Medical dictatorship enforced by antichrists

The phrase « Covid-19 pandemic « has been told hundred of millions of times. Basic medical datas expose this to be a lie. Its a dangerous lie.

The medical Covid-dictatorship comes with the global introduction of a QR-code that becomes your new identity. By surrendering to the Green passport system your identity has been reduced to a number. You are subject to totalitarian digital control.

Source of data above:

Lets first study these basic medical Covid-19 data of seven nation.

  • In neither of those nations the annual mortality rate was higher in 2020 than the the average of the last 10 years. The death rate is literally flat.
  • In all the nations the recovery rate, regardless of how the Covid-19 death has been recorded, is above 97,5 per cent.
  • In all nation, less than 0,3 per cent has been recorded with Covid-19 infection. After 18 month of a claimed « pandemic ».

These data expose the utterly stupidity of enforcing an emergency approved experimental Covid-19 vaccine on all flesh. These is simply no emergency. There is simply no «medical pandemic ».

The UN Agenda 2030 lobby trying to take Global control by promoting a dystopia. A World were nanotech are presented as the Messiah, that will save the human race from a « dangerous virus ». Global fear-mongering managed to created a paranoia that are used to enforce people to accept their new QR-code number.

Two important biblical questions?

Could this global totalitarian system have been avoided?

The answer is no. The rule of the last and final antichrist will become a manifested global dictatorship, wither we like it or not. All antichrists will united around the ultimate leader. And all souls who have been deceived.

How should true evangelical christians act in relation to the QR-code, Green passport?

They should resist this regime at all costs. The QR-code of the Free Passport is the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation. Those who surrender and submit to this system will simply not be found inside the Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua the Messiah has warned us in advance.

Matthew 10:22
You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

The vaccine by it self is not the mark of the beast. But I have seen enough people who said thai would not take the Vaccine, change their mind when put under pressure. Till the date of their snake bite they proclaimed they were against the enforcement of a « medical apartheid ». And after taking the jab, quickly being captured by an unclean spirit, strongly supporting both the QR-code and the Green Passport. Betring the Messiah they claim they are following, and embracing the ultimate friendship with the World. A spiritual catastrophe has taken place. Like being inoculated with the venom of Satan.

Resist the devil. Not only will he flee from you. Where you will spend eternity, Satan will never again enter. He was kicked out of Heaven, and sent down to Earth. Where ha has been deceiving the human race up to this day. In their billions, man will spend eternity with their master Satan inside the eternal flames of Hell. But not You. You will go to the blossom of Abraham, and spend eternity with all who chose to resist the offers of Satan. You chose rather to be martyred for your faith, when challenged not to become a lover of the World. Amen.

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10 thoughts on “Medical dictatorship enforced by antichrists

  1. “ The vaccine by it self is not the mark of the beast.”

    I thought you’d written up in a previous post that it IS the mark of the beast – or at least implied it referencing buying & selling & Revelation.

    Bill Gates and patent WO-2020-060606 A1

    Which is it then?

  2. Dear Ashiral Adonai.

    Shalom and love in Jesus.

    The Pope has always been an antichrist. A false “Vicar of Christ”. If the present pope is the last and final antichrist, we will have to wait and watch. Bill Gates patent WO 2020-060606 A1 has definately to do whith the global enforcement of totalitarian digital rule. The QR-code is now a global system, that includes and excludes people from bying and selling. We now see the World stage get ready for the masses hailing a false saviour of mankind. Soon and very soon.

    1. That’s an evasion.

      In a previous post, you had stated or at least implied that the COVID vaccine is a mark of the antichrist. Now you say it’s not.

      Which is it? You claim to stand for the TRUTH. Tell the TRUTH then. Which is it? You’re not being consistent with your claims.

    2. The vaccine by itself is not the mark and the disease is not what they say it is. The disease is the gateway they need to implement a “Great Reset” of society, and the vaccine is the precursor to the coming “covid passport” which serves to control the people. If you notice now, there’s an uptick in the news about fake vaccine cards and how governments have to do something to control this fraud. Look out for their proposals about needing a new “digital system” to keep a record about every individuals’ vaccines and boosters. The new vaccines are experimental and therefore prone to multiple side effects, but overall, they are as harmless as can be possible. They will allow you to take the non mRNA versions too, so you can ignore the nonsense about “gene modification” or “vax genocide” and focus on what comes AFTER the shots. There are already plans in place to unveil a digital identity linked to a health records and a wallet system; but only after everyone accepts and submits to this new digital order. As of right now, without a physical card or a digital record, you are already not allowed to go to many public places. Once they link your wallets and everything else to the passport, there will be no escape. The passport will be the mark – without which, you can neither buy nor sell. Accept the vaccine > get the passport > get your digital identity as a compliant global citizen.

  3. All media that were against forcing the jab have caved in about this it. Pretending that it is now okay. It is all propaganda from the onset. All the states showing major breakouts will turn to say you should get it. They will say (leaders) we should have listened. More people will fall for it and take it. Yet all the US border is wide open. In NY you have to show you have your jab card. It will be everywhere soon. God himself has already predestined from eternity past who are his. We await his return. Amen

  4. We MUST remain spiritually vigilant. Keep our eyes on Jesus. Abide in His Word.
    Don’t allow anyone to deceive you. Ask Father God to give you the wisdom, understanding and discernment of His Son.
    Question everything carefully.
    Don’t allow yourself to be backed into a corner by the official line.

    Trust in God for what you need. George Mueller of England is a good modern testimony of how to rely on God for basics.
    And remember the widow woman to whom Elijah was sent in a time of famine. She was ready to eat her last meal with her son and die.
    But God multiplied what she had till rains came to produce the next harvest.

    Remember the 3 Hebrew youths who told King Nebuchadnezer, we will not bow down to your idol, even if God doesn’t save us.

  5. Hi Ivar,
    I agree with you and the Good News is: Yeshua ha Mashiach will come soon, whether we die as martyrs or see Him coming at His time, He is JHWH , Who came in the flesh, raised from the death, went to heaven to be united with JHWH, who is Spirit.
    And even better: He is with us, all te time, untill the end, what is the beginning of His Kingdom.
    Stay close to Him, like the branches to the Vine:
    “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

    Ben Kok (jewish-christian pastor)

  6. There still have been deaths associated with the virus.

    Do these stats include deaths from the lambda & delta variants as well?

    Clearly there have been deaths, & they are continuing.

  7. Where is any of this Biblical?

    It’s all fictitious – a figment of the author’s imagination – nothing but fear mongering under a guise of Biblical prophecy with no authority.

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