Todd White call for union with the Pope

Tood White is one of the most popular preachers in the Word of Faith movement. In this video, he prays with a Roman Catholic priest. Just like one of the Kansas City prophets have taught them. Together they walk into union with the Pope in Rome, and face stearn jugdment for their apostasy.


11 thoughts on “Todd White call for union with the Pope

  1. If one does not already know that Todd Bently is a lying heretic of the worst kind, already, than this will make no difference to you. Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery. So, he is already an adulterer. All Word of Faith false prophets are ready to jump back in bed with the pope. Both literally and figuaratively. Why does the pope wear a yarmulke?

    1. Dear Sentient Christian.

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      I dont know why Todd White is a hippie. But you can be a hippie and a Christian. Let us not debate outward appearences.

      1. If we cannot judge by outward appearances, then what would you say about a woman strutting around half naked in clothing that is meant to entice men to lust? You would say this woman definitely does not have Christ like motives. People dress and act according to their heart and their outward appearance and actions (fruit) say a lot about their relationship with God!

      2. I am not sure what the definition of a hippie is really?
        Long hair is not appropriate for a Christian a far as I know.
        Those ‘ Dredd Locks ‘ though only an outward appearance are indicative of what he is about.

    2. We have a friend in our home church that is from Jamaica and he said that the Rastafarian groups are not Christian. I think he also said they were racists. So why would he want to look like them? The band P.O.D. is the same way and by their fruits, they don’t appear very Christ like.

  2. 2:54 in to the movie he makes the Devil sign with his hand and says “i belive”
    just after he says Jesus goes to Hell!

    The Holy Spirit in me, is not giving his Amen to this man!

    Peace be with you!

    1. Good catch! I did a screenshot of it but I can’t load it on this connect. It’s interesting at what point of his comment that he flashed this demonic symbol!

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