Turks use cotton-corpse to curse their children

This old skeleton of Gregory of Nazianzus is used by Orthodox Christians in Istanbul to mock all who worship God in spirit and in truth.

This corps in declared "holy" by Rome and Istanbul. It is supposed to be the remains of a saint.

For all who love Jesus: Please do not copy Orthodox religious people, who are supposed to be a part of “Christianity”.

Religious people have become bloggers. They take photos of what they have been told by their priest is “holiness”. Than they publish the pictures on the net for the whole World to see.

Take a look at this old lady preparing to adore or venerate, a corpse that has been “decorated” with cotton balls and dressed up in fine linen.

The old lady does the sign of the cross standing before the corpse.
Than she bows down and kiss the silver coffin containing the 1700 year old skeleton.
The "holy corpse" is exposed laying inside a silver coated coffin. The image of the sleeping "saint" on the outer wall.

This is the official version of “cotton corpse saint”:

 Gregory of Nazianzus: 329 A.D – January 25, 389 or 390. A.D. Also known as Gregory the Theologian or Gregory Nazianzen.

As a classically trained orator and philosopher he infused Hellenism into the early church, establishing the paradigm of Byzantine theologians and church officials.

Gregory is a saint in both Eastern and Western Christianity. In the Roman Catholic Church he is numbered among the Doctors of the Church; in Eastern Orthodoxy and the Eastern Catholic Churches he is revered as one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, along with Basil the Great and John Chrysostom.

On November 27, 2004, those relics, along with those of John Chrysostom, were returned to Istanbul (Constantinople) by Pope John Paul II, with the Vatican retaining a small portion of both. The relics are now enshrined in the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. George in the Fanar

Source: Wikipedia

This grandmother is not alone. She has brought her grandchild, to teach her how to worship idols.

The grandmother gives the child a helping hand.
Than the old lady lifts up the child to face the "cotton corpse".
The family photographer gave his best shot, and shared it with the World.

The little sweet girl must not obey her parents and grand parents when she becomes a youth. Nor must she obey the Pope who kept some parts of this corpse with him in Rome. All of them have brought a curse on their own head, and all who follow their example.

 Exodus 20:3-7

“You shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Anyone who sincerely seek God shall find the truth. Jesus says that all who knock, shall face an open door.

The problem is that people do not seek the truth.They relay on human traditions handed down through generations by bishops and priests.  At best faithful Catholics act in ignorance. Because of their lack of knowledge they die in their sins, and perish.

But not this little girl.

Let us pray that she will be able to break free from the generational curse, and the religious yoke she is placed under.

I pray she will grow up and get her hand on a Bible. That she will open the Word of God, and be amazed. To see that God hate the sin of idolatry. That He wants us to worship Jesus His Son, and Him alone. That we must throw out idols in the sea, or sink them to the bottom of the closest river.

To see this old lady worship a ghostly looking rotten corpse, must make some people see the spiritual sickness in the body of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox World.

When the theology inside a “Church” is full of lies, the fruits that follows will be bad. Bad fruits will be cut of off and thrown into the eternal fire.

If you want to live, you must never accept this kind of religious movements as Christianity. Not even for a second.

The Pope and Orthodox patriarchs bless pure evil, and claim this to be holiness. They pave the way for the final antichrist.

If you want to know more of worship on skulls and corpses in the Roman Catholic Church, follow this link.

Many Protestant Christians are members of congregations that have accepted the Pope as a Christian leader.  You better WATCH OUT for the people who have deceived you.

Written by Ivar

33 thoughts on “Turks use cotton-corpse to curse their children

  1. Orthodoxy is so beautiful and your lack of understanding leaves the internet with another pathetic article. Anyone who’s familiar with Orthodoxy would know they DO NOT worship anyone or anything except God. This article is trash with no credibility whatsoever.

