Six dead and 1.253 unaccounted for in Colorado

Emergency management officials said 17,494 homes were damaged, 1,502 homes were destroyed and 11,700 people were ordered evacuated.

The flood in Colorado is yet another end time event.
The flood in Colorado is yet another end time event.

As of Sunday, rescuers had evacuated more than 2,100 people and more than 500 pets, most by helicopter.

Source: Denver Post

My comment:

As the Government in Washington keeps on supporting Islamic Jihad against Israel, the age of judgment is coming to the American people.

The people in Colorado must read their Bible. Only if they do,  they will understand.

 Luke 21:11

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

Jesus the Messiah told his followers, that they would see signs of His second coming, and understand.  The flood in Denver is one of many signs, that the age of grace is about to come to and end. The age of divine judgment is about to begin.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Six dead and 1.253 unaccounted for in Colorado

  1. On the night of may 31 in 1935 rain fell in amounts totaling as much as 24 inches over some places in Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas and Southern Nebraska. Few events have shaped the land and the history of that area as the flood of 1935. Climate experts say that 15 inches in Boulder this week is more rain than 24 inches in one day in 1935. Did the Government in Washington support Islamic Jihad against Israel in 1935?

    1. Many are quick to say this is God’s judgement.
      I don’t know if it is or not.But I do know this, Already the body of Christ is on the scene to help those that are suffering as a result of the flooding. The love of Christ through the lives of his people is being manifest to the lost and hurting as well as those there who are in Christ. Many good things come from these catastrophies. God is in the heavens and he does what he pleases.

      1. when there is a scourging or any other thing our Lord does to bring the people to know He is God…he takes no delight in anyone rejoicing in their discomfort….many a time I have been told ‘be still’ speak not for nor against ….know that I am God and their interest is in my will that they will know I am God. …..when this happens it has always happened after I have been instructed to have prayed for them or a particular situation and it’s not feeling in the heart anyone who knows God would want to go thru….every time I read His Word you go thru these feelings with each Prophet, each tribe as they cry out to God for help etc them when the help comes the ‘silence’ comes also…though that rejoicing in the God of our Savior is (smile) so wonderful that He is our and for us…

        Wanted to share something with you…someone I have been talking and praying with and for, for years their interest in the depths of witchcraft has increased to say the lease. They are writing Witch Books on Sex sex etc…on their 4th book now…Anyway…the other day they asked their Mother send me an email to ask me to send them ‘a list of What is the best Children’s stories in the Old Testament for children for children from Infants to 12 years old. They want me to send them several but the best ones. That is in the Old Testament.

        The deception that is in this request is so flagrant and without fear as well as the assumption that I am one flaming royal Nut! to believe that all this person has to do is mention anything about the Bible or anything pertaining to the Bible and I’ll fall all over myself to tell them what they want to know. What they really want is to ”use” the stories one or more in the stories of the books. People be careful
        we love our loved ones and we love our Lord God so much that we want ‘anyone everyone to come to him’ that we can easily be lead into the traps that Satan will try to use by many even family and friends and yes even The Word of God to trip us up in these last days…
        This particular one is one of my niece who just a few days a go who told me when I pleaded with her to turn to Jesus and leave that Witch craft alone, turn from those books filled with that mess she thinks us to attract people to the dark side of hell. She told me, I was going to hell and if I go there before her to ‘save her a seat, if she got there before me, she’d save me a seat but her ‘heavenly father gave gave her the gift to write about witches and sacrificing children and all the good things about sex it always turns out good in the end.
        Needless to say the conversation went from there to further to the fact that I knew she was on the right tract and I knew when she chose the lies of hell and that little bit of gold led her to the path she is on and it will lead her even further and if she wanted to get her and her family out of that , Repent, turn to Jesus, take her Mother, her children her husband and her children to church and get under the teachings of Truth…you are not strong enough to be alone in these days …throw away those books …it’s better to be poor with Christ than to be wealthy and go to Hell..but Jesus we are to trust Him in these times…she told me to leave her alone….Please don’t continue this…..
        ………..then a couple of days later I get the request to ‘give some stories so she can ‘add to the new book’…. ‘for infants up to 12 years old children’,…

      2. Hi Andrea,
        I get that same, almost imperceptible voice attempting to set limits on things that I say and write. All too often my hatred for Islam becomes blurred with the term Muslim, separating the satanic ideology from the person. Yet, I am aware that GOD loves Muslims too and sent His Son to die for them as well.

        HaShem has blessed me with a quick wit and at times it’s a blessing, I’m very shy and it frequently breaks the ice for me in social situations. Other times I use it to cut, and to demean Allah, and those who worship him.

        The command to love my enemies is an extremely difficult one for me. I suppose it’s because daily, the acts that they commit are so inhuman that they are on par with Hitler. I realize that their god is Satan, and I do hate him, so the line between the two is easily blurred.

        Frequently I ignore that voice. There are times that I can’t tell the difference between that voice and my own thoughts. I don’t know if others go through this, but I do.

      3. there is nothing new under the sun..whether it be what you feel or another has ….the only answer to any thought word or deed. is Jesus Christ. .all else is vanity, speculation, for if it be our sins or doubts he took that at tbe cross.. they are not ours..ig the be pride or joy we his snd saved..he took that to tne right hand of God when God raised him from the grave and us with him. so I reckon when he says we should say yea or nay anything more would be sin. wow. smile….yea and amen I agree Jesus is Lord

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