Police told chaplains not to pray in Jesus’ name

Police in North Carolina (US) has banned priests from paring to Jesus on public events.

Soon the cops will be sent to arrest evangelists who preach about Jesus in public.

Volunteer chaplains who serve the officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) in North Carolina have been told that they are no longer permitted to pray in the name of Jesus at public events.

Chaplains have been used for years in the department to not only support the officers, crime victims and their families, but to also offer prayers at public ceremonies and events. Terry Sartain, senior pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship and a CMPD chaplain, was scheduled to pray at a recent promotion ceremony, but he backed out after he was told he could no longer pray in Jesus’ name at public events or on public property.

The phone call he received about the policy change was “nice,” he says, and he was offered the opportunity to withdraw “because they really respect my faith and the work that I’ve done as a chaplain.” Sartain has worked with the CMPD for seven years.
“I understand the government’s position, it’s just I don’t like it. I hate it, but I’m not going to compromise,” Sartain told The Christian Post on Thursday.

Source: Christian Post

My comment:

The last days will be full of lawlessness. In the sense that few will have any respect for God’s laws, and even fewer will obey them.
The first followers of Jesus inside Israel faced the same problems as they now face in Charlotte in North Carolina.

Now, people will be faced with a choice. Do you want to submit to the lawlessness of men, or will you obey Jesus?

The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the witnesses, not to all who keep mum about their faith. If your life is ruled by fear of men, you are not worthy of being called a follower of Jesus.  The Messiah said: – First, count the costs. Than come follow me. Do not look back.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Police told chaplains not to pray in Jesus’ name

  1. I wrote on this last Thursday outlining what religion is, by definition, in the English language. As an American, this is the continued breaking down of the US Constitution, the pushing of the state religion and unraveling of America. God’s judgement is beginning to rain down on America until it is only a memory.

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