    1. I am new to Orthodoxy. I was just taught about the icons, not idols, yesterday. The priest told me that the church originally used icons in the form of paintings to show illiterate church goers a story that they could not read. He pointed out that icons are not realistic and often show humans to be taller than mountains with disproportionate bodies so as not to have them resemble the things on earth (generally they have bronze-colored skin too). As to the use of icons, I was taught yesterday that we venerate them in thanks for their sacrifice. After all, many of them gave their lives as an example to endurance of the faith (either to death or complete devotion of truth). In the signing of the cross that the women is doing, if she is doing it as I was taught yesterday, she should be thinking, “like you, I am a Christian too” and not “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”; which is what I thought before yesterday that it always meant. She should be thanking him for dedicating his life to the Orthodox faith in such a way as to perpetuate its existence today. But, the worshiping of icons is prohibited. Before my conversion, I too thought that the Orthodox Christians were worshiping these icons—but, I was wrong. The priest also taught me that we study the Saints to gain knowledge, understand devotion, and become closer to God; as they did in their lives—enduring to the end. I am neither familiar with St. Gregory or any of the thousands of other Saints that the Orthodox Church venerates with respect and remembrance, but I plan on learning as much as I can about as many of them as I can in order to better understand how I too can seek to live a purely righteous Christian life. I humbly thank you for your discussion posting. In reading it, and the associated comments, I can see how my faith has strengthened. It was Solomon that told us that Wisdom originates from God, and that through the study of God’s Wisdom we begin to understand, and with understanding we achieve knowledge, and that knowledge is the beginning of the fear of God. May God save us all. Peace, and God be with you. Your brother in Christ, Rich (USA, FL)

      1. Dear Rich Evans


        You wrote:

        I too thought that the Orthodox Christians were worshiping these icons—but, I was wrong.

        My comment:

        I am not to concern, even about my own private opinion in regards to this issue. And surely do not listen to people who do not believe in the Word of God.

        Please explain to me the 2nd commandment, found in Exodus chapter 20.

      2. Thank you for your diplomacy, and greetings to you as well. I feel that such a conversation is dangerous to one’s soul. For it was God that gave this commandment to men through Moses and no man should ever attempt to rationalize God’s commandments in such a way. However, I will explain to you, in conversation only, not as a teacher, but in humbleness that I may learn from your understanding this day. For it is written, “HaShem founded the Earth with Wisdom”; indicating that the Wisdom of God existed long before Moses received this commandment. More over, it implies that the Wisdom of God is eternal and that this commandment never will expire. I recently asked this very question as I greatly fear sin. Before the appearance of the the Messiah, as foretold by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekial, and Daniel, we had no way of knowing what God looked like. Surely, many of the prophets and writers had been exposed to the appearance of angels, but not to that of our glorified God. So the depiction of God would be in vain only and the worshiping of any such icons would be misleading in full. Also, remembering that the Israelites had recently escaped from a pagan infested, icon-based society (Egypt). But, after the coming of the Messiah, we had a tangible image of God; which changes quite a few things. As everything we knew of God in the old testament is seen in the Messiah in the new testament. The creation of something from nothing, the healing of the sick, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and life to the dead. However, upon close inspection of the works of the Messiah, we see that it was not him that did these things, but God himself through Christ. For when Lazarus was raised from the dead, Christ looked up and thanked God for hearing his prayer before commanding him (Lazarus) to come out of the tomb. Now, in the life of the Messiah, not only do we understand his appearance, but he took on the flesh in a way that exercised the most extreme humility. The bow, as I have learned, is an expression of extreme humility. The Messiah himself washed the feet of his followers; an example for all as he certainly bowed before them to do such an act. I look forward to continuing this conversation with you brother. Rich

      3. Dear Rich Evans


        You wrote:

        But, after the coming of the Messiah, we had a tangible image of God; which changes quite a few things. As everything we knew of God in the old testament is seen in the Messiah in the new testament.

        My reply:

        This is a typical man made explanation. This is the base for Catholicism and replacement theology. Their “Jesus” is a lawless man, who have no respect for the scriptures.

        It is strange that you buy this argument.

        Is not the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit One God from the beginning to the end?

        Are not the God of Israel, the tribune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit the author of the Law?

        Did not Jesus the Messiah say that He would not change a single letter of the Law?

        How can you believe in such a Roman Catholic copycat, a falsification of the truth.

