The fall of Israel is imminent. A surrender to the «vaccine-god» was all it took. There have been multiple prophetic warnings.

The Times of Israel has recorded that three million Israel citizens are infected with « Omicron ».

« Segal said he expects that around 3 million Israelis have already been infected, including many not confirmed positive, noting that Israel is currently number one in the world, with the most infections per capita in the past week » .

Source: The Times of Israel.

My comment:

The failure of the kingdom of Israel was caused by widespread dissent from the Words of their own God. They simply chose to follow the advice of the nations around them, putting their trust in the Idols of Egypt and Assyria.

For all who have been lucky to get their hands on a New Testament, or rather the New Covenant or deal with God, it is obvious that the same mistake has been copied. In the book of Revelation chapter 11, the World and its idols are mentioned as «Egypt». Only a few voices in Jerusalem gave their sternest warnings.

Revelation 11:8
Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city—which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt—where also their Lord was crucified.

Victorious over Israel. Klaus Schwab welcomes President Xi Jinping to Davos

2 Maccabees is an apocryphal book and not part of the protestant Bible. But it is still worth reading. In chapter 4 we are told the reason for the trouble that came to Jerusalem, just before the first coming of the Messiah. «Greek» or Foreign wisdom. Hellenism, the idea that mankind is smart and can save it self. Just like in 2021-2022.

2 Maccabees:4.

10 The king gave his approval, and just as soon as Jason took over the office of High Priest, he made the people of Jerusalem change to the Greek way of life. 11 He began by abolishing the favors that John had secured for the Jews from previous Syrian kings. (John was the father of the Eupolemus who later went to Rome to make an alliance and to establish ties of friendship.) Jason also did away with our Jewish customs and introduced new customs that were contrary to our Law. 12 With great enthusiasm he built a stadium near the Temple hill and led our finest young men to adopt the Greek custom of participating in athletic events. 13 Because of the unrivaled wickedness of Jason, that ungodly and illegitimate High Priest, the craze for the Greek way of life and for foreign customs reached such a point 14 that even the priests lost all interest in their sacred duties. They lost interest in the Temple services and neglected the sacrifices. Just as soon as the signal was given, they would rush off to take part in the games that were forbidden by our Law. 15 They did not care about anything their ancestors had valued; they prized only Greek honor’s. 16 And this turned out to be the source of all their troubles, for the very people whose ways they admired and whose customs they tried to imitate their enemies and oppressed them. 17 It is a serious thing to disregard God’s Law, as you will see from the following events. (End of Scripture).

As we approach the Winter Olympic in Beijing 2022, we know that human wisdom will be presented as divine. The leader of the pack, who opposes God of the Bible, by his ideology exalted above all that is God (classical humanistic atheism) will be hailed. Chairman Xi. The man who triggered the global madness in Wuhan 2019.

What is ahed for the Zionist state of Israel?

Its failure. The God given immune system of the Jewish people seems to have been permanently damaged by Pfizers genmanipulation. The majority of the citizens of Israel do also desire to become like all other nations. Their will hail the last man of lawlessness, in Messianic terminology, the ultimate false Messiah. Who will promise them restoration, peace and safety. Like the newly divinely explained «Abraham accord ». In the middle of the mother of all distress, they will understand they have been cheated and betrayed. They will see the plan made for a second Holocaust. Than the true Messiah will return. Yeshua the Messiah. Amen.

Repent, and turn to the God of Abraham, Isak and Jacob.

Published by Ivar