Chinese Apple-workers threatened mass suicide

As the US IT-giant is at all time high on Wall Street, 150 Chinsese workers threatened to jump off the roof of one  factory owned by Apple Computer.

Chinese workers are squeezed to the point of death, to maximize the profit of Apple Computer.

Last week, Apple released its sixth annual supplier responsibility report, which detailed violations made by its suppliers. In the same week, news surfaced that about 150 Chinese workers at a giant manufacturing plant that produces Microsoft’s Xbox 360 had threatened mass suicide by throwing themselves off their factory rooftop amid a labor dispute.

The incident involving one of Apple’s chief competitors took place at a Foxconn factory complex in Wuhan, roughly 600 miles from the better-known port city of Shenzhen. American media outlets carried a haunting photo showing dozens of workers assembled on a rooftop, with several standing at its edge.

Source: The CNN

My comment:

The evil and cruelty within the Capitalist system is brilliantly exposed in this story.

The US Investors have shifted hundreds of billions of dollars into totalitarian China, to increase their profits.  The fruits in the US has been mass unemployment and 40 million people falling below the poverty line.

The tyranny of Capitalism is hailed by the Chinese leadership.  If a Chinese worker perish, there is always another waiting to get his job.

 John 12:25
Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

Jesus the Messiah said there would come people exploiting the downcast. His students were told not to be concerned about the affairs of this world, but rather go and proclaim the gospel. Faith comes by hearing the Good News, about a Kingdom that is not of this wicked and evil Word.

Written by Ivar

12 thoughts on “Chinese Apple-workers threatened mass suicide

  1. Ivar, I understand and agree that there are greedy and evil men as far and as wide as the eye can see in this fallen world, but this is the first time, since I began reading you blog, that I’ve seen what seems like, disdain for the US and for capitalism, which took me by surprise I must say. Man is fallen and evil, there is no doubt, and every society is subjected to the worst of them, but I cannot think of a system of government that has worked (shall I say, less evily?) on the face of this earth than the Capitalist system.

    1. Dear Bridget.


      All kind of ..isms will fail. Also capitalism.

      In the book of Acts, the believers seems to be anti-Capitalists. They sold everything they had, and had everything in common. The collective way of living is not anti-human. But rather the best way. The Kibutz movement in Israel, is the closest modern man has come to live like in early Christianity. The Jews in the Kibutz movement have been called home to Israel by Jesus. They live out the Messianic way of living, without knowing the Spirit who have called them to live this way.

      To be anti-Capitalist is not to be pro-Communist. To be anti-Capitalist and anti-Communist is pro life. Pro-Messiah.

      The communist ideology is based on totalitarian ideas, not only the Messianic principle of sharing.

      Jesus wanted man to be set free from all..isms, to be able to follow His principles. He do not only lead us into the best way of life. He is life.

      1. Ivar,

        Having been involved in several cults in my lifetime, I am ‘fearful’ of this ‘put everything in community’ philosophy. Catholic Nuns & monks, who take a strict vow of poverty, live this way. I have seen where ‘community’ works but along with that, they had/have no freedom in Christ.

      2. Dear Kay.


        The challenge with community, is the need for good shepherds to safeguard the sheep. Today everything is permissible, and all kinds of wolfs gets access to the flock. Universalism is the biggest threat to the true Church.

        Freedom in Jesus, is basically the freedom from fear of men. Many will try to control us, and some even try to kill us. But they can not kill our souls. And no one can silence the Holy Spirit.

        Therefore: March on Christian soldiers, and give the good news to a good friend today!…

  2. Ivar, I understand the ideal that Jesus layed out for us. Just sharing my surprise in your anti-capitalist remarks. It doesn’t matter what system of government or movement (even the Kibutz movement), Satan will stick his crafty little hand into the mix and people will be taken advantage of as long as we live in this fallen land….as infested with evil as the system is, it is one of the best in the world in preserving the rights and dignity of its people and I’m sure is at the top of the list of generosity with the pocket book.

    1. Dear Bridget.


      I believe Jesus has used the USA as His tool. The US was built by Christians, who were able to fight off the Catholic colonial war who crippled Latin American nations with Catholicism and Fascism. Names like Los Angeles and San Fransisco should be a constant reminder of the war the Papacy fought for the control of the US.

      But as with all nations, the great apostasy will lead to the moral downfall of all isms and cultures.

      After World War II, the US rose to become an empire. The greed for energy has changed America, to become a scrupulous superpower.

  3. Thats not capitalism in action in China, thats greed and crime against the chinese workers because they have no one to stand up for them, no laws to protect the workers. plain and simple greed and lack of freedom, so as the world goes.

    I love reading the comments and readers response…

    1. Awaiting moderation whatever, freedom of speech what is it all for? nothing means anything anymore this world is crap. Europeans and their money screwed everything up!!!! That what started this world on its way to its end.

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