Saudi crown prince Nayef and Iranian minister of intelligence and security Haydar Moslehi held a surprise meeting in Riyadh this week.

The "preace broker" from Tehran and the Saudi prince tries to find common ground.

The Saudis are concerned about Iran’s nuclear program and believe Tehran has malevolent intent in Iraq, where U.S. forces are leaving this month.

The Saudis are as well worried about Bahrain, where near-daily clashes continue between the island’s majority Shiite population and the ruling Sunni monarchy’s security forces.

Prince Nayef is the Saudi interior minister, giving him control over most of the kingdom’s security and intelligence services.

Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, who heads the Saudi equivalent of the CIA, was also at the meeting. Nayef is close to members of the Saudi religious establishment and, like them, is deeply suspicious of Shiites in general.

Source: The Washington Institue

My comment:

The civil war within Islam has to end, so that a united Muslim front against Israel can be formed.

Saudi Arabia is the faith center for the Worlds Sunny Muslims. And the Iranian revolution the main center of inspiration for the Shia Muslims.

Since the American hegemony in the Middle East is about to end with a huge collapse, there is a power vacuum that needs to be filled. Islam lack a central leader, who can unite them. Soon their will will agree to look towards the “Holy See” in Rome. The Pope is the best “peace broker” they can hope for, a man who can bridge the gap.

 Psalm 120:7
I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.

They will all unite around their common enemy. Zionist Israel.

Written by Ivar