      4. It is good to hear back from you my brother. I first must inform you that I am not a Roman Catholic. The church of Rome broke away from the Orthodox Church during the 12th century. I am Orthodox. A unique commandment of the Messiah came in the book of Matthew when He said, “Verily I say unto you, what things soever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and what things soever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”. When Barnabas and Paul returned to the council, and explained the miracle of witnessing the Holy Ghost’s upon the gentiles, we see the first formal exercising of this authority in a declaration from St. James the Just, brother of Jesus, “Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?” (with the yoke being the law of circumcision). St. James and the council, under the authority of the Messiah, declared, “that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood”. It’s important to note that St. James was the first Archdiocese of Jerusalem; which is still a seat for the Orthodox church–the unchanging Orthodox church that should not be compared to Roman Catholicism. Orthodoxy is the only Christian church that has not changed over the last two thousand years. It’s important for us to remember the the Church is the Body of Christ and its authority is unquestionable. Peace be with you my brother. Rich

    2. John,

      By definition, veneration is worship there is no way around it. Jesus said, ” I am the way the truth and the light, no one comes to the father but by me.” Orthodoxy spends so much time on dead traditions that there is no time left to have a relationship with the Christ or the Father. God wants your full, undivided attention, is that hard to understand?

      1. Prayer is our way of providing God with our undivided attention. I think the readers of this posting will find this link profitable to their understanding of an Orthodox Christian’s position on the topic of prayer. Please, I recommend that we all take the time to read the information on this page. Being an Orthodox Christian is very challenging. Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, and every hour that we are awake must be dedicated to our constant conversation with God through prayer. Here is the link:
        http://www.goarch.org/ourfaith/ourfaith7104/ God be with you all. Rich

  2. Christ’s bowing during the washing of the feet was not the issue. It was that Christ was demonstrating the true servant attitude toward his brethren. He knew they needed their feet washed and told them that they must allow him to do this. Giving and accepting a service for someone who has a need is the preemptive lesson. All Christians need to be in service. Look around you and be aware of what you can do to help others in love. Be Jesus to someone.

    1. Hello Peggy, peace be with you and thank you for participating in this discussion with reverence and humility. A good friend of mine once declared to me that when I was in the service of my fellow man, I was truly in the service of my God. The lesson’s of the Messiah are profitable for all and our discussion here focuses less on what the scriptures tell us and more on what the scriptures mean. To bow before another man, with humility, or in the service of that man, is not a form of worship; which is why your declaration here today is overwhelmingly appropriate. For this commandment, and many of the other commandments of our God, are often taken so literally. Solomon wrote, “As you think in your heart, so are you”. If one bows before another, or an icon, or any other thing with the intention of honor, reverence, or service, then a violation of our Lord’s second commandment has not occurred in that individual’s heart—for God gives grace to the humble. That said, salvation for the Christian is not easy. Our battle with the flesh only ends with death. To allow Solomon’s words to resonate more clearly, we must do more than simply look around and help others, we must constantly be in internal prayer with God so that we can overcome the challenges of the flesh and not allow the wickedness that we are to manifest in our hearts. We do this constantly until the final battle of the flesh, which occurs at death; for it will be the will of the devil to put every effort into changing how you feel in your heart in your last moments. But, with the help of God, putting our flesh aside and truly trusting in His faithfulness to see us through, we can endure to that very last moment and have victory over Satan. At that moment, we will close our eyes and immediately open them to salvation, a salvation earned by our constant faith in God and the Messiah’s defeat of death on our behalf. We must be Christians inside in order to be Christians outside. For, “As you think in your heart, so are you”. May God be with you constantly my Sister. Rich

      1. Rich,

        You had a good lesson going all the way up until this

        “If one bows before another, or an icon, or any other thing with the intention of honor, reverence, or service, then a violation of our Lord’s second commandment has not occurred in that individual’s heart”

        You can’t worship, honor, reverence or service an idol, and that’s what an icon is, whether living or dead. It’s a wicked web weaved by the RCC in the worship of idols. But don’t despair, the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Methodists, etc also have left the faith to placate humanism…

