Saint Valentine died in 270 A.D. His skull is kept in Rome, while his waxed body is kept inside an altar in a Church in Missouri, USA.

Old Saint Ferdinand’s Shrine in Florissant Missouri have a 1740 year old saint kept as a wax figure. Not only inside the Church, but inside the altar it self.

A Roman Catholic priest perform the mas, with a corpse kept inside the altar.
The shrine of Old St. Ferdinands Church holds the corpse of Saint Valentine.

The saint is Valentine, which Papal day of remembrance in February the 14th, the day lovers give each other gifts.

The head of the waxed saint is obviously a copy. Because the “holy skull” of Valentine is kept for display in a Church in Rome. The Church is Chiesa di Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

The skull of Saint Valentines is kept for adoration and veneration inside a Church in Rome.

The Catholic Church in Florissant, Missouri is located 17 highway miles northwest of downtown Saint Louis. This is perhaps the oldest church in the Louisiana Purchase territory, dating from 1819.

The Church in Rome that keeps the “Holy skull” of Valestine.

The “Old Cathedral” we know today was built in 1834. While it is an older congregation, the church building at St. Ferdinand is the oldest structure surviving by fourteen years.

Source for these pictures:

Relics of St. Valentine, thought to be a gift of the King of France to Bishop Louis DuBourg, are in a wax replica of St. Valentine in front of the altar.

Inside this Church, you will also find the relics of Mother Duchesne.  She was declared venerable in 1900, beatified in 1940, and canonized in 1988.

The museum has a collection of dolls in historical nuns’ habits. The loss of the habit after the Second Vatican Council seems to have led to a loss of identity in some religious orders.

This is the words of a visitor of this Catholic shrine:

Under the altar is a wax effigy, containing relics of Saint Valentine, Roman martyr, from A.D. 270. As a young child visiting this church, I was horrified by this dead body under the altar, and to make it worse, it was the Saint of Valentine’s Day greeting card fame!

My comment:

To keep a corpse inside the altar of a Church, is nothing but demonic. It is the very mother of all religious insanity presented as “Christianity” . The only difference between keeping an embalmed Lenin in the Kremlin and a corpse of a Catholic saint, is that the Communists do not claim to be Christians.

The corpse of Saint Valentine inside the altar of a Catholic shrine in the US.
The embalmed corpse of Lenin kept inside the Kremlin in Moscow.

Let the living saints of Jesus understand warn others. Because  the supporters of the papal system are on their bumpy ride towards the eternal flames of Hell.  Everlasting pain and agony will be their very rewards for this kind of wickedness.