«Let the Jews return to Iraq to make way for Palestine»

A new 52-page Kurdish monthly titled Israel-Kurd believes it has found the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 150,000 Israelis of Kurdish descent is urged to return to Iraqi Kurdistan.

An Iraqi editor
Iraqi editor Dawood Baghestani, will not find many Jews willing to listen to his advice.

Dawood Baghestani, 62, former chief of Iraqi Kurdistan’s human rights commission, created Israel-Kurd and believes that if Israelis of Kurdish descent move back to Iraq, there will be more space for Palestinian refugees who wish to return to within the Green Line.

«The biggest reason behind the complexity of the Palestinian problem is the unjust practices of the Arab regimes against the Jews . There are more than 1.5 million Jews originally from Arab countries in Israel», Middle East Strategic Information quoted Baghestani as saying.

The News Agency AFP has quoted Zana Rustayi, a representative of the Islamist Jamaa Islamiya party in the Iraqi Regional Assembly, as saying;

«Im suspicious. I don’t see the point of this kind of publication. The Kurds are part of the Muslim nation, and Kurdistan is part of Iraq».

Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

My comment:

I do not have to tell you that this is a non-starter, even though I once met an anti-Zionist Jew promoting the same solution.

I guess you will not find many Jews, who are willing to give up their life in Israel, and return to the war thorn Iraq?

To be very frank. Iraq has missed the buss. By persecuting, killing and finally exiling 150.000 Jews, Iraq did put a curse on their own head. The Jewish people, who had to leave everything behind in Iraq, still became a blessing when they were forced to return home to Zion.

It is true, that only thing that might be able to save Iraq from its trouble, would be asking the blessed Jewish people to return, and help rebuilding Iraq. But the evil and cruel religion of Islam makes such a return impossible.

Another painful truth, is that a return of Jews to Iraq would do the Palestinians no good. If the supporters of Radical Islam is allowed to replace them inside Eretz Israel, Islamic infighting and civil war will rather sooner than later, turn the Jewish nation into a garden of rubble.

2 thoughts on “«Let the Jews return to Iraq to make way for Palestine»

  1. I have trouble with calling them “Palestinians” since the land does not belong to them as a nation. God gave the land and much of the middle east to the children of Israel and because of sin in their camp they have not fully occupied it yet and won’t until Christ comes back to rule for a 1000 years.

    1. Dear Dallas Kirk.

      I totally agree with you. The word «Palestinians» has its origin from the rule of the Roman Empire.

      But for educational purposes, we need to use the term Arab Palestinians. They are different from the Israeli Arabs. The difference is that the first group refused an invitation to stay behind in Israel, when the Arabs launched an attached on the Jewish state in 1948. Arab Palestinians have never made peace with Israel, and probably never will.

      The other group are two million people, mostly Muslims who refused to leave the Zionist state, and got Israeli citizenship. Israeli Arabs will forever put into shame those who claim that Israel is a racist state.

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