Lies of Danish Church hiding Iraqis exposed by police video

Police video exposes lies of a Church in Copenhagen. The Danish police version of the eviction of a group of Iraqis asylum seekers is totally different from the versions of church activists and the parish priest.

Danish priest Per Ramsdal lied about the Police, keept Iraqies in the Church
Danish priest Per Ramsdal kept Iraqis in the Church, lied about the police who came and removed them

«Uniformed police with batons broke up the doors and stormed into the Church»

This is the account of the clergy staff of Brorsons Church in Copenhagen, recorded in the Danish press. The statement of the parish priest followed the police arresting Iraqi asylum seekers inside the Church building during the night of 13th of August. The asylum application from the Iraqis had been rejected by the Danish government, who had ordered the police to send the Iraqis back to Iraq.

Danish Church activists trying to stop the police from doing their job
Danish Church activists trying to stop the police from doing their job

The Danish police has decided not to remain silent on the serious accusations from the priest. A video recorded by the police has been given to the danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. The video tells a completely different story.

«The Iraqis were gathered at the alter, with 50 police officers ready for combat around them. The Police has weapons, batons and helmets, was the public record given by priest Per Ramsdal.

In the one hour long video recording you would not see any officer ready for combat. To the rather opposite, you can see the police entering quietly through an open back door of the Church.

In the first 40 minutes the Police officers are calmly waiting for the Iraqis to stop screaming, threatening the police with chairs and microphone stands. Some of the rejected asylum seekers also tells the police they will commit suicide by throwing them self off the Harmonica gallery at the first floor.

The chaos left inside the Church after the Irqies had been arrested
The chaos left inside the Church after the Iraqis had been arrested.

First after waiting for 40 minutes for the Iraqis to calm down, the police officers put on their helmets. And that is because the Iraqis have started to throw glasses and other loose items on the officers. After an hour some of the Iraqis decides to surrender to the Police. They are allowed to pick up their personal items, and voluntarily accept to leave the Church building.

Source. Danish Christian daily «Kristelig Dagblad».

My comment:

There are many aspect of the Police action against the Church in Copenhagen. Its a sensitive issue.


No one should defend for the priest telling lies. He has been exposed on Video, and should issue a public apology to the Danish Police officers.


Parish priest Per Ramsdal
Parish priest Per Ramsdal

The concerned parish priest did not represent Biblical Christianity at the time of the Police entering the Church. Some few weeks earlier, the priest told the press that «He would like to invent a common Church liturgy for both Christians and Muslims, praying together inside the Church.


The mission and calling of a priest, is to give people the Gospel about forgiveness of sins in the name of the resurrected Messiah, God the Son, Jesus of Nazareth. To give Iraqis a bed inside a Church, is not going to save them.

The Irqies that was rejected asylum in Denmark, and hidden in a Church
The Irqies that was rejected asylum in Denmark, and hidden in a Church


The Iraqis must have experienced a lot of pain and agony during the years of terror under Sadam Hussein, followed by American occupation and civil war. To see Police coming to arrest them must have traumatized them in the middle of the Night.


When a priest leave the truth in the Bible, and indulge in Spiritual harlotry, this is what happens. Before the police entered the Church, the God of the Bible had already left.

Read more about how priest Per Ramsdal asked God of the Bible to leave his church: Click here

4 thoughts on “Lies of Danish Church hiding Iraqis exposed by police video

  1. It is to be expected that some of the church will fall away. It is sad to see for it is setting up the “one world religion”. The priest not only owes the police an apology but also needs to resign from the church and to be truthful I believe he needs excommunicated. This act of the priest should have no part of the church and that thought should be expressed strongly.

    1. Dear Brother.

      The priest might loose his posting. The Bishop have to investigate, and give an account to the Danish Minister of Church affairs. We will have to wait and watch. I will follow up this ongoing story.

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