Pope paved way for successors entry into Jerusalem

Israeli leaders laud pope for helping to promote dialogue, contributing to reduce anti-Semitism‬‬.

The present Pope has made its possible for his successor to be embraced by Jews.
The present Pope has made its possible for his successor to be embraced by Jews.

When Joseph Ratzinger became pope in 2005, many in Israel wondered whether the German-born Cardinal with the Nazi past would prove a worthy successor to the popular Pope John Paul II, whose pluralistic path helped sooth centuries of fraught relations between Jews and Christians.

Eight years later, following his surprise resignation Monday, Israeli leaders lauded Pope Benedict XVI as a friend who helped promote dialogue and coexistence.

 ” I greatly appreciate him for his immense activity to interfaith connection that has contributed greatly to the reduction of anti-Semitism in the world,” said Yona Metzger, one of Israel’s two chief rabbis.

“I pray that his legacy is preserved and that the trends he led will continue since the relations between the rabbinate and the church during his term were the best ever.”

Israeli President Shimon Peres, a Nobel peace laureate, said he was “saddened” to hear of Benedict’s departure, and praised the outgoing pope for strengthening ties between the Vatican and the Jewish state.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment

The most important task done by the present Pope, was to soften the relationship between the Vatican and the Israeli government.

For the final antichrist to be elevated in Jerusalem, many Jewish leaders must believe he is a trustworthy “man of peace”. We can not blame many Jews for not being able to discern that the Pope is not a man of God. We should rather blame Christians for supporting this falsehood.

For many Jews the relationship with “crusaders” have been painful. The list of the Roman Catholic Church’s crimes against humanity is long. Jews were often in the receiving end of the evil schemes of Rome. Let it be inquisitions, forced conversions or blunt manslaughter.

The Pope received a red carpets welcome at the arrival in Jerusalem in 2009.
The Pope received a red carpets welcome at the arrival in Jerusalem in 2009.

In the eyes of God and believers, Jerusalem is the center of the World. The City of David, the capital of the promised land, gifted to the Jewish people.

The Pontiff has trough the ages tried to control this city.

Rome tried to build alliances with Worldly kings, who all  banned Jews from returning to Zion. Now the Pope, again, is about to deceive the Jewish people.

The replacement theology of Rome is based on an evil ideology presented as “Christianity”.

For 1.400 years man was told that God of Israel has ended his relationship with the Jewish people, and that Roman Catholics were the true people of “God”.  In fact, Catholics are the true Jews.

The book of revelation call people who promote this ideology for liars, a blunt synagogue of Satan.

 Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

As we wait for the next Pope to be elected, we know that the end game is near.

Let all people who support this man of lawlessness get the final judgment they deserve. Only if they are willing to repent, renounce Catholicism, they can be saved.

Jesus is the promised Messiah. Only he can save us, all sinners that deserve to be die, face judgment and eternal punishment in Hell.

Praise Jesus. He is alive.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Pope paved way for successors entry into Jerusalem

    1. Yes, I know…try to tell any catholic that their pope is antichrist and that’s exactly what they will tell you. They are so brainwashed.

  1. Believe it or not, only a week ago, knowing the vatican was after the holy sites in jerusalem, i told my husband that rat-zinger must step down soon and prepare the way for the antichrist well before June, 2013. It was only two days later he announced his retirement. Benedict was John Paul’s personal secretary. There was talk that benedict was groomed to be John Pauls successor. Georg Ganswein is/was benedicts personal secretary. It is said that he got the position over others who deserved it so apparently they can change protocol whenever they want. This man would absolutely fit the bill. He’s handsome, highly intelligent, articulate & young and quite the outdoorsman. The women drool over him but he left one girlfriend he’d had in his youth to become a priest. He was only appointed bishop Jan. 6, 2013. True, he is not a cardinal but perhaps they could change the rules by saying they need someone more youthful in these trying times? He’s also been on the cover of vanity fair. We know well how the media is used to push through the agenda of the vatican. No woman would object were he to become pope. He’s also a member of the very secretive opus dei. It is rumored that there is a struggle going on between the jesuits and opus dei in the vatican. He has the dragon on his coat of arms and his motto is (“To bear witness to the truth”) . What Jesus said to pilate. He was born 30 July 1956 which equals 13 and ordained as bishop Jan. 6, 2013 which also adds up to 13. Could it be that benedict is the false prophet who will point to Ganswein to be next pope? Time will tell

      1. wow! I didn’t know that, thanks! So, doesn’t it make sense that ratzinger appointed him to bishop just before his retirement…? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Just a little theology. There are multiple references in the Word of God to the Purposes of God, where He states that the rebellious will not be punished eternally in hell, which is what you are advocating. Indeed, the English word hell merely signifies the idea of the grave, or a place of restraint, or a place of final destruction by fire, not the idea of eternal torment. This Catholic doctrine was designed to enslave the unwary, and to make them much more likely to do what they were told by the idolatrous hierarchy of Catholicism. Here are some of the relevant scriptures.
    “In that very day, his thoughts perish”
    “The dead praise not the Lord, nor any that go down into silence”
    “They shall be as though they had not been”
    “The living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything”
    “For in death, there is no remembrance of You”
    Following the resurrection of all, and their Judgement, there is a Second Death, into which void the transgressor must enter. Here he finally perishes, rather than entering into eternal life.
    Isaiah ch 66 v 24 speaks of the carcasses of those who have transgressed against the Most High being on view for all eternity. It does not suggest that these carcasses are imbued with consciousness.
    The Lord Jesus Christ suffered the penalty for all sin, not just part of it. The proof for this assertion being found in John Baptist’s statement when they met at the River Jordan. As such therefore, God cannot be righteous, which is His very essence, if He punishes the sinner a second time. Christ died for the sinner, and if the sinner does not accept the divine pardon by asking for it, then there is no more recourse for him but to be blotted out of the Book of Life for all eternity.

    1. timwebb2012t THANKYOU! It’s about time someone stood up for the character of a holy God. This is the most wicked doctrine I can think of and has done more damage to the character of God than any lie satan would have us believe. “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked” but he has pleasure in their eternal torture? That’s ridiculous! But the people that “know” their God, they shall do exploits. Praise and Glory to a mighty, merciful and just God.

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