Ultra-Orthodox assault Messianic Jews in Rehovot

A riot broke out on Wednesday in the Israeli town of Rehovot when a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews saw Messianic Jews handing out religious pamphlets and decided to assault them.

Most Messianic Jews are Zionist lovers of Israel and the Jewish people

The enraged haredim began beating the Messianics and ripping up and trashing their literature, according a report today on Ynetnews.

Some secular passersby also joined in the action. One passerby told the Israeli daily, «What shocked me was the violence in the area, and that the passersby did not act to stop it.».

Similar acts of violence have occurred in recent years against members of the 10-15,000 strong Messianic community in Israel. Last year, a bomb hidden in a Purim basket severely wounded the 15-year-old son of a pastor in Ariel, while in Or Yehuda the deputy mayor incited a band of ultra-Orthodox students to publicly burn a pile of Hebrew New Testaments being handed out in the neighborhood.

Source: ICAJ.com

My comment:

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community must stop persecuting Messianic Jews. Israel have enough enemies. Both from outside and from within.

The people of Israel has to see that Evangelical Believers, both Jews and Gentiles are the best friends Israel have. Messianic Jews are Zionists as good as any Zionist.

They believe that God of israel love the Jewish people, and that His Son do the same. In fact they are One. Jesus from Nazareth (Y`shua) did not come from Heaven to Earth to change His Father`s promises to the Jewish people.

The Jewish Apostle Paul explains this to us: (2. Cor: 1:20).

Brothers, please top fighting each other. We might disagree on who the Messiah is. But lets agree that He will not approve that lovers of Israel and the Jewish people use violence to express our differences.

10 thoughts on “Ultra-Orthodox assault Messianic Jews in Rehovot

  1. Dear Jonathan.

    I have not read the pamphlets. My point is that its wrong to use violence. If an Orthodox Jew wants me to believe that Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah, I will still respect Him.

  2. Dear Jonathan.

    Another point: I do not think that a Jew should become a Christian. I believe that the teaching of Jesus (Y`shua) is Jewish to its core. A Messianic Jew is still Jewish, just like Y´shua was a Jew. He was Jewish the day He died. And He was Jewish the day He rose from the dead.

    1. Very very True!!!! I am a Christian but without The Jewish Savior who is Y´shua there would be no Christians. I must Follow The Law as All Creation and Eat only what HE has Allowed us to Eat. May HE BLESS you All.

  3. Well, I agree with you on the violence. Regarding the rest – it’s very much complicated. The orthodox Jews believe that believing in Jesus as the higher being breaks one of the commandments (the one where you should not make yourself idols). Thus, they reject the concept, focusing on God instead.

    1. Dear Jonathan.

      My point is simple. Lets agree to disagree on this. And lets work together to love and care for Israel and the Jewish people. Israel have enough enemies.

  4. Ok ok. If the violence came after mesianic propaganda, a peaceful way to stop violence is to stop mesianic propaganda. Or any kind of religious propaganda and public gathering. So everyone can pray in peace their own beliefs quietly without pamphlets on the streets.

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