Obama in bed with the enemy

No longer is Syria a part of the axis of evil. US President Barack Obama’s special Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, is laying plans to visit Syria to push forward talks between the Arab world and Israel.

Richard Holbrooke, Barak Hussein Obama and George Mitchell
Richard Holbrooke, Barak Hussein Obama and George Mitchell

Nothing has changed. Syria does still not recognize Israel`s right to exist. Syria has not renounced violence as a politic tool, and keep on supporting Hizbullah and Hamas.

But the US has changed. No longer is the Foreign Policy in the White House a Matter of Principles. No longer is there a red line that would ban nations that love freedom from trying to make peace with Fascists.

If Mitchell travels to Syria, he would be the highest-level US visitor there since Obama took office. Lower level officials, including Acting Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman and Daniel Shapiro, a Middle East expert at the White House, have visited Damascus twice. Despite the overtures, Obama last week renewed Bush-era economic sanctions against Syria.

Earlier Friday, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that his country is interested in resuming indirect peace talks with Israel but does not believe the new Israeli government makes a good negotiating partner.


Syria’s President Bashar Assad has welcomed his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul and his wife Khair el-Nessa, at the Ash-Shaeb presidential palace in Damascus. The Turkish President Abdullah Gul is the leader of a nation that is member of NATO.

Syria has said it is willing to resume the talks mediated by Turkey as long as they focus on a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Sorce: The Jerusalem Post. Richard Holbrooke, Barak Hussein Obama and George Mitchell.

Source: The Jerusalem Post.

Published: 16.05.09.

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