The grand betrayal of Israel and rebellion against God

The Arabs and Kerry blame Israel for unwillingness or inability to delineate final-status borders at the root of the problem.

John Kerry works for the Kingdom of darkness, to find a solution to the "Jewish problem".
John Kerry works for the Kingdom of darkness, to find a solution to the “Jewish problem”.

OP-ED in Israel Hayom, by Ruthie Blum

On the heels of the disastrous deal with Iran that could not have been achieved without Western appeasement and capitulation, Kerry’s current visit is especially significant. What he has come to do is spread the gospel of weakness to the Israeli government that has worked so well for the U.S. and Europe: giving a mortal enemy whatever it wants and getting nothing in exchange. Well, other than an escalated threat, that is.

No stranger to this kind of policy and its repercussions, Israeli officialdom was devastated by the news of the accord that provides Tehran with just the leeway it needs to complete its nuclear program. And none of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s international appeals to prevent the deal from going through proved fruitful. They did succeed, however, in arousing the ire of the White House, particularly when met with sympathy in Congress.

This brings us to yet another reason that Kerry came to Israel this time around bearing an American plan: The Obama administration never misses an opportunity to put Netanyahu in his place.

Because the details of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process have been purposely veiled in secrecy since their outset in the summer, most information is garnered from leaks and statements from “anonymous officials.” The latest of these is that Washington has come up with specifics that Netanyahu will be expected to accept in the very near future.

It is not only the Palestinians who blame Israel for the “stalemate” in the talks; Kerry, too, believes that it is Israel’s unwillingness or inability to delineate final-status borders at the root of the problem. So the secretary of state, accompanied by special envoy Gen. John Allen, brought a list of suggestions in his suitcase.

Ruthie Blum is the author of “To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the ‘Arab Spring.'”

Source: Izraeli Hayom

My comment:

The new global universal brotherhood of “peace makers” are making solid progress.

The US has rescued the Islamic revolution in Iran, by granting the totalitarian Ayatollah a fresh credit line.

In Ramallah, the US sponsored PLO-leadership is about to bring an end to Zionism. Jews shall be evicted from the Mountains of Israel, and a “special regime” set up in East Jerusalem.

The end of the age of grace is about to end. Up till today, sin on Earth has been tolerated by the supreme God of Heaven.

God the Son took the punishment that the full mankind deceive on the cross, and pleaded to the God the Father to avoid divine punishment. The blood of Jesus the Messiah redeemed us. But inside the age of judgment, sin will reach its zenith, and the eternal judgment throne will be set up to give manned the final verdict.

There will be terrible times ahed, as we approach the arrival of the final man of lawlessness in Jerusalem. The whole World will be deceived to hail a compromise for “peace”.  Not based on truth, as the enemies of Jews will continue to play for the second Holocaust.

Behold: On His return, the Messiah will rescue all who are surfing, waiting for Him.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “The grand betrayal of Israel and rebellion against God

  1. Hi Ivar,
    I wanted your take on Billy Graham. I read an article on him and it led me to some youtube videos. I googled, Billy Graham antichrist views. Let me just say; “I was stunned!

    His views on Islam, the ‘prophet’ Mohammad, the Pope, and the Catholic Church are jaw dropping.

    The article made an interesting point, with Graham’s health failing his passing is going to be a big deal, globally. News outlets will be broadcasting his false teachings everywhere.

    I was reading peoples comments on a blog about Graham. Everyone seemed to love and admire him, they couldn’t lavish enough praise on him. Yeshua’s words were what came to my mind; ” In the last days there will be false teachers and false prophets.” Yeshua also spoke about a “strong delusion,” one which would deceive many.’

    When you get a chance, please watch these videos, they are Billy, in his own words. Please watch it all, not just the beginning. I have a feeling that anyone who is willing to reveal the truth, that his teachings are false, and dangerous, will not be very popular.

    Please get back to me if you can. Thanks

      1. Hi Ivar,
        Thanks for the article. I have the feeling that Billy’s death will cause a wide divide within the Christian world. I was uneasy exposing Graham’s antichrist views, after all I thought, quoting in my mind the words of a very famous Rabbi; ” who are you to judge another mans servant?” However, when anyone tries to lead others astray, as a watchman, using scripture, we are to cry out warnings.

        As for Billy using the Synagogue of Satan to slander jews seems to be a handy tool for this anti semite. I think that the “Synagogue of Satan,” is referring to Edomites.
        America’s government is infested with them. Most side with Communism and Islam. They appear to be Jews, but they are not, they do not serve the GOD of Jacob, nor do they acknowledge His Son. They are liars and traitors.

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