      2. Thank you for participating in our discussion godsfingers. May peace be with you always. It’s important for us to understand that an icon is a representation of something sacred while an idol is a representation of a deity to which religious worship is addressed. The only icon that represents a deity is that of the Messiah. Of course, icons are not worshiped and that is my sole reason for participation in this thread. Even the icon of our savior is not worshiped. I found it necessary to assist the participants of this thread with their understanding of the two separate terms; which are immeasurably different. That said, you are correct, you cannot worship, honor, reverence or service an idol. If one were to do this in a way that attaches the good works of our holy God to the idol, it would be a blasphemy of the eternal order; which is known as a blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. The same would apply to the worship of an icon. But again, those that give give thanks to the Saints of the church for their sacrifice are aware of their non-deification; which is why this act is not a sin to us. Put simply, it is not a form of worship in any way. May the love and grace of our Lord find you until we meet in perfection. Rich

      3. Blessings Rich,
        When my wife relates to me about growing up in the RCC she talks about the gibberish of the priests, never getting a straight answer.

        Perhaps you might be able to understand if I use the dictionary:

        Definition of SACRED
        a : dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity b : devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose)
        a : worthy of religious veneration : holy b : entitled to reverence and respect

        Definition of ICON
        : a usually pictorial representation : image
        [Late Greek eikōn, from Greek] : a conventional religious image typically painted on a small wooden panel and used in the devotions of Eastern Christians
        : an object of uncritical devotion : idol

        Definition of IDOL
        : a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly : a false god
        a : a likeness of something b obsolete : pretender, impostor
        : a form or appearance visible but without substance
        : an object of extreme devotion
        ; also : ideal 2
        : a false conception : fallacy

        Definition of WORSHIP
        chiefly British : a person of importance —used as a title for various officials (as magistrates and some mayors)
        : reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence
        : a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual
        : extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem

        Definition of DEVOTION
        a : religious fervor : piety b : an act of prayer or private worship —usually used in plural c : a religious exercise or practice other than the regular corporate worship of a congregation
        a : the act of devoting b : the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal

        I don’t know how Latin bears this out but you formed a bit of manipulation to excuse worshiping a corpse as something other than worship so that the Second Commandment appears unbroken. The actions indicated in the article clearly indicate actions in excess of giving respect toward dead former leaders in your church. Ivar is correct in his assessment that this corruption leads straight to hell. I don’t condemn you, that is up to Christ, but the scriptures are clear about the reward for those who perpetrate this, “ leading these little ones to sin”.

      4. Thank you for sharing. It appears that your dictionary’s definition of an icon and an idol are in perfect harmony with the understanding that I have come to in conversation with my Priest. Icons are not worshiped, idols are. The images of the Church are icons, not idols. They’re not golden calves in which people worship in hopes of help. Thank you for providing our discussion with this detailed account of the truth. It would be interesting to be in the room with this women and child. If she is worshiping him as an idol, then you are absolutely correct in your assessment. If she is not doing what she appears to be doing to you and those that are inline with the notion that this act is a form of worship, and is simply venerating the Saint as it so appears to those of us that understand the purpose her actions, then she is not in sin. For it was declared, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” I can think of nothing bad that results from the teaching of the Saints. It is becoming clear to me that the purpose of these images is to convince those that see them of something very different. Veneration is purposeful and the Church, with whom the authority to determine these things is solely placed, has declared it to be good. One of my greatest struggles has been the sitting down of my Bible. The reason that we have hundreds of versions of Christianity is because our flesh convinces us that what we read in the scriptures means what we think it means. For instance, read the following two verses:

        “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”
        “I tell you the truth today, you will be with me in paradise.”

        In the first sentence, we believe that the Messiah is telling the thief that he will be in paradise today (being the day of the crucification). In the second, we learn that he is declaring on this day that they will be in paradise together. The scriptures tell us that the Messiah did not ascend to paradise on the day of his death. Instead, He spent three days in the earth and journeyed to Hades where he taught the gospel.

