently were not operational.

The six Israeli-made Heron UAVs stationed at an air base near Turkey’s Iraqi and Iranian borders to aid in the fight against Kurdish separatists have ceased flying since Israeli operators left the base amid Turkish-Israeli tensions.

Source: Defense News, US biggest Defense magazine.

My comment:

It is a disgrace that a NATO-member has sided with Hamas, in the ongoing Islamic Jihad on the state of Israel.

Turkey is no longer only a security threat to Israel. The Muslim majority populated nation has become a security threat to NATO-forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What must other member states of NATO learn form the present situation?

A wounded NATO-soldier in Iraq.

Its time to acknowledge that the permission given for Muslims to immigrate to Europe was a huge mistake.

We were all told by European leaders, that “Muslims fleeing totalitarian regimes in the Middle East, will soon  become lovers of freedom and liberty. Just let them entered European society”.

Now, we can see the fruits of Islam in Europe. Is stead of becoming loyal to the ancient Christian values of Europe, Muslims have become a great security concern.

What to do about this?


Do not trust US President Obama. He joined the Turkish Prime Minister in meditations inside a Mosque in Istanbul. Just take look at these pictures. Obama spent the first weeks of his Presidency, to visit Mosques in Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Europe must demand that Muslims who tries to “flee” their dictators, rather stand up and remove them.  Europe must acknowledge that there is a civil war within Islam going on, and that this war must at all cost be kept out of Europe.  Because the civil war is also the start of a Global Jihad for Sharia Laws all over the World.

Islam must not get a deeper foothold in Europe. Muslims who use violence, and preach Sharia Law, must immediately be deported back to their country of origin.  Muslim preachers should not oppose such a move. There they will have millions who would like to listen to their message of  “Allah the great”.

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