Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker

BDS movement places yellow stickers on Israeli products reading ‘For justice in Palestine – Boycott Israel’. ‬‬

Antisemitism repeats it self in Ireland and Europe.
Antisemitism repeats it self in Ireland and Europe.

Israeli Foreign Ministry : Yellow sticker – reminiscent of dark days of racism, incitement‬‬.

A pro-Israeli activist residing in Dublin, Ireland, was shocked this week when he discovered that a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) organization had taped yellow stickers on Israeli products reading “For justice in Palestine, Boycott Israel”.

The Nazis forced the Jews to wear yellow badges on their jackets.
The Nazis forced the Jews to wear yellow badges on their jackets.
This mark was a trap for all Jews, made by the Nazis.
This mark was a trap for all Jews, made by the Nazis.

Among the many items found carrying the yellow boycott sticker was a pack of dates from the Jordan Valley. One of the stickers read: “Organic dates – produce of West Bank; Israeli Settlement Produce.”


My comment:

The Nazis wanted to boycott everything Jewish. It was the start of massive persecution of Jews in Germany.  The Jews lost their rights as citizens of Germany, and had to wear yellow badges. This was done to single them out in the society, and make it easy to collect them and send them to the gas chambers.

Islam has a similar view on Jews. The Koran teach all Muslims, that the Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs.  Hitler called them lower beings, or “under munch”.  Still the Jews have gifted the World with almost 20 per cent the Nobel price winners. The people living under the despotic curse of Islam, has hardly gifted the world any innovations.

Do not act like the Nazis, and do not support the wickedness of Islam.

Stand up for Israel. Buy Jewish products, and support the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker

  1. Wow! how ignorant, hateful, and Nazi like of my former countrymen. This shameful racism makes me want to burn my passport on top of the tri-color that once hung on is flagstaff. How low has this banana republic sunk. I’ll be sure to load up my shopping cart with yellow label produce.

  2. So they boycott the west ban farm produce, the farms close and the palestinians employed by the jews ont he farms lose their jobs and cant feed their kids, thanks to the fools of the west.

  3. Once again more lies! Why was Germany the only foolish country to let the jews in!!? All others turned them away! Once welcomed in, they wore out their welcome! Greedy bankers and low life artists destroyed morality in Germany. Similar to the US today! And these bankers I suppose are Africans? Or Hispanics or Asians? No..they claim to follow Judaism…that’s right jews!! They wear the yarmulka and observe the Sabbath but they are not real JEWS! They are the phonies that have desecrated what is Holy!! Where is that information on this site!? Remember Hitler could have ben avoided if the German people had been treated better! By jew and christian alike. Sort of what Jesus mentioned..treat others as you would like to be treated yourself! Also, if the jews had stood up and fought perhaps they would have saved themselves or help create a resistance as the other non cowards did! These are the people that deserve a country given to them! Not the cowards that decided to abandon their own!! As they have through out history! TELL THE TRUTH!! IT SHALL SET YOU FREE!! The victims that own all the money! Interesting isn’t it!! A country handed to them and all the money ever printed yet they still feel inadequate and claim to be victims!! I’m done posting here as I will leave it to God to judge. I’m sure if I keep it up the jews will find a way to treat me the way they did Jesus! The Romans have fallen why are the jews still here? Well according to God they are next unless they have repented! Enough said! Try to keep it real..after all God is watching! Denial of the truth doesn’t help anyone!

  4. your comment is without doubt poorly written. Half of the facts written here is evidently not true, and without any citation and reference. It’s not even under much, what does under munch even mean? It’s Untermensch, and the jews achievement isn’t limited to their heritage, majority happened to be gifted, and whoever works hard will get an equal result, no mater one’s nationality, religion, or blood. There are more christians, muslim, buddist, etc scientists and inventors more than you know. Your comment speaks about racism, but you yourself is a racist by marking that jews are the greatest, and the rest were inferior in term of power and knowledge.
    And how did you know the muslims see jews supposed to be the decendant of apes and pigs? Exactly which verse in Koran stated about that? I am a scholar in abrahamic religions and it’s history, and i have never found such saying inside. All the semitic religion originally forbid eating pork, even it is still practiced by the coptic and advent christians, not only by the muslims and jewish. Such is why Jews can’t be a decendant of pigs, not even in a figurative term.
    And most that happened in Nazi Germany was Hitler’s personal goal. The Germans were lied to, and once Hitler rose into power, he elimated every existing way to get rid of him. We were even pressured, and anyone who is against him would receive no different treatment than the jews. Why else would you think he developed the SS from just some men into a large, organized division? It’s to protect him! There were even more elites who were against him than just Rommel and Stauffenberg. In the end they faced death, and their deed weren’t even exposed and appreciated.

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