Amnesty to Canada: Arrest George Bush for torture

Bush permitted torture of prisoners. Amnesty International wants the former US President arrested.

An Iraqi journalist threw a shoe on George W.Bush at his last press conferance in Bagdad.

International human rights organization urges Canada to arrest former US president during his upcoming visit; claims Bush ‘responsible for a wide range of human rights violations’‬‬

Amnesty International urged Canada on Wednesday to arrest former US President George W. Bush for human rights abuses when he visits the province of British Columbia later this month.

Alex Neve, head of Amnesty’s Canadian branch, said Bush had authorized the use of torture techniques such as waterboarding during his time as President, which ran from 2001 to 2009.


My comment:

George W. Bush is considered to be a Christian. Still He permitted torture of prisoners, after the September11 attack.

But his authorization of water boarding is not the worst act of this criminal.

He spent almost two trillion USD on his “war on terror”, and have brought the USA to the edge of bankruptcy.

Hundreds of billions of US dollars were used to pay “Moderate Muslims”, to join the infidels in a man hunt on Bin Laden. The same “Moderate Muslims” who used the American money to make a perfect hiding place for the al-qaida leader in Pakistan.

Hundred of billions of dollars have “gone missing”, and have probably been used to strengthen the Radical Islamic war on America and Israel.

From a Biblical perspective, the governance of Bush makes sense. Godless men do not know what they are doing, and the chaos they create will be used to bring panicking masses into submission to the last and final anti-Christ.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Amnesty to Canada: Arrest George Bush for torture

  1. Interesting that waterboarding is considered torture. Most Naval Aviators experience it in their ‘POW’ or SERE training. Would those who received waterboarding in that training scenario be considered tortured as well?

    1. Dear Dov.


      All Naval officers are exposed to water boarding by their free choice. They can walk away. Prisoners can not. And I guess, they are held under water for some time against their will. The feeling of drowning makes man sacred, and he might talk.

      I have stated that the approval of water boarding is not the worst crimes of George W. Bush.

      1. I am not familiar with being able to ‘walk away’, although I have to admit I never met anyone who actually tried it and was refused. Most just trudge through it. Actually, water is poured over a towel, so that you have a wet towel on your mouth and nose and it feels like you can’t breath. You feel like you will die. War is hell; waterboarding is not nearly as bad as a myriad of other things that happen. I am not a supporter of water boarding, but then I am not a supporter of many other things that happen in war.

        It is much easier to be a civilian on the sidelines critiquing than to be the one on the pointy edge having to make the tough decisions. Imagine you had to choose between waterboarding an individual (with doctor supervision to make sure you did no physical harm) to get information and saving a few hundred lives, or in the name of humanity and decency refraining from waterboarding and losing a few hundred of your young guys, or perhaps maybe thousands of civilian men, women, and children in a terrorist attack that could have been thwarted by getting information in this way. Imagine you personally will have to live with that decision; you personally will have to know that there are children who will grow up without fathers and mothers because you chose not to waterboard in the name of decency. It is a tougher decision than most people in civilian life have had to make; both decisions bear a terrible weight. As far as I know, George Bush visited so many of our wounded troops that I don’t know how he had time to do anything else; he bore the full weight of his decisions and does to this day. I don’t agree with many of his decisions, especially in regards to Israel and his waning support for them, but leadership does not make a very good spectator sport, I think. Best to honor our leaders and pray for them, then let God judge them. On the other hand, since we are a republic, we as citizens are in fact ‘leaders’, and must express our opinions or we, too, will be held accountable by God when this nation is judged.

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