Iran to trigger first nuke very soon

 New intelligence reveals Iranian military nuclear program advancing faster than previously thought.

The United Nations entertain a Holocaust denier. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon agrees with Ahmadinejad that Israel is the problem.

Western diplomat and Israeli officials who asked not to be named say U.S., Britain, France, Germany and Israel share same intelligence information, agree that assessment.’

New intelligence information obtained by Israel and four Western countries indicates that Iran has made greater progress on developing components for its nuclear weapons program than the West had previously realized, according to Western diplomats and Israeli officials who are closely involved in efforts to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

A Western diplomat who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to discuss intelligence information said the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Israel agree on that assessment.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz

My comment:

The World does not take Iran seriously.

The UK Bank Standard Chartered was so “afraid” of the Ayatollah, that they helped him to clear some 300 transactions, raising fund for Global Jihad.

Israel is always at the receiving end. The Ayatollah regime has promised the Islamic World to wipe Israel off the map, as soon as the Imams gets their hands on the trigger of a nuclear bomb.

In the same explosion goes two million Muslims who we call Israeli Arabs. They are all full citizens of the state of Israel.

In the same inferno of evil goes the so called “Palestinians”. Both al-Fatah and the Hamas.  Unfortunately for “allah”, Gaza is hardly 50 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. And Ramallah is hardly a 12 kilometer buss ride north of Jerusalem.

If Jerusalem ever will be the target of a nuclear bomb, also the Temple Mount and the Mosques in “al-Quds” will be vaporized. So the most idiotic statements of Islamists, is that the al-Aqsa mosque and the southern end of the Temple Mount is “holy” to all Muslims.

 Psalm 137:7
Remember, O LORD, what the Edomites did on the day Jerusalem fell. “Tear it down,” they cried, “tear it down to its foundations!”

The only true “holiness” for Muslims is Jew-hate. It is called Jihad. Or Holy war.

Because there is a a problem with letting Israel survive as a Zionist state. An independent Jewish homeland in the Middle East, proves that the Koran is a false revelation from “god”. Muslims have simply lost their salvation, by believing in a “god” that is compromised and weak. A grand looser.

Only if the Jews enter a “peace agreement” with Muslims, and live in submission, “allah” can be honored as Lord.

Within Islam, Jesus (ISA) is a prophet who will come back to turn the Jews and Christians towards worship of “allah”.  In the Bible this deceiver is known as the last antichrist. All who believe in his falsehood will summit, honor and worship the false Messiah as their “god”.

Not you, I presume. Be careful what kind of fellowship you are attending.

Written by Ivar

15 thoughts on “Iran to trigger first nuke very soon

  1. “Within Islam, Jesus (ISA) is a prophet who will come back to turn the Jews and Christians towards worship of “allah”. In the Bible this deceiver is known as the last antichrist.”? – Isn’t the last antichrist a pope, as you have said before?

    1. Lis Jensen.


      All Popes have been antichrists.

      I have earlier written, that the last and final antichrist might be a Pope. He will under any circumstance be supported by both the Roman Catholic Church and Islam.

      We will see the merger of Islam and Catholicism into the One World religion, who will hail the coming man of lawlessness.

  2. In regards to the article. This intelligence, Is it the same intelligence that told us that Iran had WMD’s. Someone wants to get something going I tell you.

    1. Anyone who thinks Iraq did not have WMD’s is a candidate for some “Ocean Beach Front Property in Arizona Desert”…just because a liar said it was there then another liar says it was not there….One would tend to believe the ONE (Jesus) who speaks Truth all the time 🙂

  3. So your insinuating that the intelligence of this article can not be trusted because it could be given by liars. Only Jesus can be believed. Amen to that:)

