The Holy skull of Adalbert

Relics of Bohemia’s Patron Saint Adalbert find new resting place.

The claimed to be "holy" skull of Saint Adalbert of Prague.
The claimed to be “holy” skull of Saint Adalbert of Prague.

The holy relics of Saint Adalbert of Prague, or Vojtěch as he is known in his native country, have received a new shrine at their final resting place at Prague Castle. Besides the Czech Republic, the legacy of 10th-century Catholic cleric and martyr is honored also in Poland, Hungary and Germany.

A special holy mass on Saint Adalbert’s feast day was served by Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka on Wednesday evening in St. Vitus Cathedral – whose full name is actually St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert Cathedral. During the service, a newly made shrine to contain the saint’s relics was blessed and the remains then found their final resting place within the church.

The skull is normally kept for disply in a box under the altar.
The skull is normally kept for disply in a box under the altar.
They put his armour in the temple of their gods and hung up his head in the temple of Dagon.
The Roman Catholic have to look under the altar to find the box with several bones and the “Holy skull”.
The relicts of the saint is kept in a sarcofag, looking as the arc of the covenant.  The golden lampstand is also copyied from Judaism.
The relicts of the saint is kept in a sarcofag, looking like the arc of the covenant. The golden lampstands have also been copyied from Judaism.
Then they carried the ark into Dagon’s temple and set it beside Dagon.

“It resembles old Romanesque and Gothic reliquaries in which saints, and above all martyrs, used to be laid to rest, ” says Archbishop Dominik Duka who himself placed the relics in a metal casket now located inside the new shrine. The ornamental house-shaped reliquary with a pitched roof is made of four types of wood and weighs 70 kilograms.

Just two years after his death Adalbert was canonized by the pope and his remains travelled across Europe. Most of the relics returned to Bohemia in 1039, as historian Marie Bláhová from Charles University in Prague explains.

In the 1970s the relics were examined by anthropologists and confirmed as belonging to St. Adalbert.

The relics of St. Adalbert are now kept in three different places inside St. Vitus cathedral: the martyr’s skull in the Hilbert Treasury, the new reliquary in the Old Archbishop’s Chapel and the remaining relics are placed inside the main altarpiece. Except for the skull which is occasionally exhibited during church holidays the relics will not be displayed for public viewing.

Source: Radio Prague

My comment:

Some time back I thought I was done with the search for Roman Catholic skulls, bones and corpses. But this skull in Prague caught my attention. Simply by the way it is displayed in a glass mounter, a cheese-dish kind of cover. Remarkably the lower jaws of the skull must have fallen off, as the skull was removed from the bone-box underneath the altar. There is no information availabe to conclude, that the laws were taken away for the purpose of dental care.

The Bible explains that the skull of king Saul was cut off, and kept for display in the Temple of Dagon. Otherwise, there are no other scriptures that display that men was involved in this kind of morbid religious conducts. That pagans indulge them selves in such, can be excused. They do not now better. But the problem with Roman Catholic adoration, veneration and worship of skulls, is that many of them call them selves “Christians”.  And the Pope is branded as a “Christian leader”.

Jesus of the Bible is simply not able to penetrate the spirit and souls of the Papists. They want to venerate mortal flesh, and do not believe that God is God of the living. Not a god of the dead.  All who claim to know “Christ” must worship the Messiah in spirit and truth. To worship God the Creator alone, and no created items. To all who reject thus, let the stern earning from the Messiah be spoken: “Let the dead go and bury their own dead”.

To cut a skeleton into pieces, elevate a decapitate skull and keep it for display in a religious shrine, is an outright mockery of Biblical faith. Millions of Catholics are lead astray. Others are holding their fingers over their nose, and saying: “keep away from Christians”.
The Pope and his criminal priesthood will surly face judgment for their idolatry, defaming true Christianity, even in the most grotesque ways.  May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all the deceived souls. Amen

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The Holy skull of Adalbert

  1. Nimrod (aka Osiris) is dead, Tammuz never resurrected. But JESUS, JESHUA is alive without a broken bone!

    “When the false Messiah died, limb was severed from limb, and his bones were scattered over the country. When the death of the true Messiah took place, Providence so arranged it that the b o d y should be kept e n t I r e, and that the prophetic word should be exactly fulfilled— “a bone of Him shall not be broken.”
    When, again, the false Messiah was pretended to have had a resurrection, that resurrection was in a new body, while the old body, with all its members, was left behind, thereby showing that the resurrection was nothing but a p r e t e n c e and a s h a m.

    When, however, the true Messiah was “declared to be the Son of God with power, by the resurrection from the dead,” the tomb, though jealously watched by the armed unbelieving soldiery of Rome, was found to be absolutely e m p t y, and no dead body of the Lord was ever afterwards found, or even pretended to have been found. The resurrection of Christ, therefore, stands on a very different footing from the resurrection of Osiris.

    Of the body of Christ, of course, in the nature of the case,
    there could be n o r e l I c s.

    Rome, however to carry out the B a b y l o n I a n system, has supplied the deficiency by means of the relics of the saints; and now the relics of St. Peter and St. Paul, of St. Thomas A’Beckett and St. Lawrence O’Toole, occupy the very same place in the worship of the Papacy as the relics of Osiris in Egypt, or of Zoroaster in Babylon.” (The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, PDF-page 148+149)

    Thanks for posting and GOD bless you!

  2. “Let the dead bury their own dead. You come and follow Me.” Brilliant answer from Christ to those speaking with Him, and I was only reading those words in my daily reading a few hours ago. Then you go and quote the very same Scripture!

    If not for blogs like yours, I wouldn’t know the half of what goes on in the world. God be with us, and may Christ return soon.

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