Egypt forgets the past lost wars practices invading Israel

Egypt has forgotten the Israeli army crossing the Suez in 1973. On Sunday Egyptian military forces simulated an invasion of southern Israel.

Israeli forces cross the Suez on their way to Cairo in 1973. Egypt attacked but lost the war.

Dubbed «Badr-2010» the exercise featured an armed crossing of the Suez Canal followed by a deep thrust into «enemy territory» reported the The only «enemy» territory west of the Suez Canal is Israel.

Israel has repeated protested Egyptian military maneuvers in which the unidentified enemy is obviously Israel. Egypt and Israel signed a peace deal in 1979, and as a reward Egypt was granted ongoing US military aid and equipment that would make up the bulk of the arms used in any future attack on Israel.

The Egyptian exercise was almost ignored by the media, which instead focused on a Israeli defensive maneuvers in northern Israel that simulated a Hizballah missile attack on the Jewish state. Unlike the Egyptian exercise, the Israeli maneuver was held in response to very real threats of attack by Hizballah, and were purely defensive in nature.

Nor is Israel at peace with Hizballah or its Lebanese hosts. Egypt is at peace with Israel, but continues to treat it as an enemy nevertheless.

Middle East News Agency (MENA).

My comment:

They never learn, dont they?

Both in 1967 and 1973, Israel enlarged their territory after being attacked by pan Arabic armies.

Egypt has lost all of the Pan Arabic wars hey launched in a bid to destroy Israel. In 1967, Pan Arabic aggression lead to Israel`s liberation of Jerusalem and freedom for the people living in the districts of Judea and Samaria, Gaza and the Golan hights.

In 1973, the all out pan Arabic war on the holiest day of Judaism almost lead to the Israeli capture of both Damascus and Cairo. Just take a look at this map.

If there had not been US pressure on the IDF, the Israeli army could have captured and put for war trial the Syrian and Egyptian leaders that trieds to Holocaust the Jewish people on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement of sins.

Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1979. Why do they train for war with their peace partner?

Egypt seems to have learned nothing. The Arab nations can not be trusted.

5 thoughts on “Egypt forgets the past lost wars practices invading Israel

  1. I am truly concerned about the current situation which is playing out in Egypt today, namely the manifestations against President Hosni Mubarak, if he is forced to step down by the will of the people, which could well be enforced by the army, what will then happen with the peace-treaty signed in 1977.
    The army although bakced up and payrolled by the USA could back-track from the original peace deal, especially if the Muslim-brotherhood have anything to do with it. The Hashemite of Jordan may follow suit with the collapse of the Monarchy, what happens then? Israel will have so many enemies at their doors, the southern front, the northern front with Hezbollah in Lebanon, The eventual toppling of the Assad regime in Syria, rumblings on the west-bank and more trouble with hamas in Gaza. Israel would then have to act very quickly to bring these wailing arabs under control. The way things are going anything is possible, the islamists have never given up on their vision of the complete annihilation of Israel, All these rumblings emanate from Iran, if iran will push her willing slaves into attacking Israel, I think that will be the time to stike iran with nuclear precision, which would then send shockwaves throughout the whole of the middle east and the gulf states, to cease any attacks on israel otherwise everyone in the whole region will be glassed over.
    I pray that this eventuality will never happen.

  2. egypt could beat the israel armed forces because the egyption armed didnt afraid of death and the israel armed men were not and sinai belong egypt your history since 1945 but egypt since 7000 b.c

    1. Israel is defeated Egybt at mant times, notably in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 the crossing to the

      western bank of the canal, and leading an incursion towards Cairo, but The attack is stopped due to

      the US-Soviet ceasfire accord. Your army is backed-USA, and is too weak than launching a war on

      a country like Ethiopia.

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