Russia to send missile cruiser to the Mediterranean Sea

The composition of the Russian Navy’s group of ships in the Mediterranean Sea will be changed soon, Interfax reported. 

Russia do not disclose what kind of missiles carried by their wer cruiser "Moskva".
Russia do not disclose what kind of missiles there might be on board their war cruiser “Moskva”. This ship might be armed with nuclear firearms.

The news agency quoted source inside the Armed Forces General Staff.

A large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet is expected to join it within the next few days. The Black Sea Fleet’s missile carrying cruiser Moskva, which is now wrapping up its mission in the North Atlantic, will join it a little later, the source said.

In autumn, the Pacific Fleet’s missile-carrying cruiser Varyag is expected to replace the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Panteleyev. The Russian Navy is not planning to expand its permanent force in the Mediterranean, a Navy spokesman told Interfax on August 27.

Source: Russian TV.

My comment:

I have never been particularly interested in Russian naval deployments. But today, this is suddenly an interesting topic.

Russia already has a naval base in Syria. This nation is considered a part of the Russian hemisphere of interest, a nation that has been branded by the USA as a part of the “axis of evil’.

Last time Putin and Obama meet, the Russian President had the following clear cut message to Obama: “Back off”.

If the USA launch a missile attack on Syria, it will be considered as interference in Russian foreign interest. If Russian property in Syria is damaged, or Russians loose their life by American firepower, we might be at the foot of a serious international crisis.

Putin has already signalized that Obama is a troublemaker, not to be trusted. And even worse. Obama support radical Islamic terrorists, who cuts out the hearts of the infidels, and eat it.

Obama is surely leading American down the path to destruction, supporting some of the worst barbarians seen since Nazi-Germany.

We all regrets the massive killings of Muslims by Muslims, and the horrible use of nerve gas in Damascus. Also the small Christian minority in Syria are being targeted by the forces of evil. Violence and mass murders are not the solution. Such evils have always triggered an angry response from the living God.

 Genesis 6:5
The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.

There will be wars and multiple rumors of wars at the and of the age, just before Jesus the Messiah returns. I guess what takes place in the present “Syrian crisis” is an excellent example.

There is no other solution that can bring true peace, than the return of the Messiah.  But you can have peace today, if you surrender to Him today.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Russia to send missile cruiser to the Mediterranean Sea

  1. The world is in the hands of evil. Even US gov.(maybe theyre the main target for the demons)
    Prophecy unfolds pretty much daily so its kinda strange we dont see more people turn to jesus

  2. Hei Ivar!

    Man kan undres over om det som holder på å skje i Syria og om USA snart vil angripe Syria. I følge vil ikke denne konflikten/krigen utvikle seg til 3 verdenskrig som er med på å produsere frem antikrist som er Illuminati sin plan. Denne nettsiden forteller ut fra bibelsk profeti at først så må denne verden være delt inn i 10 supernasjoner/regioner før den 3. verdenskrig begynner for å produsere frem antikrist. Det ser faktisk ut til at det kan gå flere år før denne verden er delt inn i 10 supernasjoner/regioner.

    1. Roy.


      We must communicate in English, so all the readers can follow out debate.

      I agree with you, that the Syrian conflict will not trigger “World War III”. The idea of World War III being a war between the nuclear super powers is made by the super powers them selves. They need each others picture of “the Enemy”, to produce and sell more weapons.

      World war III is a war between mankind and God. It will be Jerusalem against the rest. Biblical Zionist will be portrayed as “the enemy”, the very stumbling block towards “world peace”.

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