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An advertisement from Reporters Without Borders

The most aggressive filtering systems on Internet have been imposed by authoritarian governments like those in Iran, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The Iranian government censors what citizens can read online. Iran using elaborate technology to block millions of Web sites offering news, commentary, videos, music and, until recently, Facebook and YouTube.

Search for «women» in Persian and you’re told, «Dear Subscriber, access to this site is not possible».

20 nations blocks Internet

According to Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based group that encourages freedom of the press, more than 20 countries now use increasingly sophisticated blocking and filtering systems for Internet content.

War against freedom of expression

Internet has become a stage for state control — and rebellion against it. Computers are becoming more crucial in global conflicts, not only in spying and military action, but also in determining what information reaches people around the globe. College students first discovered a key to by pass the censorship. The students spread this key through e-mail messages and file-sharing. By late autumn more than 400,000 Iranians were surfing the uncensored Web.

Source: The New York Times: April 30, 2009

My comment:

On 6th of May, I published a story that Islamic nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia were exposed to be the worst nations in regards to religious intolerance. Not surprisingly, these totalitarian regimes also are the worst criminals when it comes to restricting free access of Information on the Internet.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have blindfolded The International Community, when all nations now put pressure on Israel to recognizes Radical Islamic organizations like Hamas as a valid «peace partner» in the Middle East. By doing this, the World set the stage for more dictatorship, religious intolerance and use of fascistic violence as an accepted political tool.

Israel is our defense line in The Middle East against these radical Islamic forces. Israel makes mistakes, just like all of us. But she deserves our support.

Bloggers: Stand up for your right to express your self.