1967: Israel gave the Temple Mount back to Islam

One of the mysteries of 1967: Why did Israel give the Temple Mount back to Islam?

Moshe Dayan and the Israeli Government returned the Temple Mount to Islamic forces after liberating the most holy site in Judaism.

Many Christians taught that the return of the Messiah was imminent, when the Israeli army took control of the Temple Mount in June 1967.

Many got more than a surprise, when the Zionist Government gave the control over the most holiest site in Judaism, back to the Islamic Waqf.


Israeli soldiers captures the Temple Mount

Those who believe in mainstream Orthodox Judaism, believe that God of the Bible will rebuild a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.And since we believe that God gave Israel the victory, why was God so weak, that he lost the Temple Mount?

Did God loose the 1967-war?

For a Christian, this issue should be very simple. God do not longer live in buildings made by the hands of men. Our body is now the Temple of the Holy spirit of God.

So whats the point, of building a new Jewish temple on the Temple Mount?

And since a man of lawlessness is going to set him self up in “God’s temple” before the return of the Messiah, why should we long to be in control of this place?

John 2:21
But the temple he had spoken of was his body.

The Israeli army on top of the Western wall, holding the Israeli flag.

 Acts 17:24
“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands.

 1 Corinthians 6:19
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;

One of the most famous Zionist picture. The Western Wall back in Jewish hands.

It is indeed strange, that Jews and Christians criticize Islam for making the Temple Mount a Jew-free zone. Since it was the Israeli Government who gave Islam this authority in June 1967.  And to make this topic even more interesting. Many Ultra Orthodox Jewish group agrees with Islam, that Jews shall not enter the Temple Mount. Simply because they are not “clean enough”.  So the ban of Jews entering the Temple Mount even has Jewish supporters.

A clear warning about a site cleansed for Jews.

This what Wikipedia has recorded:

An Islamic Waqf has managed the Temple Mount continuously since the Muslim reconquest of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187.

On 7 June 1967, soon after Israel had taken control of the area during the Six-Day War, Prime Minister Levi Eshkol assured that “no harm whatsoever shall come to the places sacred to all religions”.

Together with the extension of Israeli jurisdiction and administration over east Jerusalem, the Knesset passed the Preservation of the Holy Places Law, ensuring protection of the Holy Places against desecration, as well as freedom of access thereto. Israel agreed to leave administration of the site in the hands of the Waqf.

Although freedom of access was enshrined in the law, as a security measure, the Israeli government currently enforce a ban on non-Muslim prayer on the site. Non-Muslims who are observed praying on the site are subject to expulsion by the police.

Source: Wikipedia

Read more about Jewish views on the Temple Mount

Written by Ivar

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  1. How is Daniel 12,11 to be explained?:
    “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days”

  2. Lis.
    A new temple shall be built, and the daily sacrifice shall be reinstated at the beginning of the 70th Week, as recorded in Daniel: 9. At the mid point of that 7 year period, what you quoted will happen.

      1. Dear Lis


        My opinion is not important. The truth about the end times, is all found in the Bible. Jesus is always correct. I do make mistakes.

      2. Dear Lis


        I have a few remarks to people who end up in disputes about what is ahead of us:

        1. Do not make your understanding of the end of the age, a matter of salvation. Because if only those who agree with you can be saved, Heaven will be a difficult place to enter. Even for your self.

        2. Be ready for this being your last day on Earth. Than you are really ready to face the Lord.

        3. The events at the end of the age, are so mind blowing. I have great difficulties to believe that any human mind is able to grasp the fulness of what lies ahead of us.

        4. I do have a view of the end times, the timings etc. I might be in a minority is certain areas. But what I know is that we who believe have victory in the end. Lord Jesus have secured our destiny for eternity in the kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

      1. Hi Tod,
        If it has already happened, we have a serious problem, because Daniel is told these things happen at the time of the ‘end’. That would mean we are living after the time of the end. Why still all the wars and rumours of wars etc, etc ?

  3. G-d has a correct timeline for the Redemption.

    I like the following names for the 150,000 sq.m. trapezoid platform in the midst of the Old City…

    Temple Mount
    Noble Sanctuary
    House for All Nations
    Centre of Unfolding Potential

  4. Very Interesting, This for me is the last big sign to be fulfilled but because I lack great understanding of the old testament I feel I can’t judge this one as well but surely I agree Ivarfjeld to be ready to go home for it is surely nigh, even at the door(the time between seal 6 and 7 where the souls of the dead are risen then the 144,000 sealed and then those of us who are alive and well. Thank You!

  5. Yes, God does not live in temple but instead our bodies is the temple of God. Therefore, we should make every effort to keep our bodies clean and holy. For the Lord is holy.
    However, equally so, the temple mount should be a place for a religious sample for all religion (Jews, Arabs,Christians etc.) We all should have a worshipping place there and not only the Arab.

    1. Bright,

      You said: However, equally so, the temple mount should be a place for a religious sample for all religion (Jews, Arabs, Christians etc.) We all should have a worshipping place there and not only the Arab.