        We should consult the Church and learn what the scriptures mean as interpreted by 2000 years of unbroken understanding. We should never study the scriptures on our own. By the Church, I mean the Orthodox Christian Church. Unlike any other Church, it is the only Christian Church that has not changed since the beginning. God be with you and peace to you my brother. Rich

      5. “We should consult the Church and learn what the scriptures mean as interpreted by 2000 years of unbroken understanding. We should never study the scriptures on our own. By the Church, I mean the Orthodox Christian Church.”

        Ah, there’s the key, though it continues to change you should only believe what your church tells you, and never,check for yourself. My wife believed that until she checked for herself and with the guidance of a mature spirit-filled woman came into the fullness of the Holy Spirit, not the agenda hidden by tradition, which, thank you, is not 2000 years old.

        I laugh at the celibacy rule, which was enacted because when priests were allowed to marry the church then would be taken by the children. the RCC enacted celibacy only to keep the church riches. Remember, Peter was married, Paul was not.

        And lest you missed it

        an icon is an idol:
        an object of uncritical devotion : idol

        an idol is:
        an object of extreme devotion ; also : ideal 2
        : a false conception : fallacy

        devotion is:
        a : religious fervor : piety b : an act of prayer or private worship

        worship is:
        reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence
        : a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual
        : extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem

        “They’re not golden calves in which people worship in hopes of help”

        That wouldn’t be the sense I get out st christopher medals, or st francis, and I can’t remember the guy they bury out in the yard of property they want to sell.

        I’m sorry Rich, but kind sounding words don’t cover the iniquity.

      6. It has been a very interesting conversation. There are more than 39,000 known Christian denominations in this World. Add the number of individuals that do not attend one of the known denominational churches and the number of truly independent thoughts on our salvation is staggering. I do not doubt that everyone of them was started by a person that fully believed that they were filled with the Spirit. The Church is the Body of Christ on Earth. I cannot speak for the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Church for that matter, but one certainly must believe that our Lord has preserved the narrow path among one of these churches. I elect to be an Orthodox Christian because I can see the truth in its existence. The Church retains Apostolic Succession. My Bishop can trace his Baptism from one person to another all the way back to the Apostles; with no breaks in the chain. The authority given to the Apostles by the Messiah has been passed down from one man to the next, as commanded by our Lord, to my very Bishop. The Lord’s Orthodox Church is so strict in not changing its 2000 year old practices, that the Church of Rome (Roman Catholic) broke away from it. So yes, we must put our faith and trust in God to guide us to the truth and our faith and trust in the Church to ensure we have proper access to the known truths of the scriptures. I once asked my Priest if the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were three separate beings and he said, “We don’t know. We know that they are of the same Essence, but whether we will see them as one or three in Salvation has not been revealed to us by God.” What an amazing answer. He can say this because the Church that he serves as a Priest was started by the Apostles, and every prophecy that has come to the church has been recorded, studied, and interpreted by every one of the Church’s Bishops from around the World during the Churches known and recorded councils; which began in the first century. One of which is recorded in Acts chapter 15. Also known as the Council at Jerusalem. The same logic that is being applied in the 15th Chapter of Acts is applied to every council in Church history. So I profess, we must believe that God has preserved the true Church so that we can properly understand His Word and that the true Church is the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church has no single leader. All of the Bishops are equal, and none are above the least in means of the Churches members. We are all equal. The priesthood is just as available to me as a married man as it is to my oldest son as a single man. Please visit an Orthodox Church with you wife. Tell them that you are interested in learning about the history of the Church. Prepare a list of all your questions and ask them one by one. I believe you will have an amazing experience. God be with you. Rich

      7. Rich,

        In grace I continue to post with you but this holding on to traditions that we clearly know are evil combined with your insistence that they are held true from the Apostles doesn’t look good, and you prove Ivar quite correct. I asked my wife about the guy you bury, and shamed, she remembered.

