New Iranian leader to fight “Great Zionist Satan”

Netanyahu warns: Don’t be fooled by new Iranian president.

Hassan Rohani is yet another Islamic fascist lifted to power in Tehran.
Hassan Rohani is yet another Islamic fascist lifted to power in Tehran.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear in Sunday’s cabinet meeting that he was unimpressed by new Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s ‘moderate” credentials, saying that he too calls Israel the “Great Zionist Satan.”

Netanyahu, in his first public reaction to Rohani’s victory, advised the world not to have any illusions, or to now be enticed to soften sanctions on Iran.

“We are not deluding ourselves,” he said. “We need to remember that the Iranian ruler  at the outset disqualified candidates who were not in line with his extreme world view, and from among those whom he did allow, the one seen as least identified with the regime was elected. But we are still speaking about someone who calls Israel the ‘great Zionist

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Post Christian west do no longer believe in Judeo-Christian values, but are embracing Islam.

First and foremost the history acceding to Islam, that delete any Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

After the Iranian revolution, the Ayatollah regime in Tehran has been a “light house” for all anti-Zionists in the World.  They bet on a regime, that might be able to remove Israel from the face on the Earth.

More moderate anti-semites in cities like Berlin and London, use a different language. They portray the Israelis as the trouble makers in the Middle East, and the “Palestinians” as victims of Zionist aggression and occupation.

Behind it all, is the same demonic spirit. A desert demon called “allah”. He is used by Satan to fight a war against the truth. The last enemy of this rainbow alliance is the World of God, given us by God of Israel.

The Messiah is the Word, that became flesh. He has come once, and He is about to return.

Give your life to the Messiah Yeshua. We can expect no one else.

Written by Ivar   

3 thoughts on “New Iranian leader to fight “Great Zionist Satan”

  1. Reblogged this on God Bless America~~JESUS is our only Hope!! and commented:
    Sounds like the “pot calling the kettle black”! He is calling Israel the great satan zionist, when in REALITY islam is of the devil!! God help us to fight the good fight for what is right~~God/Jesus is all things good! Islam is of satan and all things evil!!

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