      My comment; Now picture yourself in the near future standing before God, and making that comment. Shouldn’t you concern yourself with the most important thing which is speaking about Jesus Salvation, to the Arabs, Hindus, and everyone else who has not accepted Christ?

  6. As per HIS command, (“in as much as it is possible, & up to you,…”) in heads & hearts, the Jewish people have sought to live in peace with all of its neighbors, even moreso after the rebirth of Israel in 1948, where it has been under brutal attack even before, & during the rebirth, as well as immediately & further after, to this day, by many of those neighbors ever since,…such was the ’67 war brought upon them, in which HE gave victory to them, rightfully,… but unfortunately, it is my understanding that after taking the temple mount, righteuosly, the beloved general oozi was concerned that the muslims would try to destroy the temple mount, & as a gesture of goodwill, (possibly partly because the mufti in charge at the time was known to be accomadating to jews, & desirous of peace), that he(mufti) would be able to keep shared access & peace there, which he did (at least while he was alive). The head rabbi at the time however understood the scripture from the torah that specifically spoke of this event, & that the instructions prophetically proclaimed that all should be driven out, & that if they were not, they would become a thorn in the side of the jews & jewish state from then on, but sadly, try as he (rabbi) valiantly could, was unable to persuade the general & other authorities to listen, & the temple mount stayed under authority of muslims, & the enemies of Israel now boast of being that thorn. Also, what many do not know, is that among the beautiful adornments of the dome, are tiles that encircle the dome declaring that there is no G-D but G-D, (unfortunately we know they are being deceived to believe, NOT the G-D of Abraham/Israel), & that HE has NO son. Because many jews don’t know Jesus as their Jewish Messiah, this isn’t so offensive to them, while those who do, understand this blasphemy written over the very throne of G-D. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, & those who love thee, & that all who don’t yet know HIM will see the truth of HIS eternal love, for their souls’ sakes, & as declared to HIS people in Isaiah 53. HE who neither slumbers nor sleeps, will guard over Israel, (people & place) & they will never again be removed from their land, for it is the chosen throne of the King of Kings, & all who believe in HIM, will not perish. All Praise & thanks to HIM! Baruch Ha’shem & Shalom!

  7. My sincerest apologies for mispellings, General Uzi, whom I hold in great reverance, as well as lack of capitalization, also of the Torah, & Temple Mount, & reference to Jewish/Jews in my last post. I mean no disrespect to any, & especially those which deserve extra respect, the aforementioned, at least in my eyes; also, any other mistakes, grammarically/otherwise. Shalom!

  8. Well, I am not quite sure about the real intention of Israel in 1967 when they took the temple mount and later gave it back to the Arab. However, maybe they thought that by so doing, the Arab could reason and settle with Israel for a durable peace. Maybe that was a gesture of peace from Israel to the Arab but the Arab did not look at that as a gesture, they wanted nothing less than almost the total control of Jerusalem and as their capital city also.

    Anyway,I believed that it was a miscalculation on the part of Israel. That temple mount could have still be kept in their control while talking about other events. That place is the center of Jewish and Christian religious center point. It is the place according to tradition, the Rock is located. It should have been the place of Jews focus point just as Mecca is the place of Muslim focus point.

    Finally, I still hope that one day (Jacob) Israel will totally recover and take control of that historical and holiest site. That will come through peace and at last, Jews, Christian and others will have place on that temple mount amen.

  9. Amen & Amain! The Temple Mount has been the holiest site in Judaism for thousands of years, even before G-D told King David to (& of course, he, King David gladly did!;) purchase it for Israel. They have NEVER sold it, & they never will, so even by earthly standards it legally belongs to Israel. It is universally acknowledged as the site of the Abrahamic miracle of sacrifice. We know from prophecy in the word, that we will have an opportunity for around 3&1/2 years, during the false peace treaty to come, but we would love to see the opportunity for a much longer time before that for as many people to experience it as possible, especially for the Jewish people, who have been often & long wrongly deprived of it. As Christians, in blessed & merciful grafting by G-D, it should also be considered the holiest site, as it HIS chosen throne. HE would that none should perish, & all are welcome to believe on HIM, John 3:16 Shalu Shalom Yerushaliyim!

  10. In my last posting HIS holy name was divided inadvertantly because I hyphenated for respectful reasons, and possibly misread by computer as place to seperate. Please forgive me. I would also like to add 2 short messages, #1 thank you & G-Ds blessings to Ivar, & as you probably already know, the link to stand w/Israel, “hated just because they’re Jewish” is no longer there?, from here in US anyway, #2 if anyone is concerned about the push to divide Jerusalem, which will include the Temple Mount, I would like to encourage you to visit the website: JerusalemPrayerTeam.org where there is a link to sign a petition(free) if desired, as well as other info. Also, as we know, direct petition to heaven is always the most powerful. We stand in agreement with all those praying this prayer: Shalu Shalom Yerushaliyim!

