Arab MK threatens Jews with third intifada

“You’re dangerous to yourself, to your children and to everyone. Stop playing with fire.”

MK Uri Lindos wants to ban Jews from praying in the Temple Mount.
Arab member of Knesset in Israel Ahmed Tibi wants to banish  Jews from praying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

During a stormy discussion in the Knesset’s Interior Committee regarding Jewish prayer in the Temple Mount, MK Miri Regev (Likud) verbally clashed with MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al).

At the height of the argument, MK Tibi told Regev: “Because of your games in Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount), a third Intifada is about to break out. You’re dangerous to yourself, to your children and to everyone. Stop playing with fire.”

The discussion was held at the initiative of Deputy Religious Services Minister Eli Ben Dahan and the ministry’s director general. Ben Dahan suggested giving Israel’s Chief Rabbis discretion in allowing Jewish prayers under certain circumstances in which worshipers were instructed to do so by their respective rabbis.

MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) slammed the discussion and said “There is no Temple Mount, it is something virtual. There is only Al-Aqsa.”


My comment:

It is interesting that the global nexus between Islam and left wingers, also exist inside Israel.

The socialists in the Israeli Balad party defames and demonize religious Jews, who holds on to their Zionist convictions.

We know that Israel will be like a tinder box ready to explode, just before the last and final antichrist will enter into Jerusalem. The International pressure is massive, trying to force Israel to give into Islamic demands.

The Temple Mount is in the epic center of the approaching perfect storm. The last and final antichrist will put his self up on this site, to be hailed as “the prince of peace”.  Many Jews and Christians will be deceived, to worship this man of sin, the man of lawlessness.

Behold: Do not support this wicked and corrupt “peace movement”. Wait for the true prince of peace to return, Jesus the Messiah. He will come in the clouds of heaven, and will kill the last and final antichrist with the splendor of His second coming.

Give your life to the Messiah, before it is too late.

Written by Ivar  

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