        The reference is to the icon (statue) of Joseph for prosperity and the selling of property at this link:


        some of which I’ll highlight for the readers:

        “According to tradition if you pray to Saint Joseph for help selling your home and then bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down somewhere in the yard of the property that you’re trying to sell you will get an offer on the home very quickly. ”

        “The first thing that you need to know when you’re going to try and use a statue of Saint Joseph to help sell your house is that the statue needs to be buried upside down. According to the tradition if you bury the statute upside down then the statue will need to work harder to get out of the ground and be right side up again which will make the sale happen even faster. ”

        “Once your home has been sold make sure that you dig up the statue of Saint Joseph and take the statue with you to your new home or leave it in the house to bless the new family that is moving in. Don’t leave it in the ground. According to tradition if you leave the Saint Joseph statue in the ground then the house will continue to sell, and sell, and sell as long as the statue remains in the ground.”

        “The tradition of using a Saint Joseph statue to help sell a home goes back hundreds of years. Some people say that it started when German builders used to place small medals or statues of Saint Joseph in the foundations of the houses that they were building while they prayed to Saint Joseph to protect the people that lived within the house and to keep the family as strong as the foundation of the house. “

      8. This seems very unorthodoxed. A statue to sell a home or bless a home couldn’t be any further from what I believe. In fact, St. Joseph is a Roman Catholic Saint and I’m afraid that I simply do not understand the practice. A quick search on the internet even returned home selling kits with his stature. This is not good. I read it and it does no more than help me to understand why the veneration of the Saints would be so poorly received by non-catholics. When we venerate a Saint, we tell them in crossing our body, “Like you, I too am Christian” thanking them for their sacrifice and dedication to the faith. But, we do not ask them for financial gains in Orthodoxy. Again, there is a difference between reality and perception here. I would ask you to visit a local Orthodox Church and sit down with a Priest for guidance on this matter. God be with you and may peace forever be on your side. Rich

      9. Hi Rich,

        Your reply seems condescending and really an admission that for the most part the RCC is unorthodox and as such heading for hell. When you refer to crossing yourself and talking to a corpse, statue or picture it just amazes me. But to be fair, I’ve never understood even non-RC people going to someone’s grave and talking to them. Perhaps it seems natural to them because, in reality, talking to those people when they were alive was like talking to a wall or an unwashed tomb.

        Previously you stated that you can trace your baptism all the way back to the Apostles. I have trouble with that claim. To do so you would have to somehow invalidate the greater church that grew after Stephen was stoned. Your traditions and claims are made by men and mysticism much like the claim for st. philomena for which there is a shrine close by to me, and who supposedly appeared to a nun and told her story. Hate to break it to you but the only time a ghost has shown up in the Bible it wasn’t a good outcome. The witch of Endor ( now there’s a clue) somehow brought up Samuel’s spirit for Saul and that didn’t turn out well for Saul.

        No Rich, I don’t need to talk to a priest to lead me astray. Perhaps you really need to talk to God yourself, give yourself wholly to Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to come in and clean house. Then you would see clearly.

        And thank you for your blessing but I prefer to follow Christ Jesus and He assured us that in following Him there would be no peace on earth for His followers, and as such, I don’t anticipate any, outside of the peaceful communion that He and I enjoy through His Holy Spirit, which goes back 2000 years.

      10. I’m not sure were you are on this. I would never speak condescending to another person. It would appear as though you are going into this conversation with a combative mind. I no longer find this thread to be profitable for discussion. I forgive you for your insult and I wish you and the rest of the bloggers on this thread the very best in all that you do. God be with you and may peace forever be yours. Rich

      11. Dear godsfingers


        In principle, I agree with you. Leaders of all “Churches” seems to promote the end time unity, that will eventually lift up the last and final antichrist.

        These people will have at least one thing in common. They accept Roman Catholicism as Christianity.

        Not so strange, they will all walk together on the wrong path, slowly loosing all the blessings from Heaven.

        But: In every Church, there is a minority who refuse to accept this path. Many of them, do have a problem to shift their base. Because it seems that that seed of Satan do operate in almost every fellowship. The massive deception in our days have reached every town and city on the face of the Earth. The seed of the devil is sent to create confusion and division in all kinds of Christian gatherings.

        Many of us must stay put. Be light and salt. Running around looking for the perfect fellowship, will for many become a depressing waist of time.

