Gas up to USD 8 a gallon in Israel

The Americans cry foul because they have to pay 3,70 USD for each gallon of gasoline.

Jews home in Israel find it diffcult to cope with the rising price of petrol.

Rising gas prices are always a hot topic during an American election year, and Republican officials have not missed the opportunity to skewer President Barack Obama’s economic policies over the recent increase to a nationwide average of USD 3.70 per gallon.

What most Americans don’t know is that their Israeli allies are actually quite envious of what they consider to be very low gas prices in the US.
At midnight, gas prices in Israel will rise another 5 percent, bringing the cost per gallon to around $8 in most parts of the country. Over the past year, Israeli gas prices have gone up by over 20 percent.

The sharp increase has been blamed on rising oil prices worldwide, but the Israeli government also imposes hefty taxes on imported fuel. A consumer activist campaign is pressuring the government to reduce those taxes, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to look into it.

Source:  Israel Today

My comment:

Israelis now pay the double of the Americans at the petrol pump.

Iran knows that the best way to break the back bone of the USA, is to force the Americans to pay the same price for gasoline as everyone else.

The US Fifth fleet is the military force that has secured the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The despotic Islamic dictatorship can only survive by its enhance of cheap subsidized oil for US military protection. Iran mocks the Suni Muslims for being in the pocket of uncle Sam.  For every rise in the Petrol price, the Iranian regime knows the Islamic revolution will gain momentum, through the growing unrest in the “Greater Satan”.

One of the Non-Islamic nations that will benefit by any increase in the oil prices, is Norway.  So Iran and Norway serve the same “god of mammon”. 

The US and Saudi Arabia fight a lost battle. Only by them also supporting Islamic Jihad, they will be able to keep the price of gas low.

The “holy cow” of low petrol prices can not be slaughtered. Better to scarify Israel, and give the Islamic dogs what they want. They demands an end to Biblical Zionism and Israel, so the desert demon “allah” can be declared the winning”god”.

Shame on all who silently support the rotten Global end game of dirty tricks again the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Gas up to USD 8 a gallon in Israel

  1. In the Konfused State of Kalifornia (Northern San Francisco Bay Area) gas is now $4.33 (went up 4 cents yesterday) and is expected to be over $5 by April (thank you Obama Administration). We are gaining on Israel and on Europe who have to pay more at the pump for OPEC’s blackmail (thank you Carter for handing OPEC to the Arabs). Maybe Israel can create magnet-powered roadways so gas is not utilized but the power of magnets.

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