Obama: Israel must be disarmed before Middle East peace

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Obama agrees that Israel need to give up its nuclear weapons.

Its not enough to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, to get your sins removed.

Friday, the 189 member nations of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty agreed to brand Israel as the stumbling block towards peace in the Middle East. This time it was not the Jewish settlers in the so-called West bank that was the aggressors that needed to be «frozen».

This time the Islamic block in the United Nations that pushed for a «Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction». A conference must be convened in 2012 to assure this zone to be implemented.

This Arab idea of a WMD-free zone, meant to pressure Israel to give up its undeclared nuclear arsenal, was endorsed by the 1995 NPT conference but never acted on.

Israel has long said a full Arab-Israeli peace must precede such weapons bans. But at this conference the US, Israel’s chief supporter, said it welcomed «practical measures» leading toward the goal of a nuke-free zone, and US diplomats discussed possibilities with Israel.

A sticking point had been a passage naming Israel, reaffirming «the importance of Israel’s accession to the NPT», a move that would require it to destroy its estimated 80 or so nuclear warheads.

Iran demanded that this NPT session insist Israel join the treaty before a 2012 conference. Egypt’s UN Ambassador Maged Abdelaziz told reporters the Arab position was softer — that Israel’s accession to the treaty would come as «part of the process» begun in 2012.

Although the Israelis apparently had acquiesced to US urging that they take part in such a 2012 discussion, they then objected to participating under terms in which they were the only nation mentioned in this way, diplomats said.

In the end, the singling out of Israel remained in the text, and Tauscher said that would «seriously jeopardize» US efforts to persuade the Israelis to attend 2012 talks.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

North America as a Nuclear free zone is a noble thought. I am sure Mexico would like to vote «yes». The idea is that the globe will be a better place where everyone works for peace, if only USA gives up its nuclear arms.

The nuclear reactor at Dimona in Israel.

While the US is surrounded by friends, Israel is in circled by enemies. They tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. All these pan-Arabic wars was started before Israel developed its first nuclear bomb.

Not so strange, there have been no Pan-Arabic war on Israel after the Jewish state told the Arabs they have nuclear arms. It looks like the Jewish nuclar bomb held back the Arabic desire for more wars to get rid of the Jewish state.

If the Arabs succeeds to remove the nuclear bombs of Israel, I guess the desire for more wars will come back?

Because no one, absolutely no one seems to link the Nuclear free zone talk to a demand for the Arabic Islamic world to first recognize the state of Israel.

For Israel, there is another challenge. Nuclear missiles, does not confine it selves to borders on the ground. The Islamic Word do already have nuclear arms.

Is Pakistan ready to give up their nuclear bombs?

I guess not.

Is is ok that Pakistan can threaten Israel with nuclear weapons, and Israel not being able to counter?

Will Pakistan one day become the next «Talibanland», or ruled by a leader that supports Osama Bin Laden?

The Obama administration do support the hidden Islamic agenda of getting rid of the Jewish state. if not, they would have veto this Arabic «peace proposal».

Read about US Vice President Joe Biden being honored by nuclear armed Pakistan:

7 thoughts on “Obama: Israel must be disarmed before Middle East peace

  1. Ivar,

    Your ignorance of history is unparalleled.

    While the US is surrounded by friends, Israel is in circled by enemies. They tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. All these pan-Arabic wars was started before Israel developed its first nuclear bomb.

    The facts are exactly the opposite and as recorded by History! Since the Faisal-Weisemann Treaty in 1918 and the Zionist regime was out to occupy all of Palestine. See the Paris Treaty (posted on my blog).

    Your fanatic views are racist and scary. And you are a Christian? Maybe Christian-Zionist!


    1. Dear ATW.

      Shalom, and welcome with a fresh and reflective comment.

      You wrote:

      Since the Faisal-Weisemann Treaty in 1918 and the Zionist regime was out to occupy all of Palestine.

      My comment:

      In 1918, there was no Zionist regime. The area was occupied by United Kingdom. The Jews had no nation of their own, no homeland.

      Did the United Kingdom take the land from the Zionists? Absolutely not. From 1517 to 1917, this area was ruled by Turkey. The Ottoman Empire, with its capital in Istanbul in Europe. There have never been an Arabic nation called «Palestine». The city of Jerusalem have never been the capital of any Arabic nation.

      This is the truth.

      Islam has Mecca as their capital. The Koran do not even mentioned the city of Jerusalem. Not even once. The Arab Palestinians got their own homeland in the Kingdom of Jordan. This kingdom was given to the Palestinians by London, so they could have a homeland. If the Arab Palestinians find Jordan to small, they have 20 other nations to chose from.

      2 million Israeli Arabs, Muslims, did in 1947-1948 chose to work with the Zionists. Not to kill them. Together they have built the most democratic and free nation in the Middle East, with the highest living standards by all measures.

      The Jews have a strong legal right to Eretz Israel, and the city of Jerusalem. In 1895, Jews started to purchase land in Israel. They payed for the land in cash or gold. Their modern day homecoming to the land of their forefathers is written about in the Bible. The city of Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Hebrew bible, and the New testament. The nation of Israel is recognized by United Nations.

      ATW. Wake up.

  2. Reprinted:

    At this critical hour G d is warning all the nations:
    “If you will stand against Israel, the apple of My eye and
    the messenger who brings My light to all of the world,
    to pressure and destroy My chosen people, then you will
    be against Me and I will judge you with all of My might.”

  3. What really makes me sad is that Israel will be alone and that all nations will come against Israel, but wow it will be a wild pay back from the Lord. I believe that nothing can happen while the Church still exist. Does the President really think Israel is stupid? There getting it from both sides. Why cant President Obama see that……

  4. IF Israel gives up nuclear weapons. Then Iran might be willing to discontinue their program. That’s whats lost on zionists such as yourself. How imbalanced does it look to the world that we say Iran can’t have nuclear weapons, but turn a blind eye to Israel??

    As Obama and many in his administration have pointed out, the path to solutions to almost all the problems in the middle east go through Israel. Once the Israeli problem is solved, then Iran and many other nations would feel less of a need to be belligerent. Also our continued support of Israel endangers US troops.

    1. Dear Bruce.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      How would the USA have done in World War II, if Nazi-Germany had developed the nuclear bomb first?

      Since the US was first: Would all other nations give up their effort to produce nuclear weapons if the US just had given up their bomb?

      Your views are naive, and do not stand the lessons from World War II and the the Cold War.

      And if you were right, and Iran would give up their slogan: ” Death to America, and death to Israel”: What is Israel suppose to do with the Islamic nuclear bomb of Pakistan?

      Just hope that it will vanish in the air?

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