Sweden to fight Israel and bring supplies to Hamas terrorists

Israel warned a number of European states that it would not permit leftist activists bringing aid to Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli navy patrol the sea outside Gaza to avoid Hamas terrorists from getting supplies from nations like Syria and Iran.

Supporters of Hamas are currently planning to set sail from regional ports in a mass aid convoy bound for the Gaza Strip.

The director of European affairs for the Foreign Ministry, Naor Gilon, met separately with envoys from Turkey, Greece, Ireland and Sweden to convey the message that any of their citizens intending to set sail for Gaza would be stopped before they could reach the coastal territory.

Describing such mission as provocative and in violation of Israeli law, Gilon told the diplomats: «Israel has no intention of allowing these sailboats in Gaza».

Israel requires that anybody who seeks to enter or transfer goods into the Hamas-ruled territory must do so in accordance with procedure. The European diplomats promised to pass the message along to the appropriate sources, said the Foreign Ministry, with some even offering to help prevent their citizens from attempting the mission.

Meantime, Israel authorized around 30 tons Trucks crossing with supplies from Israel into Gaza. Also building material to be delivered to Gaza on Thursday to help reconstruct a damaged hospital from last year’s Operation Cast Lead, per the request of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Israel has been unwilling to allow concrete and building materials into Gaza in fear that Hamas will seize it to rebuild its Kassam rocket factories which were destroyed in 2009.

Source. ICEJ.org

My comment:

To evict the Nazi-regime in Berlin, US and United Kingdom and Russia enforced a naval blockade around Germany. In 1944, it must have been tempting for neutral Sweden to break this blockade, and bring aid and supplies to the suffering Germans.

The pro Hamas activits will have to face the Israeli navy.

Can you see the madness?

In a similar way, nations like Sweden, Turkey, Ireland and Greece wants to give the Islamic terrorist regime of Hamas a lifeline. This so-called «aid-convoy» is basically a kind of anti-freedom convoy. Its a gift to the Radical Islamic World that promotes religious totalitarianism.

For the Republic of Egypt we are talking about a ship of fools. The Swedish shipping initiative in the Mediterranean sea is a treat to the stability in the Middle East. Egypt has closed its borders with Gaza, to avoid Islamic terrorism to be exported to other nations in the region.

May be Israel should invite the Egyptian navy to sink these ships sponsored by Sweden?

To make the insanity of the pro-Hamas activists of several European nations complete, there is no blockade of Gaza to break. Israel is brining in tons of aid to the people of Gaza everyday.

This is what Iran would have exported to Gaza. Gun boats that can kill Jews.

The pro-Hamas shipment is a media stunt, to taint the Israeli military who control the sea of Gaza. Just like Egypt, Israel overlooks the sea borders in the region to contains the same terrorists that, if they get a chance, will blow them self up in the center of Stockholm.

3 thoughts on “Sweden to fight Israel and bring supplies to Hamas terrorists

    1. Dear GR.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I know it is difficult to get the truth about what takes place in Gaza. The Islamic terrorist organization Hamas took control of the Gaza strip in 2007, by killing and executing their rival Muslim terrorist brothers in Fatah.

      Israel was not involved in this crime against humanity. Because two years earlier, Israel had ordered all Jews to leave Gaza. There is not
      a single Jew left there, to «oppress» anyone.

      The People of Gaza live under the yoke of an armed force of radical Islamic terrorists, that is supported by the Islamic republic of Iran. From 2007 onwards, thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel, in a bid to destroy the Jewish homeland.

      If you really want to fight oppression, you should rather support Israel. The state of Israel is helping the oppressed people in Gaza, by transporting 15.000 tons of aid into the Gaza-strips every week. This is the true love for the people of Gaza. Help Israel in their bid to liberate Gaza from Hamas.

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