Norwegian FM supports Islamic views on Israel and Arabian elections

Islamic Jihad will become more human after winning elections, and will support the Palestinian cause and the “peace process”.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has a Hamas-supporter as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre

This is the political viewpoint expressed by the Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affaries, Jonas Gahr Støre. The cabinet minister was the first in the Western World to recognize the Hamas.

This is what the Norwegian News provender NTB has recorded from an interview with Garh Store, on a visit to Israel and “Palestine”:

 – Israel has not criticized the development in the Arabian World, because Israel is self is a democracy. But for Israel, stability has been important. I believe Israel is concerned that when the situation has stabilized, than more humanity will penetrate Arabian politics. A popular demand for a clear policy towards the Palestinians and the “peace process”. Israel can obviously see who is winning the elections.  

The Norwegian News provider NTB writes:

 “Israel could until recently claim they were surrounded by nations governed by dictators. But the Arabian spring has resulted in the fall of these dictators, one by one. The democratic development in many Arabian nations is a huge challenge for the democratic state of Israel. When Arab nations turns democratic, they will demand a tougher policy towards Israel than what the dictators had”.  

 Source: NTB and Christian Daily Vårt Land.

My comment:

This kind of political viewpoint is in line with that Iran has claimed for many years. The “liberal” dictator Hosni Mubarak was too soft on Israel. He should have overran the borders of the Jewish state. Also Syrian dictator Basher al-Assad is to liberal, not being willing to “retake” the Golan Heights.

That Norway and the Ayatollah of Iran has the same view on the Arabian spring, should not surprise anyone.  Like Iran, Norway has for decades enforced an oil embargo against the state of Israel.  Norway has been the most prominent financier of the PLO, and has even recognized the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas.

Norway is a systematic supporter of Islamic terrorism. That is why Norway welcomes the political victories of the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical allies. The latest claim by Cabinet Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is yet another confirmation about the Iranian-Norwegian nexus.

The Norwegian state oil company Statoil has for many years supported the Islamic republic of Iran, by searching for oil in Iranian waters.

Here is a link to an article bout Statoil defending its operations in Iran.

Statoil will soon start selling light cruse for the totalitarian regime. This kind of support for the Iranian revolution surely suits the Norwegians.

 Joel 3:2
I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.

It does not affect the Norwegian government that Iran says it will destroy Israel.

The Norwegian government is an active supporter of the enemies of Israel, and places the Norwegian nation ready for the axe of the coming judgment. The Messiah Jesus will fulfill all His Heavenly Fathers promises of a stern judgment. The Messiah will give a stern penalty for all who sided with the enemies of the truth, and among other wicked deeds, supported those who tried to destroy the rebirth-ed Jewish state.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Norwegian FM supports Islamic views on Israel and Arabian elections

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  1. >>The Norwegian government is an active supporter of the enemies of Israel,<< America is right there also..though it ''tries to tell everyone America is 'for' Israel…it's not! 'America speaks with forked tongue!! In case anyone don't know…the forked tongue is Satan! Like a Snake! (smile)..sad to know your own country sides with the enemies against Israel and sides with anyone else that is against The Lord Jesus Christ!

      1. you can’t go without the JESUS part…(smile) He’ll be in it either to the joy or to the shame of those who are for or against Israel and HIM (smile) …removing the Jesus part is like trying to remove ‘air’…No-can-do (smile)

  2. I visit Norway twice a year and am amazed at the numbers of citizens siding with palestinians over Israel. The mass Islamic immigration policies by the Norwegian government will eventually destroy their country.
    The Norwegian Vikings and their Norman brothers were pivotal forces in the successful First Crusade. It seems like Norway today has chosen to surrender to Islam.

    For more info on this topic check out my new ebook:

    Mecca, Muhammad & the Moon-god: A Candid Investigation into the Origins of Islam [Kindle Edition]

  3. Pardon my language, but the whole, the complete article was one big unsophisticated, dull BS (in Vart Land)!

  4. Let me tell you that I totally agree with every word of your very astute and clear comment! It’s a big-big surprise for me from a Norw blog.

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