28.september 2009, Pope Benedict kneeled and prayed before the skull of saint Wenceslaus, patron saint of the Czech nation.

Pope Benedict kneels and folds his hands before a “holy skull” of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church honors Saint Wenceslaus, a Central European ruler who died at the hands of his brother while seeking to strengthen the Catholic faith in his native Bohemia.

During his 2009 visit to the Czech Republic, Pope Benedict XVI called the country’s patron saint “a martyr for Christ” who “had the courage to prefer the kingdom of heaven to the enticement of worldly power.”

St. Wenceslaus was born around the year 903. His father Duke Wratislaw was a Catholic, but his mother Princess Dragomir practiced the native pagan religion. She would later arrange the murders of both Wenceslaus and his grandmother Ludmilla, who is also a canonized saint.

Source: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

My comment:

You might never get a better photographical evidence than this, confirming that the Roman Catholic church is a cult. Not only a cult, but a death cult. Honoring, praying to, and worshipping the dead.

Here are some more photos:

Duka, Svatováclavská pouť
Cardinal Dominik Duka offers insence to the skull.
Pope Benedict pray and meditate before the skull.
Roman Catholic priests pray and sing before the skull.
The skull is decorated. It has been honored with jewels and even a crown.
Roman Catholic priests carry the skull into the mass, to be presented at he altar.
Before the mass, the skull is carried throug the streets in a public parade.
The achbishop present the patron saint of the Cheze Republic.
The public is permitted to adore and venerate the “holy skull”.
Order brothers of different kinds take good care of the skull presented to Pope Benedict.

Those Christians who accept and promote this cult as a part of the Christian family, needs to watch these pictures. You have to demand an answer from them.  Also you local pastor or priest:

– How can any follower of Jesus accept the Pope as a Christian leader?

– Could all the reformers of the church be wrong, when they branded the pope as an antichrist?

The Vatican II council of 1965 called protestants “separated brethren”.  The council aimed for their return to Rome, by their acceptance of the pope as the leader of the largest Christian denomination and Church. The accept of this kind of invitation is a mortal error.

Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

The truth is the radical opposite. The Vatican is the mysterious Babylon, the epic center of idol worship in the name of “Christ”. If you want to escape the coming judgment and wrath of God, you need to escape from this religious movement. Need need to come out of her. Completely. And rather expose her evils, like the blasphemies of Pope Benedict and his cardinals and bishops.

Be wise. Repent or perish.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.

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