This bones is displayed for veneration in New Orleans. The process of beautification of Francis Seelos is in progress.

A “holy” sternum bone of a departed Roman Catholic priest in New Orleans.

Do you want to adore or venerate this bone?

That you have to visit Francis Seelos Shrine 919 Josephine Street New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the largest first class relic of Father Seelos. It was removed from his casket one of the times he was moved.


There are also other items of the priest, in waiting to be canonized. Many of them are even up for sale at the Sotheby’s.

  For the purposes of the auction, Sotheby’s had said the monstrance is worth between USD 40,000 and USD 80,000.

 Days before it was to be auctioned off in New York City, a 19th-century altarpiece associated with Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos has been removed from the sale and will be returned to New Orleans. “We are in final negotiations to bring the monstrance back,” archdiocesan spokeswoman Sarah McDonald said Tuesday.


Here is the monstrance holding some fragmented pieces of the altar.

The monstrance with a piece of wood in the glass frame, is worth at least 40.000 USD.
The pieces of Seelos altar weigh only a few grams. The kilo price of this altar must be in their tens of millions of USD.
A piece of the skelton of Seelos. It is sold as a second of third class relic.

Who is this priest who are under the process of beautification:

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (January 11, 1819 – October 4, 1867) was a German-American Roman Catholic priest and Redemptorist missionary.

Pope John Paul II beatified Father Seelos in St. Peter’s Square on April 9, 2000. His day in the Martyrology is October 5.

Here are more details:

 Father Seelos died on October 4, 1867.  His body was first exhumed in 1902 when the diocesan inquiry was made into his heroic life.  On February 26, 1999, Redemptorist Postulator-General Father Antonio Marrazzo was in New Orleans to conduct another exhumation of the earthly remains of Father Seelos.  This private ceremony was presided over by Archbishop Francis B. Schulte of New Orleans.  The examination of Father Seelos’ remains was made by the Vatican officials as a necessary part of the beatification process.


The same site, also market the sale of second class relics, that sales of “holy items” that are not banned by the Vatican:

  Second Class relics of the cloth that bound the bones of Blessed Francis Seelos during this examination are available in a 2″x3″ special paper pouch/envelope for the purpose of carrying in a wallet, purse, glove compartment, etc.  They are complimentary; we welcome a freewill offering of USD 2.50 each to help defray the cost of printing the envelopes and the increased cost of postage to mail them to you.

A look at a memorial in Biloxi in Mississippi US, reveals a “holy handkerchief”:

A piece of texitles are decleard “holy” after touching a dead mans bones,  132 years after his death.

 A hankerchief that was used to clean Blessed Seelos’ bones during the canonical exhumation of his mortal remains in February 1999, is on display at the shrine.

Source: The Biloxy diocese

There is also some “holy hair”at the Seelos welcome center at St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church in New Orleans.

The “holy hair” of Seelos has been kept for veneration in New Orleans.

My comment:

This priest died in 1867. His body was exhumed in 1902.

35 years after his death: Did they go to the barbershop to get the hair off the skull?

Or was the “holy hair” removed from his head, before he died?

To remove a bone from a skeleton is not difficult. Just get a shape knife. But to be sure of what kind of strange looking bone the Vatican team has removed from the remains of Francis Seelos, we need to do a proper medical examination.

The skeleton of Seelos has been demolished, and sold in pieces as holy relics. The removal of the sternum bone is the key prof.

The sternum bone is the very bone behind the heart, that holds all the chest bones together.

So to be able to remove the sternum bone, the Roman Catholic priests had to demolish the whole upper part of the skeleton.

What kind of surgery on a skeleton is this?

How did the sternum bone become more “holy” than other bones of this skeleton?

There are larger bones in the body, what could have been kept for display.

Has the whole skeleton been cut into pieces, and sold as “holy relics”?

There are reasons to believe so. Because Father Murray who claim to be healed by prayer to Francis Seelos, roamed around with a bone of Seelos in his pocket.

For all who wants to go into details in this grotesque example of a demolished dead mans skeletons, there are “holy relics” that was not a part of his remains.

For sale, is also a “holy piece”if the altar in the Church, there this man served in New Orleans.

A small girl is told to bow before the altar of the shrine of a priest who have lost all his bones. They have been sold to mint money.

No doubt that American has been highly influenced by its large Roman Catholic minority. The Vatican is based on fraud from A to Z. Not only do the Pope and his priesthood fool you to become worshipers of idols. They rob you from your salvation.

Remove the idols of stone, wood and bone from your house.  Tell the Roman Catholic priests, that you are leaving the false Church they promote.  If not you will be equally guilty of the falsehood they promote. Now, I have warned you in advance.

Written by Ivar