Close down UNRWA, and let Arab nations absorb their refugee problem

Martin Sherman wants Israel to rethink the proposed two-state-solution.

Jewish film maker Martin Sherman is fed up with Arab Palestinian troublemakers.

It is time for the proponents of the two-state solution to admit that the Palestinians have failed the test of history in staking their claim for statehood. This is suggested by Martin Sherman, and Jewish American film maker. This is what he writes:

A dispassionate evaluation of the events of the past two decades inexorably compels one towards an increasing evident conclusion:

«The Palestinians seem far more focused on annulling Jewish political independence than on attaining Palestinian political independence; far more committed to deconstruction of the Jewish state than to construction of a Palestinian one».

Accordingly, further pursuit of a Palestinian state is likely to prove both futile and detrimental. For as past precedents strongly suggest, it will advance neither peace nor prosperity, but only serve as a platform for further violence against Israel.

A brutally condensed tour-de-raison of the substantive elements of the proposal begins with refugee issue and the body responsible for dealing with it, UNRWA (UN Relief & Works Agency). This is a highly anomalous organization that perpetuates a culture of Palestinian dependency and the unrealistic narrative of «return».

All the refugees on the face of the globe are under the auspices of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) – except for the Palestinians. For them, a separate special institution exists – UNRWA. Yet if the universally accepted UNHCR criteria for refugees were applied to the Palestinian case, the number of «refugees» would shrink from close to 5 million to around 200,000!


My comment:

Martin Sherman is perfectly right. But His proposal comes 20 years to late. If Israel in 1990, had rejected a two-state.solution based on Biblical promises to the Jewish people, this solution would not have been on the political agenda today.

The two-state-solution is an Islamic political fabrication, and holds no truth. But the Political winds against Israel is much stronger today, than it was during the Oslo process.

If Israel tries to scrap the two-state-solution, is will not escape the wrath of the International community. In todays global media maniac, Israel will be clubbed down within 12 hours. This is Biblical. The book of Joel says all nations shall go against Israel, and force her to divide her land.

Joel 3:2
I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

This prophecy will be fulfilled either the Jewish people like it or not. There is no political force that can save the Jewish people. They will have to put their trust in their God and the return of His Messiah

Read more about Sherman`s suggestions: Click here

4 thoughts on “Close down UNRWA, and let Arab nations absorb their refugee problem

  1. The UNRWA role was to help the Palestinians manage their misery away from their home, to let them forget about their stolen homeland, to prevent them from fighting back to their homes and villages !!! It was clear for the UNRWA that its role was created to last, was created to manage the misery of those refugees, to keep them away in the Diaspora… and accordingly its “benevolent” aids were to be dedicated to create a permanent infrastructure for the refugees to stay into the misery they were expelled to, for the refugees to start a new life leaving their land and homes for the Zionist colonizers!!

    1. Dear Sami.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      The Bible and the Koran both claim that the land of Israel belongs to “their people”. Both can not be correct. You are free to reject both of them.

      I have met the living God of Israel. I have been saved by His Son. I know the Bible is correct, and that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

      Since the Koran has deleted the name of Isaac, and claim that the former Arab moon worshipers are the owners of the same stripe of land, there will surely be confrontations. The devil will not let the Jewish people rest before the Messiah returns. Than we will all see who is the truth, and who have deceived billions of people to reject the truth, and believed in lies.

  2. Dear ivarfjeld,
    I am out of the religious discourse… as you have armagidonists, we have crazy believers who say that Jerusalem is a Muslim Waqf and there is no earthy power can take Jerusalem but temporarily until the “green” prophet comes and cleanse Palestine from the non-muslims…. this claim is silly from both sides… however if you want it that way, you are to loose in front of the awakening Muslim Tsunami !!!
    I only see that I was born into ugly and racist occupation that prevents me from living a normal life… I dont see any difference between a jew and a Muslim, they are both Humans and MUST share this land…. otherwise the blood shed will continue till we the “Judgment” day in which I dont believe !!
    I am calling for ONE SECULAR HUMAN state for everybody living here regardless of his color or religion… I dont want to see a jewish or a muslim state here…. just a human one for us all !!

    1. Sami,

      It is with hope and prayer that I hope you come and know the truth about Jesus Christ. Because he is the only one that can save you, and if anyone refuses his offer of salvation, then there will be an eternity of suffering for them. But Christ wishes that on no one.

      Ezekiel 38 says: 23 And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD.’

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