Second deadly attack on US troops in Afghanistan

Two separate gun attacks on Nato-led troops in south Afghanistan have left a total of six US soldiers dead, coalition officials say.

US Marines ready to die for the failed US “war on terror” in Afghanistan.

An Afghan civilian employee shot three soldiers, all from the US, at a base in Helmand province on Friday evening.
Earlier on the same day, also in Helmand, an Afghan police officer shot three US marines after inviting them to dinner at a checkpoint.

A suspected Taliban infiltrator has shot dead 11 Afghan police officers in the latest in a series of attacks.

The incident, in the Delaram district of Afghanistan’s western Nimroz province on Saturday, is the latest in a series of shootings in which members of the country’s security forces have targeted local and foreign colleagues.

Unfortunately 11 of our brave national police were killed in this cowardly attack,’ Nimroz governor Abdul Karim Brahawi said.
‘Initial investigation shows the shooter was a Taliban infiltrator. He was also killed when police returned fire,’ Brahawi said.


My comment:

When President Obama was rewarded the Nobel price for peace,  it must have been without the vote of Taliban.  The war was ongoing, and the next move of Obama was to increase the number of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Now, we can see the fruits of such foolishness.

The US has not brought peace to Afghanistan, and never will. If the Taliban had been left alone in Kabul in 2001, the Islamic terror regime would have remained weak.  The Afghans could have removed this tyranny them selves.

The so-called war on terror have not only strengthened the Jihad movement. It has fueled Muslims all over the World to become more radical.  Today, its close to impossible to put the gene back in the bottle.

What is the solution?

There is no solution but the return of the Messiah.  The chaos Washington has created, will soon be totally out of hand. Than the final antichrist will be welcomed by the multitudes. A global call will come to bring in a new World order and a so-called brotherhood of all people.

The compromise will be built on a rejection of Jesus as the only way to Heaven. All these claimed universal lovers of “god” has made the devil their father. They have been deceived, and will face stern judgment.

Take a stand for Jesus today. Share the gospel also to Muslims, so that they will get a chance to listen to the truth and obey the gospel.

Believe me. The truth about Jesus is good news. The Messiah has to become both Lord and God in your life.
If you open up your heart today, Jesus will save you.

You can pray a simple prayer:

Jesus, please forgive me for rejecting you as Messiah and God. I am a sinner, and I am hopelessly lost. Please forgive me. Have mercy on me. You are God of Israel, the only true and living God. Cleanse me with your blood, and embrace me. I need you in my life. Please Come into my heart, and change me. Please teach me to walk in your ways. Amen.

The Bible explains that if you say with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus has risen from the dead, He will save you. Trust God.

Written by Ivar

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