Netanyahu: If forced to, Israel will stand alone against Iran

Diplomats laud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the U.N. General Assembly, saying it brought honor to Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu warns about the deceptive messages from Tehran.
Benjamin Netanyahu warns about the deceptive messages from Tehran.

Dozens of U.N. ambassadors and representatives from many countries approached Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday following his address before the General Assembly, to offer him their congratulations on a speech they said honored the State of Israel.

“This is the best combination of solid facts and reason ever spoken in the U.N.,” prominent law professor Alan Dershowitz told Israel Hayom.

“This is one of the most brilliant speeches and best performances I have ever seen. As a law professor, I would give his speech an A+. He is sending Iran an important message that Israel will never let it develop nuclear weapons and as a last resort will even take military action.

He also sent an important message to the Europeans, that they can’t allow Iran to do what North Korea did. And it also sends an important message to the Americans that they are not acting alone and that Israel is an independent country that won’t outsource its use of force or defense to American citizens.

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

Benjamin Netanyahu called the Iranian President for a wolf in sheep clothing.

It is amazing that EU and the USA praise the Iranian regime for its “effort to install democracy”.

Iran is a totalitarian Islamic regime, that massacre its opposition. Who wants to enforce Sharia laws on all of us.  To be able to do this, Iran sponsor’s Jihad wherever killers for “allah” can be found.

Do not join the ship of fools, who excuse Iran, and support the Ayatollah regime. The deception from London, Berlin and Washington D.C comes to us unlimited.

Let us pray that the Messiah keep Benjamin Netanyahu safe. May all Israelis be kept safe inside Israel, may they repent and accept the blood of the Messiah for the forgiveness of sins. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Netanyahu: If forced to, Israel will stand alone against Iran

  1. It is sad that Europe support Islam so fanatically. The city of Brussels for example, is coming close to being dominated by an Islamic majority. Who would have thought so some years ago? Prayer and faith in Jesus is the only answer. Well done for standing up Mr Netanyahu, we pray that Jesus the Messiah will shine His merciful Light on you.

  2. Quote from the article.

    “He also sent an important message to the Europeans, that they can’t allow Iran to do what North Korea did.”

    End quote.

    Iran is probably trying to do exactly what North Korea did. Stalling for time and lying about it’s intentions. The regime in Terhan doesn’t care about it’s people. It’s on a mission to destroy Israel.

    1. Dear dave1543


      To compare North Korea and Iran is fruitful. The USA promised Japan and South Korea that the Super Power “Numero Uno” was not going to permit North Koran to trigger a nuclear bomb. The promise given by Washington D.C was worth less than zero. It would have been better if President W. Bush had not opened his mouth at all, and exposed that he was completely incompetent.

      Do not forget that the Islamic World already have a nuke. Pakistan was also permitted to go nuclear, a semi-allied of the USA in South East Asia. If al-Qaeda ever get their hand on a nuke, it will most likely be a Pakistani one. The Taliban also, will not mind, getting their hand on a Pakistani nuclear bomb.

      1. Shalom Ivar,

        Pakistan seems stable for the time being, but in the Islamic world things can change quickly. If a radical regime gained power then the situation for Israel would really become compounded. I pray for Israel all the time and for Christians in the Arab world. They really need our prayers, someone to stand in the gap for them.

        Lord bless, my brother. I encourage you to continue with your work. Many people appreciate the site.

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