        But Roman Catholics must leave. The whore of Babylon will never change, and you will simply never be able to tell the flock the truth. And if they do permit you to talk, they will never be able to accept your message.

      12. Thank you Ivar,

        I don’t mean for Christians to become church nomads, and that is what happens to those looking for the “perfect” church. As it once was said, “if you find the perfect church and start attending, it’s no longer perfect” 😉

        I just meant to point out that, not quite as bad as the RCC, the mainline churches and mega churches have turned a corner entering apostasy and the followers of Christ need to be aware and preach Christ back into their church.

      13. Very wise words. Always remember, any person that puts the whole of their salvation in the Messiah, knowing that His perfect sacrifice was for our eternal salvation, and that all of this occurred by the grace of God, is a Christian. I’m not a Roman Catholic, but I do believe that they believe this; as do all of the protestant churches. Certainly there are some debates along the lines of grace, faith, and works–but, the central theme of Christianity is united in all of the churches of this World. This reminds me of a story. The Apostles were walking with the Messiah and they saw a man casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. Not recognizing the man, John went to the Messiah and said, “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.” Our Messiah responded, “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.” God be with you my brother. Rich

  3. Hello Rich, I hope you don’t mind if I enter the conversation with a few thoughts.

    I was reading what you wrote : “Being an Orthodox Christian is very challenging. Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, and every hour that we are awake must be dedicated to our constant conversation with God through prayer..”

    That sounds all well and good Rich, but keep in mind that Jesus came to set us free. When I read your words “challenging” and “must be” dedicated… those words sounded more like bondage to me than of freedom.

    If you are finding your prayer life as a Christian challenging, I would stop and ask yourself if you are really praying in the flesh and not in the Spirit. There is a difference!

    In Ephesians 6:18, we read about praying at all times in the Spirit,

    ” With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit,…”

    Jesus came to set us free from religious bondage. Praying without ceasing is actually referring to a restful, natural state when you have Christ living in you. Jesus spoke about how his Father was always with him and always heard him. It is the same with us. When we are born again, we have Christ in us! Every minute of every hour, even when we sleep. He never leaves us.

    To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.


    1. Thank you Jayna for your thoughts. I found it interesting that you used the word bondage; as it has biblical implications that are often translated out of our modern English bibles. Glory to God for inspiring this question in your heart. Frequently, the Apostles referred to themselves as bond servants. A bond servant is a person that is no longer a slave, but free to do what they will–instead electing to continue in the service of their master as if they were still a slave to that master (were now the service is based on choice and non coercion) . Back then, they would core their ears lobes, and over time, the longer that they lived in freedom, the larger the cores would become so that all those around them would know that they are not only free, but that they had been free for some time. As Christians, we are free, but not in such a way as to do what ever we want. We must bind ourselves to the Messiah. Salvation is not ours to take and we should never assume that we have attained it. Instead, we should become bond servants of Christ until our very last breath. Peace, and may God continue to guide you in your search for Wisdom. Rich

      1. Whoa Rich,

        You crossed the line there, joining the circumcision crowd.

        Definition of BOND SERVANT
        : one bound to service without wages; also : slave
        First Known Use of BOND SERVANT
        15th century

        Galations 5:1 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free,[a] and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. “

        You say you’re not RCC, but keep referring to the “saints” and maryology so I’m not sure what orthodoxy you refer to. But I do recognize that you’re leaning toward works for salvation for which there is no excuse. Here, whether the need for money or what, some churches are returning to indulgences. And that is clearly apostasy. You can not buy your way to God. But whether it be indulgences or confession, saying a bunch of hail mary’s WILL NOT get you into heaven.

  4. Hi Rich, Thanks for your kind, thoughtful response.

    You said, “A bond servant is a person that is no longer a slave…”

    Actually, I believe scriptures teaches that a bond servant is still a slave, but one who voluntarily put himself there because he loved the master. (He will be the master’s servant for life).

