28th of September is Czech Statehood Day, and the Roman Catholics are taking their “saint”out for a stroll.

No one asked the "saint" if it desired to be carried like this.
No one asked the “saint” if it desired to be carried like this.

Wenceslaus I  (907-935 A.D) was the duke of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935, purportedly in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel.

Since 2000, the feast day of Saint Wenceslas (September 28) is a public holiday in the Czech Republic, celebrated as Czech Statehood Day.

This is a photo of the procession of the skull of St. Wenceslaus in Wenceslas Square in Stara Boleslav, Czech Republic before solemn Mass.

Source: Badgercatholic.bloggspot.no

My comment:

It is not easy to say if it is the skull that is taking these men out for a stroll, or the opposite.

How disgraceful and morbid. To take a deceased corpse up from the grave, to behead the skeleton, and dress up the skull.

That Roman Catholics call this kind of activities “holy” is bad enough.  Every soul that has to spend eternity in Hell is a great tragedy.

The bishop and a cut off skull.
The bishop and a cut off skull.

My concern is that this kind of grotesque and morbid religiosity in the name of “Jesus”, keeps millions of people holding a finger over their nose.

They tell their children not to have anything to do with “Jesus”, not knowing that Roman Catholicism has absolutely nothing to do with true Christianity.

The Vatican bishops promote a copy-cat religion. They present a “Christ” that accept a doctrinal mix of Biblical stuff and paganism.

My prayer is that people must not take a stand against Jesus the Messiah, because some of his claimed followers are serving Satan in the name of “Jesus”.

Please open your Bible and see the wonderful story about Jesus of Nazareth, the servant of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

May God of Israel save you. Amen.

Written by Ivar