Jew-hate enters Wall Street protests

“I work, earn seven dollars an hour. You have the money. You don’t speak English? You are from Israel? Go back to Israel.”

It the weather is bad, blame it on the Jews. The state of Israel must have stolen the sun.

The “Emergency Committee for Israel” has published a hard-to-watch clip in which Jews are attacked and blamed for the financial crisis and assistance to Israel. The committee is a neo-conservative body headed by William Kristol, the Jewish editor of the Weekly Standard, which aims to convince Jews to vote for a Republican presidential candidate.


My comment:

People who are frustrated over the recession, must address their anger towards their own politicians who rob them.

The Fascists will always use economical chaos, to blame Jews.

It was like this in the 1920-ties, when the Nazis rose from being a pub gathering in Munich, to a political party and popular movement.

History is surely repeating it self.

The hunters have arrived in New York. Jews who do not want to compromise on their Jewishness will have to return home. Home to Erertz Israel.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Jew-hate enters Wall Street protests

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  1. BNI,
    Don’t think for one second that Obama hasn’t planned for a scape goat, the usual suspect, the jew. This is exactly why he has treasonous jews in high positions within his administration. Allowing an out for himself; he’ll claim that he is nothing more than a community organizer, simply acting on the advice of the jews in his power circle. Wicked people will lap it up, giving them an excuse to attack jews. History is about to repeat itself, only this time, after they come for the jews, they will come for the christians. They(the christians) will be the nonconformist, and will the last obsticle to their goal of a global marxis utopia.

  2. It’s somewhat comical to see that you are using a quote and showing that same quote being used–out of context of course–in this video… and it’s a jew who’s saying it. – here’s the full version of the video for those who want to see the complete clip. He goes by ‘Lotion Man’ and his name is Danny Klein/Cline. He even states that he is a ‘provocateur’ in this video… it’s nothing more than a propaganda ploy to try and sway the Christian people away from the truth… and that truth being that it is the jews who run Wall St., control the Fed. Reserve, own all of the Hollywood studio’s, own all of the main stream media conglomerates, pretty much have a monopoly in the porn industry as well, have the biggest and most influential lobbying group(AIPAC) in Washington, and sit at the top of almost all the big corporations, major universities and financial institutions. They are less than 2% of the US population, yet, occupy and make up all it’s hierarchical positions…. so, you tell me if if’s Antisemitic or, rather, just unpopular truth trying to be suppressed?

  3. It’s true, but half-true. This evil element does exist within Jewry, but vehemently does not represent American Jews in general. This is exactly the difference between the Mafia and ordinary, law-abiding Italian-Americans. More Italian-Americans fought for the US during World War Two than any other ethnic group.

    By all means, call out and damn powerful Jewish cliques —– but make sure to protect innocent, ordinary Jewish people. As for Israel she is America’s best friend against terror, and while I don’t always agree with her policies, I stand with Israel.

    Yes, there are unfortunately a tiny minority of wicked Jews in powerful places. They no more represent Jewry than drug dealers and muggers represent Black America.

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