The first time a pontiff will be addressing Congress rivals a presidential inauguration and State of the Union wrapped into one.

They suit each other and seems to enjoy each others company.
They suit each other and seems to enjoy each others company.

The president’s Cabinet, the diplomatic corps and members of the Supreme Court, six of whom are Catholic, are expected to join senators and House members in the seats on the floor of the chamber. The House recently took the unusual step of voting to limit the people who can sit in those prime seats, essentially barring former members.

The politicians have got one ticket each, which they can gift to a family member.

Republican Rep. Leonard Lance, R-N.J., faces a nearly Solomonic choice straight out of the Old Testament “Either my wife (Heidi) or my twin brother (James), but I’m a very popular fellow these days because of that one ticket that I get,” Lance said.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., avoided picking one family member and disappointing several others. “I gave it to a nun who I love — Sister Simone. She’s the nun on the bus,” Boxer said. “She fights for social justice and she’s so happy.”

The official representation began with the formal opening of diplomatic relations with the Holy See by President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II in 1984.

The United States had diplomatic relations with the Papal States from 1797 to 1867. The Papal States ceased to exist in 1870, when its last territory (the city of Rome) was lost to the Kingdom of Italy.

Source: AP and wikipedia

My comment:

The Evangelicals in the USA discerned the papacy of being of the devil, from the day their nation was formed in 1776.  24th of September 2015, the Pope will trash their victory over Roman Catholicism in America.

Von Papen as Military attache in D.C in 1914.
Von Papen as Military attache in D.C in 1914.

As late as during World war I, the Pope sent his agents across the Atlantic to do sabotage.  One of these terrorists were Von Papen, who later become the leader of the Catholic Zentrum Party in Germany.

This is what Wikipedia has recorded:

During the autumn of 1914, while attached to the German Embassy in Washington D.C., Von Papen’s “natural proclivities for intrigue got him involved in espionage activities.”As a result, some sixteen months into the European War he was expelled from the United States for alleged complicity in the planning of acts of sabotage, such as the Vanceboro international bridge bombing to destroy US rail lines. On 28 December 1915, he was declared persona non grata after his exposure and was recalled to Germany. Setting out on the journey, his luggage was confiscated, and 126 cheque stubs were found showing payments to his agents. Papen went on to report on American attitudes, both to General Erich von Falkenhayn and to Wilhelm II, the German Emperor.

Von Papen was elevated to Vice Chancellor of Nazi-Germany, serving under Hitler.  The Roman Catholic Zentrum party was merged into the antisemitic Nazi party.

I am very doubtful if any of the present politicians in the USA, remember that the Vatican state was established by the same fascists in 1929. It was Benito Mussolini who gifted the Pope his state inside the heart of Rome. 60 million people perished during World War II, when the allied forces had to fight the supporters of Hitler and Mussolini.

When the Jesuit Pope is going to address the US Lawmakers, the Roman Catholics emerge as a victor in America. The head of a death cult has been widely accepted as a Christian leader. The Pope do no longer have to send agents to create carnage  inside the US. The Americans has elevated the men who do the worst damage to their own nations, to the majority seats of their own Supreme Court. Their worst enemies are those who destroy their own nation from within, and brings it to the slaughterhouse of judgment.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all who resist and rebuke the papacy.

Written by Ivar