France ban protests against film about false prophet Muhammad

France ban anti-freedom protest by Muslims, and defend a satire magazine’s right to publish caricatures of the “prophet”.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault refuse to delete freedom of expression in France.

France’s leadership is barring a planned protest by people angry over a film produced in the United States that insults the Prophet Muhammad. but are defending a newspaper’s right to publish caricatures of the prophet.

France’s foreign minister said security is being stepped up at some French embassies amid tensions in France and elsewhere around the film “The Innocence of Muslims.” French authorities and Muslim leaders urged calm in the country with western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Riot police took up positions outside the Paris offices of a satirical French weekly that published crude caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday that ridicule the film and the furor surrounding it.

The provocative weekly, Charlie Hebdo, was firebombed last year after it released a special edition that was “guest edited” by the Prophet Muhammad and took aim at radical Islam. The investigation into that attack is still under way.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that organizers of the planned demonstration Saturday against the film “Innocence of Muslims” won’t receive police authorization for the protest.

Ayrault told French radio RTL on Wednesday that “there’s no reason for us to let a conflict that doesn’t concern France come into our country. We are a republic that has no intention of being intimidated by anyone.”

A wave of protest has swept some Muslim countries over the amateurish video posted online. The total number of deaths linked to unrest over the film is at least 28.

Source: Huffington Post

My comment:

We needs to take notice that France finally has woken up to the security threats represented by Islam.

Europe has been attacked my Muslims twice in our history.  Now, massive Muslim immigration into Europe is a threat to freedom and democracy on the whole continent.

The barbarians must not be given an inch. If they want to life is their endless pit of filth and despotic governance, they should take refuge in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia or Pakistan.

We simply do not want this cancer to continue to grow in the western civilized society and culture.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “France ban protests against film about false prophet Muhammad

  1. To the moderators of this forum, and all estimated readers:
    It is true that these muslems are barbarians, century long inbred with their own half brothers, sisters and nephews, murderous and many times so inbred they even are not able to do normal work and are lifelong dependant on social welfare and gifts. Most of the time they act as beasts.
    But: There is a BUT.
    God severely warned us, Europeans and Americans, Bible-reading and – knowing people: That who soever blesses the Jews will be blessed, and whosoever mocks or curses the Jews will be cursed.
    Read Gen. 12 vs. 3, Gen. 27 vs 29 and Num. 24 vs 9. THREE TIMES warned.
    What we did with our Jewish citizens? We mocked them, murdered and slaughtered them, we killed their women and children and babies by the MILLIONS, we locked them up in gettoes, for more then 1700 years, we hated them till our bones, we, the so called christian nations and peoples, we, with our believe in God, and our so very high civilisation. We should have known better, with our knowledge of our Bible, but we chose the other side, the side of a pack of wolves. Do you, moderators and readers, understand what I am trying to make you clear????? I do not think so. You sit behind your t.v. or computer, look football, tennis, games and name it. You feel safe in your homes. But Jesus warned us there will be a time of great disasters, and EVERY ONE who is left behind will tear the hair out of his head and wish you were not born. How come the moderators rightly show the barbarism of the muslems, and are omitting OUR BARBARISM AGAINST GODS PEOPLE???? Are you blind on one eye??? Yes! You are!!! All right then, go on with your telling how bad the muslems and catholics are, and once for all: Do NOT go on your knees and confess our sins, atrocities and crimes to His people, our murders of unborn babies, our mocking of our Creator, and feasting and drinking and gaming. Just go on. One day, estimated moderators and readers. you all wil wake up, because these barbarians are the curse, brought upon us by God Himself.
    And for the ones not believing it: Just go on walking on the railway and saying you do not believe in locomotives. Stupids.

    1. Harry,

      A muslim man or woman can renounce their acts, and turn to Jesus Christ. What they do is sin, but I cannot sit here and call them barbarians, when there have been many muslim people who have realized Jesus Christ is their Savior, and have accepted him.

      God did not just warn Europeans and Americans. God warned everyone that the Jews are blessed.

      The reason why Catholics and Muslims are exposed on this site-because those two groups are heavily involved in deceiving people. And it is with hope that each story that is posted, that they (everone realize) Jesus is the only one that can save. There have also been stories on false prophets, the president…etc.

      Harry, If you are going to continue to post on this blog, you will do so with respect, and not calling anyone names.

  2. Mr. Ivar: OR you are a religious coward and not a man, OR you leave this message, OR you block me. Choose for yourself. Since you have deleted my first two postings I believe the first.

  3. Mrs. Gloria: 1) I never discuss these matters with women. 2) You speak against yourself, because you did NOT react on Ivar calling these muslems barbarians and cancer and you have a blind eye. 3) You are not the one to order me how to write or speak, that`s none of your business. The Bible says if a woman wants to know something she should ask her man, and be silent in church. 4) End of discusion.

    1. Wow, so I am now in your eyes a brainless twit, who should only speak when allowed to by a male?

      Harry second warning, and final one. I will spam you if you do not show respect, and repent.

      If you’d like to discuss the topics on hand, which the articles are built on, then that’s okay. If you’d like to discuss the Word of God with me, even better.

      But you will get no other warning.

      1. Dear readers:

        Harry’s response was, “Go ahead.”

        I have spammed Harry. True, this is a site firstly to spread the Word of Jesus Christ, in hopes that others will see that the only way to be save is through our Messiah.

        But having showed no respect on this blog, he was spammed. We are all held accountable for our Words and our treatment of others.

        God Bless.

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