      1. The superior intelligence that said that Iraq had WMD’s did not have enough superior intelligence to know where the wmd’s went when they were not found now did they.I find it hard to believe that weopenry of that size and scope can just vanish that easy without some one seeing it especially the eyes that we have That intelligence cost us big time.
        Obl’s body was never shown. All we saw was the shocked facial expressions of cabinet members as they watched in horror, the raid on OBL.We saw the pictures of the compound where he lived. And we were told a big story.Thats all. I don’t think you can trust intelligence and for sure you cant trust the news to tell you the truth. If certain intelligence wants to get something started they can present the intelligence to convince such. Whether or not this intelligence is true or not I do not know. Its only intelligence. Do you make decisions to react on something just because someone says that things look in such a way that something is going to happen. If we react to this intelligence radically then we will be applying the golden Bush Doctrine that says “Do to others before they do you” But the Golden Jesus rule is “do to others as you would have them do unto you”

      2. Sad to say Todd, with the way the News is it’s difficult to believe more than an ounce of it and that’s pushing it …People as an example take it as ‘no big thing’ for millionaires to call people on the phone and/or advertise on TV for ‘Donations to their ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ that is running for the highest Office of the Land…Votes …we are so programmed it’s really a sad plot of American ‘intelligence’ of any kind. As I grow older I am amazed daily (quite more often during the day and night) just how much I thought things were ‘Okay’…as more and more on how much The Word of God reveals these things that we took as ‘a given’..they say ”Pass the “Lie-Pie fellows lets feed the masses and put a lot of sugar (anything that will get their interest and keep them away from the trickery at hand…God help us all ….my grandson likes the show “Myth Busters” and I watched it a few times with him, as I did I am reminded each time (smile) God is the Greatest ”Lie Buster” …(smile) often it’s sad, yet Truth is sweet it never changes…the Liars are all lining up to gather more sheep, the closer we get to The Lord’s return and Israel is like a lot of children, sitting in the middle of a major Interstate Highway, crying for help as the nations gather together to see who can do the most harm the fastest and the most cruelest…so yes I do think the WMD’s were are really there, they were warned to remove them and/or cover them up the rest is ‘History’..(smile) When a few short years before major nations were ‘giving and selling that country ammunition and/or money they are today with the other enemies of Israel!

      3. Dear Todd.


        You have a funny way of comparing Iraq with Iran.

        Your logic seems to be:

        Since Bush lied in regards to WMD’s in Iraq, Netanyahu must also be a liar in regards to WMD’s in Iran.

        The US has attacked the wrong guys, and spent all the money. In stead of attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington should have dealt with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  4. Andrea
    Thankyou for that reply.
    I agree with you on every count, even the possession of Wmd’s. I believe they had them as well. I think your grandson is cool cause he likes the myth busters.
    The Lord bless you today

  5. Ivar
    Peace and greetings
    when It was told to us that Iraq possessed WMD’s and we should attack Iraq because they were a threat to our national security, I was in agreement with this decision. But as time went on and more information about WMDs came out it became obvious to me that their were other reasons why we invaded Iraq. Iraq was not a threat to the US security but was a threat to her ally in the middle east.
    Ie.Israel. Initially I believed Bush was acting on the intelligence he recieved He is called a liar by many because the WMD’s were not found. Now I am not calling Bibi a liar, but I question the intelligence
    he and the others recieve.
    Their are obvious ones who want war with Iran. They speak it loud and clear. They push their agenda strongly and their influence is great. They want this. We are at war already with Iran imposing the sanctions on them. The sanctions are affecting their economy.
    Their will be a conflict. It will probably start with an attack from Israel.
    But if Israel attacks it will not be them alone. If israel attacks we are attacking with them. We are they and they are us. We are one
    On July 27th Obama signed into legislation the “US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act. (UIESCA)
    This act gaurantees US superior military support for Israel. The framers of the bill were 5 jewish politicians. Richard Stearnes, Barbra Boxer,
    Howard Friedman, Howard Berman, and Lee Rosenberg. It was supported in the house and senate with overwhelming Bi-partisan support. Thats why I say we are one. I believe the intelligence will be what these want it to be. No one will be a liar because they will make their decisions based on the intelligence they receive

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