Sharia law collaborators put pressure on Youtube

YouTube has blocked the Muhammad video in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia and India. Russia might follow suit.

The totalitarian forces in the World is trying to end freedom of expression to please ‘allah’

YouTube has blocked access to anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims in Saudi Arabia following a demand by Saudi ruler King Abdullah.

The government had said it would block access to the entire YouTube website if owners Google did not comply.
Google had rejected a request from the White House to remove the film, but has already blocked access to it in Libya, Egypt, Indonesia and India.

The Russian government has also asked for the material to be blocked. A court in Russia is currently considering whether to classify the film as “extremist”.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said such a ban would be “an extreme and disproportionate response” by the country.

“This is an extremely strange case – we have one individual’s take being characterised as the position of the US government for political purposes and we really need to have a real discussion of why that is taking place and whether it is ever reasonable,” he told the BBC.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

People at large do not understand what is at stake.

If a handful of Islamic terror organizations can force the free and democratic World to abandon freedom of expression, we will soon see the end of freedom and human rights.

To “defame” the claimed to be prophet Muhammad is the first and most important Sharia Law. If the west succumb to the pressure of this despotic religion, other Sharia Laws will be enforced down the road.

Most of the elite of the World are cowards and spineless characters, who are willing to abandon all moral and ethics, in a bid to save their own skin. Wikileaks exposed unlimited double standards, by an the elite who is a bunch of deceased  hypocrites.   The show goes on.

Written by Ivar

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