Iran to go nuclear within six months: To try to destroy Israel

Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons capabilities «with massive intensity» and could conduct an underground test of an atomic device within six months.

The United Nations are a ship of fools. Are you do dumb that your neither can hear or read?
The United Nations are a ship of fools. You are on the same ship if you dont want to do everything you can to stop this man.

The German newsmagazine Stern on Thursday stood by its alarming story. Reuters claimed on Wednesday that Germany’s foreign intelligence service BND had dismissed the story before its publication, but Stern insisted on-line today that BND had not denied the report.

«If they want to, they will be able to set off a uranium bomb within six months» a BND expert said in the report, citing North Korea’s recent provocative test.

Hitler did not get his nuclar bomb. If he had, London would have ceased to exist.
Hitler did not get his nuclear bomb. If he had, London would have ceased to exist.

Iran is intent on building missiles capable of transporting nuclear bombs to targets as far as Europe, a senior BND source had said.

He added that his agency has «no doubt» that the missile program is «exclusively» aimed at the production of atomic warheads, and was using a massive network of dummy companies to acquire the needed materials and technology abroad.

He also assessed that Iran has by now mastered the entire nuclear enrichment technology and possesses enough centrifuges to produce weapons-grade uranium.


My comment:

The US can not be trusted. They let North Korea go nuclear, and soon President Barack Hussein Obama will let the second Islamic republic go nuclear. The first was a «friend» of the US, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

This time its no joke. This time the nuclear bomb has finally got into the hands of fascists, and religious fanatics that are willing to use the bomb. The first nation Iran would like to see perish by a nuclear bomb is Israel. The first city they would like to target is probably Tel Aviv.

The race to get Hitler out of power in Nazi-Germany was also a race against the Nazi-regimes effort to develop the nuclear bomb. If Hitler had succeeded, London would have ceased to exist in 1944. Hitler already had developed V 2 rockets that could hit the capital of the British empire, and the Nazi-leader has the will to destroy Westminster. The only thing that was missing was a nuclear warhead.

President Ahamdinejad has got his «V». Only the «2» is missing. Than Israel will be gone, and the hidden 12th Imam can return.
President Ahmadinejad has got his «V». Only the «2» is missing. His Master have told him that first when Israel is gone, the hidden 12th Imam can return.

You foolish people of England: If the Iranian president Ahmadinejad had lived in those days, he would have given Hitler the missing link. And all of you would have been dead and gone.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been discounted as a weak and frightened leader. But for the last two weeks something has changed in the relationship between the global leaders. I guess Obama one morning got a weak up call from Bibi in Jerusalem.

«We can simply not survive a nuclear Iran. If you are not willing to join us in an effort to maintain World peace, Israel will again have to do it alone».

The Jewish nation is capable of doing so. But it will be at a high cost of life`s in Iran and the the Middle East.

The Bible says: Pray for peace in Jerusalem. Today, I will add: « Please, God, let the Jewish Messiah return soon, and bring peace to a mad World of sinners and fools». In the name of Y´shua. Amen.

Read more about Israels preparation for a quick war with Iran: Click here

8 thoughts on “Iran to go nuclear within six months: To try to destroy Israel

  1. Do you really believe what you are saying here

    “This time its no joke. This time the nuclear bomb has finally got into the hands of fascists, and religious fanatics that will use the bomb. The first nations that will see a nuclear devise explode is Israel. The first city to go will probably be Tel Aviv.”


    I ask this question in pure honesty, because I see a contradiction between your thoughts and you beliefs.

    You say that Christians and Jews should protect Israel, the literal place, as if God would allow something to happen to it if he didn’t want that to occur.

    Why is the role of protecting Israel a responsibility of Christianity and Judaism and not The Lord himself? Why would The Lord let a bomb explode in Israel against his will, is he not sovereign?

    If God does not want bombs to fall on Israel they will not, if he does they will. Is not this the only determining factor?

    1. Continuing, did not every time the children of Israel get captured or their cities destroyed The Lord’s doing? Did he not call down Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media and Persia, Greece, Rome as a chastising rode against the people of those times?

      Did not Jesus, warn his listeners to flee the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army, “these stones will not stand one on another” paraphrased?

      If the Lord decrees that something serious happen anywhere in the world it will happen, if no decree it will not happen. We need not help/assist the Lord to any end?

      1. Dear Penultima.


        Again a good and reflective comment. Every time I met an IDF soldier, I tell him that the day will come when Israel can no longer rely on the IDF. Because all the nations shall gang up against Israel. Like in Egypt the Jewish people in desperation, shall cry out in the name of God, and beg for help. Than the Messiah shall return. Than they shall see Him whom they pierced. And say as doubting Thomas: «My Lord (Master) and my God».

        It is God`s will that Israel shall be betrayed. Israel is not righteous, but she is still loved by an eternal promise by their (and our) God. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are One God. For me and you, its also a matter of life and death. When we met a Jew, did we only talk about the weather? Or did we also tell him about His fellow Jew, God the Son, Jesus of Nazareth?

        We do not need to help God to bring back the Messiah. Our job is to tell the World about all the madness that is going on, so people do not end up become children of the devil.

  2. Dear Jean.

    Thank you for supporting Israel. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you in His Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

  3. 2014 and no nuclear bomb has been sent to Israel yet. Unless I am mistaken, this has been a huge fear producing propaganda campaign from the beginning. Israel can and will destroy Iran if it even thinks of launching any attack on Israel. You need no help from anyone. You have more nukes than the whole middle east combined. That is why your country is still there. That is why you fear no other country. In fact, they all fear you, don’t they? Of course they do. They know that you will not hesitate to blast the entire region into a radioactive furnace if you feel threatened. I wish no harm to any country. We all need to live in peace. To have peace, you must have peaceful intentions. The Jewish “Us vs. the world” ideology is the greatest source of problems in my point of view. Your country does still consider the rest of us to be merely “cattle” don’t they? It matters not which country you proclaim to be an ally of, in the real sense, you have no allies, you consider us to be your servants…the goyim, correct? I pity that mindset because it will end up starting WWIII and then we all will die.

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