The Catholic Church claims gospel writer Luke painted her. She is venerated in Poland, in Haiti and within Voodoo. The late Pope bowed down to her son in Angola.

The late Pope bowed down to a Black copy of “Jesus” in Angola in 1992. Soon after, his life was only sickness and sufferings.

One of the readers of this blog, challenged me to write an article about the witches in the service of the Pope.

Rather: This relationship in the occult realm is the opposite. The Pontiffs are in the service of the witches.

In Poland she is named “Our Lady of Czestochowa”.

The Roman Catholic Church says the original image was discovered by some monks in the city of Nazareth, and first brought to Constantinople. The myth is that the gospel writer Luke painted her.

Here is a video-link to the official Catholic version of history:

We can not completely rule out that Luke might have been color blind.

But who can not see the difference between black and white?

“Our Lady of Czestochowa” and her black child. She has two cuts in her face.
The Polish version, and the Haitian lookalike. One is a copy. The other the original. The two cuts in their faces, exposes the truth.
The Black Madonna of Haiti is Erzulie Dantor, a lady of African origin. She was a witch.
Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.
The present Pope praying to the lady of Fatima.

The Jewish Mother of Jesus could not have been like a chameleon, changing her colors like the Vatican claim. Either she was white, or she was black.

Since the Catholic Church has both black and white copies of the Jewish mother of Jesus, we can conclude that someone has bewitched the Papal system. And since the Black Madonna looks like an African, she was quite surely: An African.

Through the ages, many black people in Africa has indulged them selves in venerating, adoring and worshiping Voodoo witches.

When the Western Africans were transported as slaves across the Atlantic, they took their Voodoo religion with them.  In the Voodoo heartland of Haiti, the Catholic’s have another version of the origin of the Lady of Czestochowa. The image is not from Jerusalem. The image was “discovered” in 1802 on Haiti by Catholic monks of Polish origin, and taken to Poland.

Not only on Haiti, but in the whole region, the first Catholic converts from Voodoo venerated the Black Madonna as  “Santa Barbara Africana”. Her origin is marked by two cuts on the left side of her face.

The Haitian “Lady” of African origin. St. Barbara Africana. She has two cuts in her face.
This is an Cuban image of the African Madonna.The two cuts on her face are the same.

What is the explanation behind these two cuts in face of these ladies?

The backstory to the painting in Voodoo lore is of a mother fiercely protective of the daughter (not son) she carries. She loves knives and received the facial scars fighting with her sister Erzulie Freda. The scars are a sign of Dantor’s strength: She is wounded but keeps going.

Erzulie Dantor. Anonymous artist (Jacmel, Haiti) Papier Maché.

The story goes that she is the pagan goddess “Erzulie Dantor”, who the local Papal system claim converted to Catholicism. She was a witch that originated from the African state of Benin. The name of the ancient African nations was “Dahomey”. This statehood was founded in the seventeenth century, and survived until 1894. From 1894 until 1960 Dahomey was a part of French West Africa.

Erzulie Dantor, the Black Madonna and her child as portrayed by the New Age movement. Look at the circle in her face. The cut of Voodoo.
Erzulie Dantor as a Haitian Voodoo doll. She holds her child in one hand, and not a Bible in the other. The lady that loves knife’s…

It is quite logic, that the Catholics in France brought with them home the Black Madonna from Africa. Do not forget that Haiti also was a French colony. Take a look at the black “Lady” from the French city of Guingamp.

The Black Lady of Guingamp in France also has a black “son”, wearing the same dress as the woman.

Another “Lady” Madonna from France, obviously brought from Africa.

Romanesque Madonna of Chastreix, Puy-de-Dome, France.

And a Black Catholic Madonna hosted in Paris it self.

Our Lady of the Good Death (Notre Dame de la Bonne Mort). She is originally from Bahia in Brazil.

There are 29 Black Madonnas in different Roman Catholic Churches, just in France.

The Black Madonna of Haiti and Dahomey also has a copy-cat sister in the City of Barcelona in Spain. Her name is our “Lady of Monserrate”.

Interestingly enough, Rome claim that also the statue of the Black Virgin of Montserrat was carved by Gospel writer Luke around 50 AD and brought to Spain. We are told by the Vatican, that not only was Luke a good painter, supposed to have painted “Our Lady of Czestochowa”. He also made statues. The challenge is that this statue went missing during Muslim rule in Spain. It was supposedly rediscovered by the Roman Catholics around 880 AD in a cave in Spain.

Who is ready to believe all this non sense?

And I tell you, this paganism presented as “Christianity”, gets even more spicy…

The black “Jesus”, venerated and lifted on the shoulders of Mexicans.

The Catholic Black Madonna do have a Son. He is also black. But her son do not seek refuge in Israel, or is worshiped in the Middle East.  One of the black sons are located in Mexico. There he is worshiped as “The Lord of Esquipulas”

The late Polish Pope visited the image of the Black Madonna in Poland:

The Pope visited the  image of Lady of Czestochowa.

One of her black sons is located in Angola. The late Pope John Paul II paid him a visit in June 1992. This picture is published on page 222, on Reader’s Digest’s complete biography of the Polish Pope. ISBN 0-7621-0657-3.

This late Pope was deceived, and died under tragic circumstances.

And what should have made all Catholics shake their head in horror:

The Pope bowed his head and worshiped the “black Messiah” of Angola.

First published: July 17th 2010.

Written by Ivar