    The scriptures that speak of this are found in Exodus:

    “If you buy a Hebrew servant, he is to serve you for six years. But in the seventh year, he shall go free, without paying anything. 3 If he comes alone, he is to go free alone; but if he has a wife when he comes, she is to go with him. 4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and only the man shall go free.
    5 “But if the servant declares, ‘I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free,’ 6 then his master must take him before the judges.[a] He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl. Then he will be his servant for life. ~~~Exodus 21

    The scriptures tell us that if the servant declared he loved his master and didn’t want to go free, that servant would be his servant for life. We are bonded to our master, Jesus Christ because we love him! We are his servants for life!

    In these scriptures, the servant would have a mark, the piercing, for life. He could not be sold again into slavery. Much like we do when we are sealed with the Holy Spirit! We cannot be sold back into slavery of sin.

    In the New Testament, Jesus talked about being a “slave to sin. ”
    Jesus replied, Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. ~~~ John 8:34-36

    When Jesus saves us, we are set free from the power of sin. We are his sons and daughters forever. We serve Him because we love him, and it shouldn’t be burdensome or challenging in any way. It should be joyous because we love him, not because we are trying to do something so that he will love us or save us.

    For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it ~~ Matt 16:25

    Rich, you stated “Salvation is not ours to take and we should never assume that we have attained it”

    But that is not what Scripture teaches Rich.

    Scripture says, “since you are his child”, not “since you WILL BE his child”

    ” Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir. ~~Galations 4:4

    God has given us eternal life. (Not that God WILL GIVE us eternal life). It is a free gift that can never be obtained by religious performance.

    1 John 5:11 And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12 Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.
    According to this scripture, eternal life is IN the Son.

    Believers are bonded to him ( this is why the Bible so often talks about us being IN Christ). Whoever has the Son has life. His life is what saves us.

    Kind regards,


  5. Rich: “I cannot speak for the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Church for that matter, but one certainly must believe that our Lord has preserved the narrow path among one of these churches”

    I really feel I need to say something here. The “church” is not a physical structure.

    Jesus gave his life for “her.”

    Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her . Ephesians 5:25

    1. The Church is the body of Christ on Earth. It is a physical structure and it certainly appears as though we, as a species, no longer revere it in the way our Messiah taught us. It is a holy place, it is a place to take communion (Eucharist), as commanded by our Messiah, and it is a place to reside within a community, as shown by the Apostles in the Book of Acts. Moreover, it is a place that we must go when we need questions answered. If we seek answers on our own, we put our trust in the flesh. Our flesh is wicked. But, when we enter into the body of Christ, and seek answers, we find them in Christ; who’s trust, authority, and power has been imprinted in the priesthood for the last 2000 years. A priest’s understanding of the scriptures is not that of his own–it is prohibited. Instead, it is the known understanding of his forefathers. If a human generation is 22 years from birth to procreation, then an Orthodox priest has an understanding of the bible that has been developed over 90 generations; which is a very solid foundation for answering the questions of a struggling Christian. I recommend that you visit an Orthodox Church and speak with a priest directly regarding your questions. Peace be with you. Rich

      1. Dear Rich Evans


        You wrote:

        The Church is the body of Christ on Earth. It is a physical structure and it certainly appears as though we, as a species, no longer revere it in the way our Messiah taught us.

        My comment:

        We, living stones are the body of Christ (The Messiah) on Earth. Not in singular, and absolutely not a physical structure. We are the body of Jesus, if all the part have discovered the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and these gifts have but put into practice.

        1 Corinthians 12:27
        Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

  6. Ivarfjeld: “We, living stones are the body of Christ (The Messiah) on Earth. Not in singular, and absolutely not a physical structure.”


    As you come to him, the living Stone —rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. For in Scripture it says:

    “See, I lay a stone in Zion,
    a chosen and precious cornerstone,
    and the one who trusts in him
    will never be put to shame.” 1 Peter 2:46

    We are living stones because he is the STONE!

    To make bricks, you have to mix things like clay, sand, etc. These are manmade. Stones are God made, created by Him!

    It’s really interesting when you see how scripture uses the phrase, “brick for stone” in Genesis 11:3-4

    They said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.” And they used **brick for stone,** and they used tar for mortar. They said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.

    That’s all religion is. Bricks. Tons and tons of bricks.

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