Pope in Brazil protected by generals and dollars

Activists in Brazil say they will also gather “to protest the 90 million dollars in public spending for the papal visit”.

The "Pope" rests in the sand on CopaCabana beach in Rio.
The “Pope” rests in the sand on Copacabana beach in Rio.

Some 10,000 police officers and more than 14,000 soldiers will be on duty during the pope’s visit, and six Brazilian military aircraft will provide transportation for the pontiff. The helicopters will let Francis avoid Rio’s snarled traffic and the dangers of land travel. This is Pope Francis’ first international visit.

Latin America’s first Pope arrived in Brazil on Monday to attend a youth festival in the world’s biggest catholic country amid what state security officials have said is ”the biggest police operation” in Rio de Janeiro’s history.

More and more Brazilians have understood that they have lived in bondage to an anti-Christ.
More and more Brazilians have understood that they have lived in bondage to an anti-Christ.

A poll conducted in June this year by the Folha Group showed that 57 per cent of Brazilians call themselves Catholic today, a drop from the 64 per cent six years ago.

Source: The Brick Post

My comment:

While Jesus the Messiah said “My kingdom is not of the world”, the Popes kingdoms are very much of this world.

A Christians from Brazil in Jerusalem.
A Christians from Brazil in Jerusalem.

For Brazil to spend 90 million dollars during the Pope’s visit, makes the pontiff one of the most fleshy spender of public money.

It is huge disgrace, that the claimed “Vicar of Christ” loots this thread world country for its public funds.

No doubt, that most Brazilians are able to see what kind of antichrist they have been following.

While more than 90 per cent of the Brazilians were Roman Catholics one generation ago, only 54 per cent consider them selves Catholic today.  Brazil has witness the most spectacular revival of evangelical Christianity, since the Reformation 500 years ago.

 Revelation 2:2

I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.

The new Evangelical Christians in Brazil, are not only renouncing the cult of the Vatican. They are also embracing Christian Zionism, and support the Jewish state of Israel. For many years the Brazil have been the number one nation, being the largest group in the Jerusalem march, during the feat of tabernacles, in Hebrew the feast of “Sukkot”.

Surely Brazil is on of the main battlefield of Christianity on Earth. 500 years of bondage to the false Christendom presented by the Papacy seems to be broken.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Pope in Brazil protected by generals and dollars

  1. I hope it is true that they are embracing the “truth” and becoming Born again, and not experiencing what we in America is experiencing with the New Age teachings, Kingdom now theology, false teaching across the board! A little leaven has crept in unawares and now the doe is rising! I know Catholic’s who have left the Catholic church for new Age teaching and gnosticsm. Reading books such as ‘The book of St. Thomas’, that they claim was left out of the Bible. Most of the books is Christian stores is pure Junk food!

  2. Hello, brave friends,
    I live in Brasil and, unfortunately, things are not so bright over here. It is still a mostly Katholic country; there is a lot of syncretism with African religions and the like; and a majority of evangelicals are into apostasy churches (pentecostalism, prosperity cults, etc.). What we are most lacking here is the Truth: the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, “Biblical Christianity”. Still, there is some hope in this news: opposition to the Dictator Church is growing, there is some fresh air, people are getting informed. Jesus is the Lord,
    Antonio Sette

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