Obama to push Israel towards the Mediterranean Sea

At their narrowest, the pre 1967-borders give Israel a nine-mile margin between the so called West Bank and the Mediterranean Sea.

President Obama is a claimed to be friend of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu must not put his trust in him.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has written a editorial defending the state of Israel. The editorial is named «Why Israel Is Anxious about the Obama Administration».

WSJ feels Israel could conceivably withdraw to something close to that border if it had credible assurances that a future Palestinian state would be peaceful, stable and well-governed.

«But the Palestinian reality today is that it is riven politically and geographically between two camps, one of which (Hamas) is armed by Iran and sworn to Israel’s destruction».

«Syria has further entrenched its alliance with Iran, despite repeated entreaties by the Administration and its allies in Congress; Egypt is entering a period of political transition; and Turkey has gone from being an Israeli ally to an adversary under its Islamist government. None of this can inspire much confidence among Israelis that the time is ripe to withdraw from the West Bank».

«For all the current talk about Israel costing America lives and treasure, the striking fact is that the U.S. has never had to go to war to defend the Jewish state. This is more than can be said for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo and the people of Afghanistan and Iraq».

«That’s because for 62 years Israelis have provided for their own defense, in an alliance with the U.S. that has reflected American values and – in both the Cold War and the war on terror – advanced American interests».

Source: Wall Street Journal.

My comment:

I feel this is an excellent editorial that defends the security interest of Israel. The Jewish state has always looked after its own security. Israel has always stood alone, and….

In fact Israel is never alone. When all kinds of wicked men tries to harm her, the Jewish homeland is protected by God of Israel. He has a plan in gathering his chosen people back into their ancient homeland. Ultimately to face the return of the Messiah Jesus, who has always loved His brothers and sister in the flesh. Even those of them who do not recognize Him as the eternal rock of Israel.

People of Israel. Trust Him, turn towards Him.

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