Arab Palestine benefits from being «occupied» by Israel

«The situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable» declared President Barack Obama in his June 4 Cairo address. Really? Compared to what?

While Islamist blow up Muslim mosques and kill their own brethren, the IDF involved in resque of an Israeli Arab who have been wounded in the line of fire
While Islamic terrorists even blow up Muslim mosques and kill their own brothers, the IDF always rescue Israeli Arab Muslims who have been wounded in the line of fire

Things are tough all over. The Palestinians are one of many groups displaced by the population exchanges that followed World War II, and the only ones whose great-grandchildren still have the legal status of refugees. Why are they still there?

The simplest explanation is that they like it there, because they are much better off than people of similar capacities in other Arab countries.

GDP per capita in the West Bank and Gaza comes to $3,380, much higher than in Egypt and significantly higher than in Syria or Jordan. Why should any Palestinian refugee resettle in a neighboring Arab country?

Other data confirm that Palestinians are highly literate, richer and healthier than people in most other Arab countries, thanks to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and payments of Western as well as Arab governments. As refugees, they live longer and better than their counterparts in adjacent Arab countries. It is not surprising that they do not want to be absorbed into other Arab countries and cease to be refugees.

Source: Editorial in Asia Times

My comment:

Well and good with Arab Palestinians who enjoy a better their life on the so-called West bank, than they would be able to do elsewhere in the Middle East.

But very few media focuses on the good life they could have lived, if they had recognized the Jewish state of Israel and given up terrorism.The Global media ignore the fact that there are two million Muslims living in Israel, all with citizenship in the Jewish state. They are Israeli Arabs. They enjoy the highest per capita income in the Middle East.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) treat Muslim and Jews alike in the line of fire. There is no bias. Only human beings who need to be helped and rescued from the cruelty of Radical Islam, randomly killing everything that comes in their way.

«Peace Now» activists also get killed when Grand rockets are fired on the Israeli city of Ashkelon. The suicide bombers do not ask if their victims are Zionist or not. Its blind terror. When this kind of terror forces Israel to enter into Gaza or South Lebanon, the IDF does more than any army in the World, to prevent innocent people from being killed. Even saving the life of Islamic terrorists by arresting them, not executing them wherever they can be found.

And to show the goodness of God of Israel. When the terrorists have been in jail for some years, The Government of Israel is willing to releease hundred of them, to get back even one captured Israeli soldier. If that is not an example of undeserved mercy and grace, than nothing is.

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