Israel abuse freedom to please Pope

The posters called on Pope Francis to leave Israel and to return holy relics looted by the Romans from Beit Hamikdash (Second Temple).

Muslims are permitted to protest in Jerusalem in favor of the Pope.
United Muslims and Roman Catholics are permitted to protest in Jerusalem in favor of the Pope.

Two residents of Jerusalem were arrested in connection to banners posted in the city decrying Pope Francis’s upcoming arrival in Israel on Sunday, reported Israel Radio on Friday.

The posters called on Pope Francis to leave Israel and to return holy relics looted by the Romans from Beit Hamikdash (Second Temple).

The suspects were found with dozens of such posters still in their possession.

Israel issued restraining orders against several Jewish right-wing activists earlier this week, restricting their movements over concern that they could try to disrupt the historic visit.

The recent rise in “price tag” attacks targeting “Christians” has led to the Roman Catholic Church’s demand for action and increased security.

Tensions were high in the capital as the city braced itself for a security feat with the upcoming visit of the pope, who has stated he will not avail himself of bullet-proof vehicles during his three day trip to the Middle East.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The global totalitarian regime is fast advancing to please the papacy. Any critics of the Holy See will eventually be brought to silence. Either by surrender, or by force.

It is pathetic, that the Government of Israel is willing to abolish the freedom of expression to please the papacy.

People who demand the Vatican to return stolen artifacts from the Second Temple period, is branded as “right wing Jews”.
Even in claimed to be “Christian newspapers”. Such is the nature of evil.

How come, many claimed to be Christians at best keep quiet?

They are all in the pockets of Roman Catholicism. They have stopped being Protestants in support of Jesus the Messiah, and do not longer stand on the Reformation. No doubt the massive betrayal of truth is widening, and our Zionist brethren in Israel is being persecuted.

The two witnesses will not kept quiet. If we do, the stones will start to talk from the ground.
Stand united with all who bell the Pope as an antichrist. Resist all who have compromised, and hail the Pope as a “Christian leader”

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Israel abuse freedom to please Pope

  1. First and formost to be a pope is unscriptural becouse Our great God and saviour Jesus Christ is our Heavnly High Priest we do not need a human pope.The deception will continue woe to them who are deceived

  2. I rememeber the pope going to Israel and calling himself the man of peice. and so many even the christians have fallen into apostasy and stand with the PLO that still dance and hand out candy after 9/11. How in the world they can do that is beyond me and they should all read history where the mobs of Rome held the Jews and destroyed many scripture and held back anyone to read the scripture except the catholic. And G-d said when they refuse the truth that He would send a lie and they would believe it. and it is happening every day as gov around the world are deceived. They say , love your neighbor as thy self and pray for them but doesn’t say pray with cults and make friends with them but says , tell them the truth three times and if they reject the truth, from such turn away.. they even go on mission and tell the people it is ok to call G-d by the name of allah but that they received the true sad as they have truned from truth and have become twice the sons of hell..pray for them…I cannot remember the scripture but G-d said do not pray for them. maybe after they turn away from truth

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