Radical Islam and Swedish Christian newspaper agree: Israel is the aggressor, occupying «Arabic Eastern Jerusalem.

An Orthodox Jew overlooking the city of Jewish King David.

The Swedish Christian Daily «Dagen.se» published an article on Wednesday, that is falsifying the history of the Middle East. Israel is presented as an aggressor in 1956 and 1973, and East Jerusalem is presented as «Arabic».

«In 1975, Henry Kissinger put hard pressure on Israel to withdraw its military forces from Sinai».

The Journalist also writes:

«The US and Soviet threat of sanctions in 1956 lead to Israel pulling back its military forces from the whole Sinai desert».

Source: Swedish Christian Daily, dagen.se.

My comment.

Nazi-Germany presented the Jews as the threat to World peace. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels convinced the Germans that the Jews were the true aggressor in Europe.

The same kind of lies is now presented in Sweden as historical facts. This is a shame.

That a claimed to be Christian newspaper present Nazi and Islamic lies about Israel as historical facts, is a tragedy. Because its makes a mockery of the Christian faith in the eyes of the Jewish people.

Israel was attacked on the eve of its Holiest day of the year in 1973. The Yom Kippur war almost lead to an Pan Arabian destruction of the state of Israel.

Why do not this Christian paper mention this fact?

That Israel refused to withdraw from Sinai, was based on the lack of willingness from Egypt to recognize the Jewish state. In 1975, Egypt had not only lost the Yom Kippur War. The Israeli army was on the edge of rolling its military unites into the city of Cairo.

Why do this Christian paper ignore this facts?

When Egypt promised to recognize the state of Israel, and de facto enter into peace negotiations, Israel withdrew its army from Sinai.

The same scenario took place in 1956. It was Egypt who was the aggressor, and Israel used its right to defend the Jewish people.

That East Jerusalem is «Arabic» is another grave insult to intelligent people. Why do a claimed to be Christian paper delete the information about 70.000 Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives?

Why does not people who claim to know the Jewish messiah , explain that Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab nation. The city was established by a Jewish king named David, who ruled this city 3.000 years ago.

The restored Hurva Synagogue was built in East Jerusalem in 1707-1720 A,D. During these years, Jerusalem was «owned» by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. When did Jerusalem become «Arabic»?

Why at all join Islam and delete the name «Jewish» from East Jerusalem?

Shame on this Swedish newspaper.