An US American archbishop in Miami has criticized a well-known Catholic priest for converting to Anglicanism after he was caught having an affair with an unmarried lady.

A Catholic priest on duty, on Miami Beach
A Catholic priest on duty, on Miami Beach

Father Cutié was suspended from his parish and Catholic radio posts after photos of him with a woman were released by a tabloid Spanish-language magazine TVNotas.. Next, he joined the Episcopal Church last week at a ceremony at Miami’s Trinity Cathedral. The woman, 35 years of age, also became an Episcopalian in the same ceremony.

No longer Catholic, but an Anglican. But still a liar and a sinner, who need to change his ways.
No longer a Catholic sinner, but an Anglican. A liar who need to change his ways.

– I have decided to become part of a new spiritual family within the umbrella of Christianity, Fr Cutié said in a statement.

Angry Bishop

Catholic Archbishop Favalora said neither Fr Cutié nor Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade of Southeast Florida had told him that the priest was considering joining the Episcopal Church. Citing various sections of canon law, the archbishop said Fr Cutié had separated himself «from the communion of the Roman Catholic Church by professing erroneous faith and morals and refusing submission to the Holy Father».

– Illcit sacraments

Any sacraments he performs «would be illicit» and any Mass he celebrates «would be valid but illicit, meaning it does not meet a Catholic’s obligation».

The Associated Press said the Fr Cutié was expected to announce that he wants to be ordained as priest in the Anglican Church, and that he will marry his girlfriend; the Episcopal Church allows its priests to marry.

Source: The Catholic Herald of Britain.

My comment:

There is always a snake in Paradise.

Jokes aside.

I am not going tabloid, and would not have covered this story, if it could not teach us something about sin, marriages and priesthood.

The Catholic Church has so many doctrines that goes against the Bible, that Rome can not be branded as a Christian Church. One of this doctrines is a prohibition for priests to marry.

Not even the Pope can marry. Since only the Pope can release the priests from their celibacy, who can release the Pope?

Well, the correct answer is that only unmarried priests can become popes.

Even more bizarre is this doctrine, when we read that The Popes of Rome claims to be a unbroken record of successors of the Apostle Peter, who the Catholic Church claims was the first Bishop of Rome.

Since the Bible explains that Peter had a mother in law, we need to ask this question: Was Peter living in sin, or have the Catholic Church sinned by denying their Popes thereafter, including Cardinals, Bishop and priest to marry?

Since the Bible does allow priests to marry, there must be another reason behind this ban in Rome?

Is it so strange, that the Roman Catholic Church is an endless nightmare of homosexual and sex abuse scandals?

This does not make Fr Cutié innocent, nor the Anglican Church a safe haven for sex abusing priests. The Catholic priest in Miami who has fallen from grace has a bad character. If this Roman priest was honest, he would have resigned from his priesthood before he was caught by a photographer with his pants off.

And by the way: The word «sacrament» is not mentioned in the Bible. Nor can we find the word «Illcit sacraments».