  11. jesus and the sun both: come in the clouds and every eye shall see- wear a crown of thorns- share the same birthday – are the light of the world -walk on water- have 12 followers (constellations) yada yada yada the list goes on and on, 28 different sun gods were called thev same names and lived the same lives ur worshipping the SUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This crazy obsession with the Jews amounts to blasphemy. Jesus said ” Be not deceived. As it was in the time of Noah and Sodom so will my coming be. What’s this got to do with the Jews? Jerusalem is not holy, . Palestine is not holy, . The people, Jew and . Arab are unholy and ungodly. The temple is meaningless. We are the temple for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Does the Samaritan woman know more than us? Jesus said to her. ” The time is coming and is now that man will neither worship . God in Jerusalem nor in Samaria but in Spirit and in truth for . God is a Spirit. What is thìs fixation with the ungodly Jews? To be sarcastic, why don’t we all convert to Judaism? Are we questioning the complete work on the cross? Did not the curtain of the Holy of holies tear in two for everyoe to gaze in unharmed because the Presense of God had left? (ichabod) Please, I beg all the children of the Lord to keep their eyes on the signs of the times. Are the Jews so special that they do not have to repent?

    1. Hi Joel,

      The reason the obsession with rebuilding the temple is important is because it is linked to amazing prophecies yet to come about Israel, the tribulation, the antichrist, and the millennium.

      The third temple will be rebuilt very soon and it will propel prophetic events forward rapidly. The rebuilt temple fulfills Daniel 9:27, which says the antichrist will sit in the temple and defile it causing the Abomination of Desolation for 42 months.

      As Christians we know that the real church is not built with human hands, it is Christ living within us. However, for the Jewish people who practice Mosaic law, a rebuilt temple is necessary so that they can restart animal sacrifices along with other traditional Jewish forms of worship. Ezekiel chapters 40-47:12 talk about rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. These prophetic passages are referring to the third temple, not yet rebuilt yet. The passages do not apply to the first or the second temple that have already been destroyed.

      We are awaiting this prophecy to come to pass!

      The Dispensation of Grace that we are currently in, the Church Age, will change at the point of the Rapture back to the Dispensation of Law. After the tribulation, during the 1,000 year millennium, Scripture tells us that Jesus will establish His earthly Kingdom and will rule from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. I believe that this will be the fourth and last temple as the third one (not yet built) will be destroyed after it is defiled by the antichrist.

  13. Hi! Jonah. I suppose you take me for a Ninevite? I will deal with your Jesuit Futurism later. I take it that you have been deceived into praying for the peace of Jerusalem? Billions of wasted prayer is made by deceived Believers. Its Peace has already come and gone. Yes! Jesus is the Peace of Jerusalem. Isaiah 9. For unto us a child ( Jesus) is born- luke 2. Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all (Jew and Gentile please please note,) the fulfillment of Genesis 3.15) for unto you is born this day in the city (Jerusalem) of David a Saviour, whìch is Christ the Lord. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth (finally in answer to centuries of prayer) peace, (God’s) good will to men. Isaiah 9.6 . . And the government (of the kingdom of Christ for Jew and Gentile) shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderfull, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Mankind is at war with God because he sins against God. Jesus came to restore spiritual peace between born again man and God. We let the Jews and also some believers degrade the cross into a mere peace treaty between the ungodly . Arabs and Jews? Do we not know that every time a Jew and a Moslem greet they are repeating an out dated prayer wishing for the Peacemaker between man and . God to come when has already come, died on the cross and returned to heaven? Read, Learn, and inwardly digest.

  14. The 70th week of daniel has already came to pass , if they teach you it still has to occur themn they are pushing Futurism , futurism in a nutshell pushes the doctrine that the Anti christ is a future event while we have been living under anti christ powers ever since , it makes christians passive. which is exactly why they have created the doctrine.

  15. I think they gave Mount Zion to the Muslims to make sure they would not trigger a holy war because that would be desasterous. for Israel and aswell for the Muslims.

  16. Any sincere Jew should study the work of the recent passed away Barry Chamish combined with the work of Eric Jon Phelps and his book Vatican Assassins III which can be found for free to read online. The rest are godless and they will await their damn fate just like any other godless person who fucks everything up in this world. Goodbey

  17. Your site is filled with false information, Jesus was not even a prophet, born out of wedlock, no relation whatsoever to King David…in the end, the most powerful nation won’t even exist – Islam will fail… If you can’t read original Hebrew text – you will never learn the truth, if your not Jewish it’s not too late – Look Up Noachide Laws. Christianity is a man-made religion., pagans started it to try to lure Jews into following them., it’s a form of Idol worship and an abomination to the one and only G-d of Israel, G-d of all creation.

    1. Dear Jeff.

      Shalom and love in Yeshua (Jesus).

      It is great to know God of Israel. The Bible is the most exiting book. It tells us who He is. Thanks to His Holy Spitit, we can bedcome aware of what He expects from us today. To surrender to Him, and become servants for His eternal kingdom.

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