No peace in Jerusalem, no Sabbath Shalom

I fail to understand what the ultra-Orthodox Jews are fighting for. If they had Sabbath in their heart, they would have stopped fighting with the police. They would also have left the salvation of others up to God.

Jews tighting with Jewish police men is a display of disunity the enemies of Israel will use for all its worth.
Jews fighting with Jewish police men is a display of disunity the enemies of Israel will use for all its worth.

In the past weeks the World have seen internal fighting in Jerusalem. Not between Muslims and Jews. But Jews fighting Jews.

Not because the World is on fire. Neither have enemies invaded Eretz Zion. The issue is rather who do really understand the true meaning of the word «Sabbath».

In my dictionary, the word Sabbath means «a day of rest». I guess this day was meant to be peaceful. But in the heart of ultra-Orthodox Jews there is no peace. They basically fell its their duty to save Israel, by acting like a moral police. And when people disagree with them, they sometimes turn very hostile and violent.

Behold, my dear brothers. Stop doing what is God`s job. If you have found peace with God, there should be no need for a police man to run after you in the streets of Jerusalem. Neither would you give Messianic Jews bad words, or harm them, because you disagree on who the Messiah is.

This is not a godly way to address a police man, who is trying to do his job
This is not a godly way to address a police man, who is trying to do his job

You see, the police do not run after Messianic Jews. Neither do Messianic Jews give you bad words, or harm you. Still they celebrate the Holy Sabbath. What did change them? I guess and encounter with the Lord of the Sabbath, the Jewish Messiah?

When did God say we have to fight over a parking lot in Jerusalem, who is going to be opened during the Jewish Sabbath? Since the Law of Moses do not mention cars and shopping malls, I guess men had to invent the true understanding of what we can do in regards to such modern tools, and what do with them on the day of rest?

The Messiah said it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath. So you go and do likewise.

If a doctor is permitted to operate in a hospital, and fire fighters can rescue a house from burning down on the Sabbath, I guess I also can take my car and drive to help a sick man or my elderly brother? Or do I have to walk 100 kilometers?

Brothers. Wake up. Stop fighting. Because I love you all, I have to tell you the truth.

Please join me in my daily prayer: «Please bring peace to Jerusalem». In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

One thought on “No peace in Jerusalem, no Sabbath Shalom

  1. First of all, people who don’t believe in your “y’shua” will not care what he says and will not follow him. Period.
    Second of all, jews that are being proper jews and are following jewish law know that it does say in jewish law that you cannot drive a car, or make a fire, or plant a seed, or do any creative work on Shabbat.
    So instead of trying to convert jews to messianism, why not try to actually try to understand what jewish law actually is, and not just preach “peace and love.”

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